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Lightsaber Thumb War totally CHANGES THE CONCEPT of Thumb Wrestling

A Lightsaber thumb war might be the next best thing you want to get involved with  friend. Especially if you are a fan of Star Wars and a thumb wrestling enthusiast the same time. Lightsaber Thumb War is the perfect solution for having a spot on quick fun with your friends or empty your mind and also it can be a great present for a Star Wars fan and it’s pretty cheap to get for anyone 🙂

Lightsaber Thumb War

By the way, want to see more cool geeky stuff about Star Wars and gifts?? You should defnetely check out our article about Star Wars Gifts!!


Lightsaber Thumb War – The New Jedi Tradition

Now a Jedi can practice his/her lightsaber skills with their bff anytime anywhere)) Lightsaber Thumb War comes as a book with two thumb holes and the book features 7 pages of signature classic Star Wars battlescenes so that you can live the entire experience in the specific battleground that you like.


It comes with a blue and a red lightsaber with a fabric hook that you can attach to your thumb to use the lightsaber that you can use as your own limb. Stick your thumb through the holes and get prepared for the battle!


Where To Get It From??

The easiest way to obtain one for yourself is buyng one for yourself from Amazon. Good customer care, great shipping service an you can come across some very good discounts. Also millions of people are using Amazon and from there you can check out some real user comments through the link I will provide you.

You can click the button below to get one of these “fun in a box” for yourself!!

Lightsaber Thumb War

What Others Think??

The reputation of Lightsaber Thumb War between users is actually PRETTY DAMN HIGH!!!! I mean, let’s alow the numbers to speak for themselves.. Here is a snapshot of its rating from Amazon:

Lightsaber Thumb War

As you can see, %92 of people who used Lightsaber Thumb War has rated it with 4 or more than 4 stars. That means almost EVERYONE IS SATISFIED WITH IT!!

Here are some real user comments:

Lightsaber Thumb War

Lightsaber Thumb War

Lightsaber Thumb War

This is the sole proof of satisfaction. Now you know that you can get a Lightsaber Thumb War with confidence. If you are planning to get one for yourself or to a friend of yours, check out the “Where To Get It From??” section above and Click the “Buy From Amazon” button.

Lightsaber Thumb War – Conclusion

Now you know what Lightsaber Thumb War is all about and you know where you can get this gift for any of your Star Wars lover friends. By the way, if you want to find out about much more cool geeky stuff don’t hesitate to like our Facebook and Twitter page by clicking the buttons below:

Lightsaber Thumb War

Lightsaber Thumb War

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TOP 20 ++ Gifts For Graphic Designers To AMAZE Them

Selecting gifts for graphic designers can be a hard task sometimes, no matter if you're much acquainted with the design field or not.  It's probably that time of the year which your graphic designer buddies were born a couple years ago or you just want to give yourself a geeky design gift.

This time we're showing you the path for the best gifts for graphic designers. We've found pretty AMAZING gifts for graphic designers (they're EPIC) and presented them to your attention so you can be amazed with the stuff that's been around 🙂 We also included links and buttons for you to be able to navigate to the source of these cool presents where you can buy one for your special graphic designer who ever 🙂


1 - Color Muse Paint Matcher - $59

I just can't think about anything related to graphics and design without the element of color. They're everywhere, anytime and they create our whole world and shape our perception. There are a MASSIVE amount of colors and tones and a creative person usually wants to catch em' all (Pokemon pun intended) histerically. But how can you capture the colors of your surrounding world to enlighten your next big design project???


gifts for graphic designers


Color Muse Paint Matcher is an invention to aid creative people with instant color capture of ANYTHING around them. It consists of a color detector cylinder and a mobile application where you can manage these colors. Color Muse Paint Matcher scans the colors from a surface better than human eye, no matter flat or textured.



Color Muse tells you color codes mainly in RGB, HEX, Lab and others, which means that's what actually a graphic designer needs in her/his artillery.


Color Muse scans the colors and gives you pairs of online products which match the color you've scanned. Color Muse recognizes many paint brands so it's like aware of many industry standards.

gifts for graphic designers


If you are going to buy one, you can download the App FOR FREE by clicking here.


This was one of the best alternatives that I've seen around and caught my attention the first time I've seen it 🙂

It's just $59 and the app is free to download! Check it out from down below:


gifts for graphic designers

Creative Workshop 80 Challenges - $15.95

gifts for graphic designers

Even the best creative people get stuck sometimes. Everyone needs an inspirational boost or a challenge to pump up the right hemisphere of their brain. So, there's a great book to aid every creative worker, be it a master or novice, and it comes up with 80 challanges from many many fields where creative labour is used.

Stuck on a deadline and feel like the world is a horrible place? Need some creativity and self projects to come up with but don't know where to start? This book can be related as one of the holy books of design and it DEFINETELY will show you the way. A great resource to keep you going.

From artwork chalanges that takes a hour or two to self developing projects which you can finish in two days, from plain illustrations to interactive corporate design works such as creating websites to other media. There are 80 EPIC challanges that will hone your skills from basic to mind-bending and it's a resource that every designer should always keep near them.

It has 4.5 stars out of 5 in Amazon and you should just read about what people are saying about this book! Everyone is overly satisfied 🙂

You can buy it from the link below:

gifts for graphic designers

Polaroid Zip Mobile Polaroid Printer

gifts for graphic designers

Remember the oldschool Polaroid cameras?? They've simultaneously evolved with the technology and now the Graphic Gods present us Mobile Polaroid Printers!! They're great gifts for graphics and photography enthusiast and can demonstrate awesome technological abilities while not losing the little touch of retro.

You want a print of your favourite photos of great moments with friends in a Polaroid styled carcass?? Polaroid Zip Mobile prints your photos from your mobile devices and tablets just in seconds with a sticky-back option if you want to stick them to your wall or refrigerator or wherever you want. Let those great moments live forever!! :))

And this is all made possible with a mobile app which comes with your purchase. Now we all can re-live the retro with new age Polaroid experience. It's an inkless device, which comes with its special printing paper package. Install the software, mount the papers and you're good to go.

gifts for graphic designers

Actually by judging the comments of users I can comfortably say that Polaroid is the second best after HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. HP Sprocket is the #1 best seller on the market but Polaroid also has a "Gift Bundle" option you can buy and that contains definetely MANY MANY things that will make a designer MORE THAN HAPPY. I mean there is a whole bundle of Sticker sets, a pouch, twin tip markers, stickers and many more, a total gift bundle.

gifts for graphic designers

That's why I will present you both of them. Here's the link to Polaroid Zip Gift Bundle, but you can also check out other options of Polaroid from the same page.

gifts for graphic designers

And here's the one for HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. If you're going to get one, don't forget to buy an additional pouche/carry bag. They're very useful 🙂 You can check it out by clicking the button below

gifts for graphic designers


A Little Interuption

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3D Virtual Draving with Google Tilt Brush

Have you ever dreamt of drawing your fantasies on to the air around you?? Well, I've dreamt and NOW IT HAS BECOME A REALITY!!!!

Yes, Google came up with a VR gizmo which enables you to actually paint and draw around you!! This is one of the most awesome things that I've come across my entire life!!

Let's see what amazing things people do with Tilt Brush!

I know it's FANTASTIC 😀 It's a dream becme true for an artist and I definetely am sure that your designer friend or anyone else would die to get their hands on Tilt Brush. I can live in it forever if you ask me..

What Should You Do and How To Use It??

Using Tilt Brush won't cost you much, the software is actually quite cheap for a legendary arts innovation like this. But first of all, you need to get a VR headset for it and not every VR set is compatible with it. That's why I'm writing this section, to guide you folks.

Tilt Brush is compatible with HTC Vive headset or an Oculus Rift VR, so I will provide you sources where you can get.

gifts for graphic designers


HTC Vive or Oculus??

HTC Vive is a little bit more expensive than Oculus Rift but it has some advantages. HTC Vive is entagrated with Steam, so by buying an HTC Vive headset you will also be able to play VR games in Steam while oculus uses their own "Oculus" store" and as you know while most gamers are registered to Steam it's more charming to get a HTC Vive but that's just my opinion. Both systems are great and it's you to decide which one you would get.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is the top dominating name of the VR Headset market and it deserves all the applaus. HTC Vive will probably give you the best VR experience you can get. It's also working with Steam and there are GREAT games which have been re-made for VR which Vive supports. Fallout 4 VR is one of the GREATEST VRRemake titles that I've ever seen and HTC Vive definetely is worth getting for even the sole pupose of Fallout 4.

HTC Vive works with Steam and you can play up to more than 1500 Steam VR games and that's HELL OF A LOT OF GAMES. It's a headset that you won't regret getting 🙂 I will give you the Amazon link to learn more about it and check out the real user comments.


  • It's more expensive than Oculus Rift.
  • May need a better computer system to support it.
  • Some people say that Oculus Rift is more comfortable, but that's a dependent thing per individual.


Oculus Rift

Both of these kickass headsets can be found on Amazon and you can come across some great deals there. By pressing the buttons below you will be directed to the page and you can get much more technical information from there. I would write more but there are many more gifts for graphic designers to show and I don't want to bore you dear visitors with only this 🙂


Here you can get the HTC Vive headset:

And from here you can get the Oculus Rift headset:

And this is how to install the Tilt Brush step by step just in case if you get confused 🙂

Click Here For Tilt Brush Instructions

Vacom Graphics Tablet - $239 -$429.99

gifts for graphic designers

If you want to make a graphic designer REALLY happy, one of the best ideas to buy her/him a graphics tablet. Graphics tablet is one of the best friends of a graphics designer and they're used to draw on computer software just like you draw on a paer with a pencil and almost all professionals in creative industries use it.

This is an example what people can accomplish with a Wacom Graphics Tablet:

I advise you to find out whether the person you're buying this graphic tablet owns one or not. Because buying a vacom tablet to a graphics designer who already owns one can be useless.

BUT, you can STILL BUY a Vacom tablet because they come in many sizes and many models. While some people use small tablets, some serious creative workers work with BATTLESTATIONS which are the size of a gaming monitor and has actual PC components in them. This is an example of a Wacom Battlestation: Wacom Cintiq

Here's the Wacom tablet with a lower model: Intuos Pro. And by lower I don't mean something bad. t's AMAZING. Wacom tablets are the ones which are known as the industry standard in creative works.

gifts for graphic designers

I'm starting with Wacom Intuos Pro because they're the cheaper models and usually used by many designers who do mid-range works on their computer. If you're planning on buying the REAL DEAL then I'll show you another Wacom tablet with much more gun power packed up: The Cintiq Series.

Here I'll give you the link where you can buy the Intuos Pro series. There are three different sizes and three different bundles you can select from. There's even a model where you can save your paper drawings 🙂

Click for Wacom Intuos Pro:

gifts for graphic designers

If you decide to spend more money, then you can get one of the best equipment out there and this will DEFINITELY give your graphic designer friend tears of joy. There's no way that a graphic designer will be unhappy with t, it's the BEST THING YOU CAN GET 🙂

Here you can find the link to a Cintiq Pad from the link below. And if it's too pricey for you, you can check out other Cintiq models which are cheaper.

Click Here For Cintiq Pad:

gifts for graphic designers

AGPTEK Tracing Light Pad - $27.59 - $58.99

gifts for graphic designers

If you are aware of what graphic design work involves, then you would know that tracng from rough sketches is a part of the process. For some graphic designers it's one of the most frequently used tools in their workflow and you can make a graphic designer REALLY happy by buying them a tracing light pad!!

And the greatest fact is that it's really AFFORDABLE.. Like I mean, for $58.99 you can get the largest size A3 (14.6 x 18.5 inches) (37 x 47 cm) and that's a satisfaction guarantee for any designer.

Here you can get to Amazon if you're planning to buy one. You can also find much more technical information in Amazon and also real user comments are available to your view.  4.4 out of 5 stars!! A little tip, people LOVE it 😉

gifts for graphic designers

iSkelter Slate Mobile Lap Desk

gifts for graphic designers

Most of the folks in design field use Apple, as you know. And that may not be true for everyone, but it's a fact and we people usually want to work in the comfort of our couch from time to time(maybe most of the time). And that's when iSkelter Mobile Lap Desk came into the picture. It's probably one of the best lap desk solutions especially for people who use mobile products like Laptops, Macbooks, mini tablets and smart phones.

gifts for graphic designers

Skelter is designed to fit most of the laptops and comfortably support Macbooks. Made out of natural bamboo and crafted with top notch craftsmanship to provide you the best mobile lap workstation.

  • Made out of natural top qualty polished bamboo and carved out with top quality craftsmanship. Every detail is double-thinked and material is ultra light, very strong and 
  • Even has a mousepad with thick and heavy duty design.
  • It has a mobile phone/tablet display docking station where you can mount your tablet-smart phone and work simultaneously. Even an iPad mini fits into the mobile docking station.
  • Has ventilation spaces to prevent your laptop overheating.

So, it's a great idea as a gift and maybe you would like to get one for yourself too :)) You can find it for a great deal at by clicking the button below:

gifts for graphic designers

Refold Portable Standing Desk

gifts for graphic designers

Who would say that a cardboard could become your next workspace?? With Refold portable desk is redefined.

It's a cardboard box which can be transformed to a cardboard desk which is usable with different height. You can adjust it to become a standing desk or you can arrange it to work by sitting. It weights only 6.8 kg (14 lbs) and it takes less than 2 minues to assembly. Holds up to 85 kg and durable between 1-3 years.

You can carry it anywhere and use anytime you want. A great mobile solution! Check it out from here:

Click Here To Check It Out


gifts for graphic designers

Do you like cheese?? Well, I do. And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to think that a graphic designer would love to make art out of anything. Even with cheese..

You can think of Fondoodler as a hot silicon gun which spits out cheese and the amount of creativity you can get with it is limitless. Just imagine the things you can draw on your tacos at a home party. Look at this Eiffel Tower built with a Fondoodler 😀

gifts for graphic designers

You can get one by clicking the button below:

gifts for graphic designers

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print

gifts for gaphic designers

You've seen our Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer at the top of this post, but now we're giving you the real deal. It's an actual Polaroid instant camera. The only difference between old Polaroid cameras and these are the improved technology. A new digital screen is added to the Polaroid camera and there are little design tweaks which differ from the original and it's smaller and more compact (which is something good) but the general concept is similar.

You can take instant prints the oldschool Polaroid style 🙂

There are any more KICKASS features which you can get that "Indie" touch such ass Swap Camera, Instant Filters and more stuff like that and these all are manipulated easily with the app. There are many more cool, cute and interesting things that Polaroid Snap Touch houses 🙂

Click here to check it out:

gifts for graphic designers

3D Doodler Pen

gifts for graphics designers

3D printing is a great thing which has changed the whole world and the art mediums also. Now there are even more limitless artwork options you can create with 3D Doodler Pen added to your creative artillery!

You can't even imagine the things people create with 3D Doodler Pen: Here are some examples:

It's so easy to use and there are many different colors of fillaments you can choose from. Just make your ideas come to life in 3D!!

It's CHILD SAFE so that it doesn't have any contacting hot parts. It's also a great learning tool for youngsters.

gifts for graphic designers


You can check it out from here:

gifts for graphic designers


Wooden Keyboard and Mouse

gifts for graphic designers

Want to spice up your workplace a little?? Maybe a set of new equipment can be the solution.

Wooden Keyboard and Mouse is an actual eye candy that definetely stands out. I actually really like the feeling of wood and I sometimes find myself touching every wood furniture that I see around. With a wooden keyboard and mouse I didn't have to repeat that behavour again 🙂

  • Hand carved %100 natural bamboo
  • Compatible up to Windows 10
  • Mute, internet, calculator and email hot keys

It's a great replacement if you're looking for a new keyboard and mouse which will probably change the workspace of the designer completely in a good way. It's quite minimal, feels great to interact and IT'S A WOODEN KEYBOARD AND MOUSE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! 😀

You can get one for yourself by clicking the button below:

Retro Typewriter

gifts for graphic designers

Retro Typewriter is a personal favourite of mine! It's the gizmo that is guaranteed to change your whole experience of typing from the root. It's the sexyback of Retro with a slight touch of technology and it amazes everyone. Think about your friends seeing this on your working desk or pulling the Retro Typewriter out in a coffeeshop to start inspirational writing the oldschool way.

Retro Typewriter can be used with ANY device which supports bluetooth, be it your PC, tablet, smartphone or any other device. It aslo has a specifically designed tablet mounting platform which would really conquer the hearts of tablet users.

gifts for graphics designers

You can get further imformation about it from here:

gifts for graphic designers

Steal Like An Artist


Everlast Notebook

Everlast Notebook is the next big thing for the creative minded. Everlast Notebook is a notebook which obviously "Everlasts". It's a reusable notebook with integrated technology which allows you to write, draw and create on it and then easily transfer your pages to cloud. You can even automate it to share the pages in specific social media and to be stored in specific spaces like Dropbox.

Check out the video to get a better understanding:

It's so easy to erase the pages and they can be used FOR EVER! Everlast Notebook started as a Kickstarter Project of two friends. Then it evolved to something amazing: The Everlast Notebook.

You can check it out from here:

gifts for graphic designers

Suck UK Cross Stitch Map

gifts for graphic designers

Do you love travelling?? Then it may be a great idea to mark your visited destinations in a creative way which can also serve as a great decoration and trophy. Cross Stitch Map is a great gift for travel enthusiasts.

You can click the button below to buy one:

gifts for graphic designers

Standing Desk


Now you know what to get for your graphic designer friend. Or you can get for yourself, I got a few of these for myself 🙂


gifts for graphic designers
gifts for graphic designers

These are the best gifts for graphics desginers that I have come across with and I'm pleased to bring them to you. Hope you found what you wereare looking for 🙂 Please SHARE this post because sharing is caring!!!! Also don't forget to check out other sections of  our site to find other cool stuff: )

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iPad Typewriter Keybord is “The RETRO REVOLUTION”

Have you been searching for an iPad Typewriter Keyboard?? I assume you’ve heard this kind of an invention novadays, that’s why we’re going to be the answer to all your questions about it. Because:


And it’s an actual product you can buy!!

These days many many concepts and products are getting the Retro ressurection in new forms and looks. Vinyl is coming back, new age polaroid cameras are getting popular and old radios are getting remakes. The same goes with Typewriters!!

ipad typewriter keyboard


QWERKY is a Start Up created by entrepreuner which has always dreamed of a  “Digital Typewriter” and he has set his mind to achieve this creation. Eventually, he gifted the world “Typewriter Inspired Wireless Mechanical Keyboard”.


If you are:

  • Dreaming of returning to the Retro lifestyle with a Typewriter Keyboard
  • A writer who gets inspired by typewriters and oldschool things
  • Want to impress everyone with this cool new-age gizmo


Then this iPad Typewriter Keyboard is the right choice for you!!

And the best thing is: It doesn’t work only with iPad, but with many other devices which you can entegrate with Bluetooth!

Even your smart-phone can become a working canvas with this iPad Typewriter Keyboard.

Here is a video demonstration of it:

Now let’s see the features it holds:

ipad typewriter keyboard


  • Vintage Typewriter Inspired Retro Keycaps and all metal body
  • Clicky tapping feedback experience. Real feeling of a Retro Typewriter!!
  • Can be used with anything included PCs, tablets, phones, MacBooks and etc..
  • Cherry MX Mechanical Switches
  • Wireless Bluetooth or USB connection
  • Macro Return Bar
  • Built-in Tablet Stand


Now, let’s get to know these features closer.


Design and Keycaps

The body of QWERKY Reto Typewriter is completely made out of aliminium which means it’s light and durable. Keycaps are also designed to feel exactly like retro typewriter keycaps. Round shaped and with cavings to fit ergonomically to your fingers and provide the actual feel of a typewriter.

It’s tablet stand can accomodate up to 5/8 inches thich tablets. It’s a wide variety of tablets.

ipad typewriter keyboard



This iPad Typewriter Keyboard can be connected to ANY device with bluetooth. By any device I mean your iPad, PC, ,MacBook, Smart-Phone, Android Devices and any other device which supports Bluetooth.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth transmitter, you can easily solve this problem by purchasing a Bluetooth Adapter.


Macro Return Bar

Macro Return Bar is probably the most epic feture of this retro typewriter keyboard. It’s defaultly set to the macro of Enter button but you can program it up to 5 different macros and it really is the exact detail which gives the greatest retro feeling ever. By holding up the Fn+Return bar you can record up to 5 characters.

ipad typewriter keyboard


Where To Get One

The easiest place to get one for yourself is Delivery service is awesome, customer care is good and millions of perople use it. You can click the button down below to go to Amazon’s page of QWERKY typewriter.


ipad typewriter keyboard



Cherry MX Mechanical Switches

ipad typewriter keyboardIt may look like a typewriter, but it’s actually kickass keyboard and it uses one of the best mechanical switches the keyboard industry can provide. Cherry MX Mechanical Switches are an inseperable part of this keybord and it feels so damn good. I’ve used gaming keyboards with Cherry MX Mechanical Switches installed and they definetely ROCKED!!!!

They’re great for providing the feel of mechanical switches and it actually helps you to get the feel of an actual keyboard. No need to mention that they’re one of the most quality mechanical switches in the world.



If you’re a fan of retro things (I know I am) and want to bring a new touch to your creativity and workspace, don’t hesitate and buy an iPad Typewriter Keyboard. You now everything aboutit 🙂

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iPad Typewriter Keyboard

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GoPro 360 Degree Camera “Fusion” is Getting Released Soon

gopro fusion 360

I think we all agree that 360 camera and photography is a thing now. Now that it’s a very popular trend, with the evolving technology we can expect to see it around in mass produced personal products with more user friendly designs.
Actually, GoPro’s first 360 camera “GoPro Fusion” is about to take its place on the shelves in November with a price tag of $699.


You can check out a footage of it in this video:

The abilities of this newbaby has been tested and showcased it on a massive planetarium screen.

Go Pro Fusion 360 can capture 5.2K spherical content at 30fps or you can choose to go with a 60 fps capture at 3K if you’re a fps count enthusiast. You also will have the ability to capture 18 P still shots and use t up to 5 meters of water depth. It’s also designed to work with most mounts.


Spherical capture isn’t a phenomena among GoPro users. You may remember the previous 360 capturing Frakenstein “Omni”. It required you to assembly multiple GoPro’s into a  single “combiner” to create a multi-dimensional capture and rely on Omni stitching software to make it all combine without problem.

gopro 360 fusion

The new OverCapture feature of GoPro will allow you to “recapture” and share your footage as a traditional fixed perspective video. It’s an AMAZING mode which will I believe aid editors in video post production in the most innovative way. You will not only be able to alter the footage, but you will be able to choose the frame. Seeing somethin you missed will make you the happiest person in the World for a short time.


By using the GoPro app you will hold up your phone and pan inside the spherical capture. This way you will be able to capture the window which you exactly want.

I’m looking forward to check out the first footages right after it’s release.

gopro 360 fusion


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The Everlast Notebook – Notebook That Lasts Forever

The Everlast Notebook

If you have never heard about The Everlast Notebook than you’ve missed a lot because it’s a REVOLUTIONARY new startup project that will rock the hell out of the paper industry. I don’t wanna talk big but if this gets serious it may even change our lives for good. IT’S THE NOTEBOOK THAT NEVER ENDS. And guess what?? IT’S CLOUD CONNECTED!!!







The Everlast Notebook – The Fun Never Ends


The Everlast Notebook is a classical notebook for the digital age. It works just like a usual notebook with a pen and it feels like a traditional book. But underneath there is a hidden craft of technology. Just with a drop of water and a moisted tissue you can erase the whole page! So you can work on the notebook, be it a sketch, be it an article, just WORK ON IT. Then you can wipe out everything within seconds and reuse your notebook forever!!! But will your deleted works go to waste?? NO!!!


The Everlast Notebook


The Everlast Notebook is cloud connected and is compatible with Rocketbook app. It means that your works will be uploaded to online mediums such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Everlast and they will stay there perfectly organized. It’s connectible to all your favourite cloud services.




But don’t think Everlast Notebook as a whiteboard because it isn’t. The Everlast Notebook is used with their Pilot Frixion series pen. This is an actual pen which can be wiped out from the synthetic polyester pages of Everlast. Frixion pens come in all sizes and colors and you can get one for yourself from stores or online.


Pages don’t have a high gloss or an unnatural look, so you won’t get uncomfomfrtable while sketching or creating new stuff. Also, combination of the pages of Everlast and Frixion pen doesn’t just wipe away. In order to wipe the page out you must use a moisted towel. So, your creations won’t just go away with an accidental towel wipe.


The Everlast Notebook


Also there are bazzilions of details that makes this notebook AWESOME!!! If you want to find out more about it, click the button below in order to get more mindbending supercool information about The Everlast Notebook.


The Everlast Notebook

The Everlast Notebook – Conclusion

I wanted to share this amazing innovative notebook with you because I believe that it can change the life or productivity of many of us. This is an innovation that definetely needs some recognition, so click to button above to get more information about The Everlast Notebook. Also don’t forget to share this post, because SHARING IS CARING!!!


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Darth Vader Shower Head – Force Is Strong In The Bath

darth vader shower head

Hey there geeks! Have you ever seen a Darth Vader Shoer Head before?? Well I saw recently and decided to share this cool item with you people. So, here we go Star Wars fans!! I will tell you what this shower head can do and I will also tell you where can you get one for yourself.

By the way, I’m curious about Star Wars: Rogue One. It’s now in theaters but I couldn’t find the chance to go and watch. What are your opinions about it?? Please state your toughts in the comments section below!!

Darth Vader Shower Head

Darth Vader Shower Head is brought to us thanks to the hard work of company Oxygenics. These good fellas have developed a shower head which will make even Sith Lords jealous. You can now bath in Darth Vader’s tears. Join me and let’s rule this shower as father and son!

Here is a customer demo of Darth Vader Shower Head:




Here are the list of specialties of Darth Vader shower head:

3 spray settings which are powerful enough to rinse and clean fast. The patented technlogy of Oxygenics.

You can control the pressure by adjusting the comfort control lever. A great alternative for sensitive bathers.

Non-slip rubber grip. No worry even if you have slippery hands

72” (182 cm) hose. It can rech every part of your body you desire.

It’s WaterSense-certified and will save up to 85 dollars plus per year.


It’s not just a toy, it’s actually hell of a shower head and it’s pretty well built. It’s the quality of Dark Side :3

One of the best ways to evaluate a product is to look at other real person reviews. Customer comments are one of the sections that I check out the most before buying a product and they usually guide me right. Let’s see what others think abut it:


What Others Think About It??

Here are some real user comments from Amazon. It actually has a 4.5 star rating out of 5, which means that it’s an AMAZING rating as a product.

darth vader shower head


Here are some real user comments to give you an idea about Darth Vader shower head:

darth vader shower head

darth vader shower head

darth vader shower head

Where To Buy??

The best place to buy Darth Vader Shower Head is Due to their great retail service and proven quality there are millions of people who are using Amazon. One of the worlds biggest online sales company and you can catch some HUGE discounts if you check the products out at the right time.

You want to get a Darth Vader shower head and rule the bathroom with Vader? You can see the product page by clicking button below:


darth vader shower head


Darth Vader Shower Head – Conclusion

Now you know what Darth Vader shower head can do for you. It’s not only a cool gadget brought to you from the deepest corners of Dark Side, but it’s also hell of a shower head which can save you water and improve your shower experience. Not your standard shower head, huh??

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Southern Crossbow Rebel 350 with Scope Vision

Hey there fellow geeks!! Have you ever heard about Southern Crossbow Rebel 350 with scope vision?? I know that a geek usually loves crossbows and I wanted to present you one of the finest of them if you’re thinking of buying one and begin practicing immedeately to become the next Norman Reedus. There’sno doubt that you’re a fan of Norman Reedus if you like The Walking Dead series.


I will tell you a bit about it’s specifications and where you can get one for yourself. But if we had do define it shortly, it’s one of the best crossbow varints that you can get.

The technical specifications:

  • 350 FPS with 155 lbs. (70.3 kg) draw weight and 14.2″ power stroke
  • Tactical crossbow with compound levering system and quiet cams
  • Composite stock with black rubber grip finish and Picatinny accessory rail
  • Quick detach quiver
  • 4×32 crossbow scope, Vertical fore-grip, Sling, 4 field tip arrows, Safety glasses and string wax included

You can see what this bad boy does in the video below:


Where To Buy??

The best place you can get it is probably Amazon. They have a great retail service, quality customer support, millions of people use it and you can come across with massive discounts. You can get the Southern Rebel 350 Crossbow  for around $400.

Southern Crossbow Rebel 350

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Back To The Future Car Charger – Flux Capacitor

Back To The Future Car Charger

Hey there fellow geeks!! Have you ever heard of the phenomenal Back To The Future Car Charger?? The Flux Capacitor is now A REAL THING and it seems to be ready to make actual bendings in space-time. Yeah, I said that it’s actually A REAL THING which YOU CAN BUY. I’ll explain you what this 1.81 Gigawats badboy is about and I will show you where you can buy one if you want to have one of these bad boys.


I think everyone reading this post is aware of what Back To The Future is, right?? If you’re not, well.. You need to catch some stuff up buddy)) But to summ it up, it’s an EPIC Sci-Fi movie from the 80’s which has left its huge mark on cinema history and on the geek hearts of ours also. If you haven’t watched it yet, I advise you to urgently atch it an put a tick on your movie checklist. Because without it you’re just uncomplete!


Back To The Future Car Charger

Also here is that historical scene where we can see the Flux-Capacitor:


So, your mind refreshed up a little bit?? Brought back that good old memories??

Now you can have your own Flux Capacitor. Well, it doesn’t put out 1.21 Gigawats ;)) But it does provide enough energy to charge 2 devices simultaneously. It can charge anything (iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPSes, etc.) via USB if you have the compatible cable with you.

The best part is of course the glowing lights!!! You can make your car interior a small rave club while riding through the night with some good old 80s Retro Wave techno music. You can also switch off the lights if you get uncomfortable with them. Also one of the things that you should be aware of is the speed limit. Because an officer won’t accept an explanation like “I’ve hit my head on the sink, and when I came to I had a revelation!”. You’ll probably end up with a penalty and some time in an asylum.

Where You Can Buy One??

The easiest place where you can buy one for yourself is probably Amazon. The retail is great, millions of people (and probably you) use it, and you can catch some massive discount. If you want to get one of these babies and travel in space and time, you can click the button below to see the page where you can buy.


Back To The Future Car Charger


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Millenium Falcon Cake – Chocolate Mold



Prepare for light speed tastes!! Millenium Falcon Cake or any other sweet little appetizers can now become one of your delicate tastes thanks to these hightech molds that improved technology provides us.

With this Millenium Falcon Chocolate Mold you can create little Millenium Falcon chocolates, cakes or even ice cubes that you can serve to your guests at a geek party or enjoy yourself. There is one amazing thing that you can enjoy with Millenium Falcon chocolate mold, this is my personal favourite:

!!Millenium Falcon Chocolate Mousse!!


Pretty cool, right?? Also light-speed delicious!!!  I know you wanna have one of these beauties, so I’ll give you the link where you can get one for yourself:





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Cashanova – Dollar Bill Party Suit

Have you always had a desire to become the center of attention at a party?? Or you wanted to take your Casanova drive to next level?? Hold right there, because this may be the thing you’re looking for:



Cashanova Dollar Bill Party Suit!!

Cashanova Dollar Bill Suit




Yeah, this is actually a suit made from dollar bills!! Well, not exactly. It’s just the print but hey, it’s still damn cool!!! And the best thing is that this suit is a real thing. You can actually get one for yourself and increase your swag to sky high. It’s also a great alternative to wear at costume parties or halloween. WORN TO BE WILD. Actually it’s pretty suitable for any type of party year around if you have the desire to wear it,  be it a bachelor party, wedding, festival or any kind of other events.


It’s tailored as an original suit by OppoSuits and it has real suit pockets inside and outside, lining, buttons, belt loops and etc.. All the details that you can imagine from an actual suit.It also comes with a tie included in the bundle.


It’s made from quality material 100% polyester and machine washable. Price for this unique item is also pretty affordable. In a price range of $99.00 – $124.99 the Cashanova Dollar Suit can be yours. Its size ranges from 36 to 52, but it’s a slim fit cut, so if you are thoughtful about will it fit or not you may consider buying one size larger. 50% of customers say that Cashanova Suit fits perfect.

Cashanova Dollar Bill Suit



Where You Can Get One??


You can easily get a Cashanoa Dolar Bill Suit for yourself from You can select the size suitable for you from thei interface. I don’t even have to mention the amazing retail service of Amazon.


Cashanova Dollar Bill Suit