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iPad Typewriter Keybord is “The RETRO REVOLUTION”

Have you been searching for an iPad Typewriter Keyboard?? I assume you’ve heard this kind of an invention novadays, that’s why we’re going to be the answer to all your questions about it. Because:


And it’s an actual product you can buy!!

These days many many concepts and products are getting the Retro ressurection in new forms and looks. Vinyl is coming back, new age polaroid cameras are getting popular and old radios are getting remakes. The same goes with Typewriters!!

ipad typewriter keyboard


QWERKY is a Start Up created by entrepreuner which has always dreamed of a¬† “Digital Typewriter” and he has set his mind to achieve this creation. Eventually, he gifted the world “Typewriter Inspired Wireless Mechanical Keyboard”.


If you are:

  • Dreaming of returning to the Retro lifestyle with a Typewriter Keyboard
  • A writer who gets inspired by typewriters and oldschool things
  • Want to impress everyone with this cool new-age gizmo


Then this iPad Typewriter Keyboard is the right choice for you!!

And the best thing is: It doesn’t work only with iPad, but with many other devices which you can entegrate with Bluetooth!

Even your smart-phone can become a working canvas with this iPad Typewriter Keyboard.

Here is a video demonstration of it:

Now let’s see the features it holds:

ipad typewriter keyboard


  • Vintage Typewriter Inspired Retro Keycaps and all metal body
  • Clicky tapping feedback experience. Real feeling of a Retro Typewriter!!
  • Can be used with anything included PCs, tablets, phones, MacBooks and etc..
  • Cherry MX Mechanical Switches
  • Wireless Bluetooth or USB connection
  • Macro Return Bar
  • Built-in Tablet Stand


Now, let’s get to know these features closer.


Design and Keycaps

The body of QWERKY Reto Typewriter is completely made out of aliminium which means it’s light and durable. Keycaps are also designed to feel exactly like retro typewriter keycaps. Round shaped and with cavings to fit ergonomically to your fingers and provide the actual feel of a typewriter.

It’s tablet stand can accomodate up to 5/8 inches thich tablets. It’s a wide variety of tablets.

ipad typewriter keyboard



This iPad Typewriter Keyboard can be connected to ANY device with bluetooth. By any device I mean your iPad, PC, ,MacBook, Smart-Phone, Android Devices and any other device which supports Bluetooth.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth transmitter, you can easily solve this problem by purchasing a Bluetooth Adapter.


Macro Return Bar

Macro Return Bar is probably the most epic feture of this retro typewriter keyboard. It’s defaultly set to the macro of Enter button but you can program it up to 5 different macros and it really is the exact detail which gives the greatest retro feeling ever. By holding up the Fn+Return bar you can record up to 5 characters.

ipad typewriter keyboard


Where To Get One

The easiest place to get one for yourself is Delivery service is awesome, customer care is good and millions of perople use it. You can click the button down below to go to Amazon’s page of QWERKY typewriter.


ipad typewriter keyboard



Cherry MX Mechanical Switches

ipad typewriter keyboardIt may look like a typewriter, but it’s actually kickass keyboard and it uses one of the best mechanical switches the keyboard industry can provide. Cherry MX Mechanical Switches are an inseperable part of this keybord and it feels so damn good. I’ve used gaming keyboards with Cherry MX Mechanical Switches installed and they definetely ROCKED!!!!

They’re great for providing the feel of mechanical switches and it actually helps you to get the feel of an actual keyboard. No need to mention that they’re one of the most quality mechanical switches in the world.



If you’re a fan of retro things (I know I am) and want to bring a new touch to your creativity and workspace, don’t hesitate and buy an iPad Typewriter Keyboard. You now everything aboutit ūüôā

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Prison Ramen Noodle Recipes – Cuisine Behind Bars

prison ramen noodle recipes

Hey Geeks! I will introduce you to a great book now. Prison Ramen Noodle Recipes! Some of you may be interested in life behind bars. Well, you shouldn’t. It’s not cool at all, trust me.. ¬†But if your interest stays “only as an interest” that’s ok then. Because I see it as a social phenomena that every one of us should spend some time understanding and evaluating it.

Enough sociology for today! Let’s talk about Prison Ramen Noodle Recipes.


You can imagine that prison food is not even nearly close to food which you can eat in a decent restaurant. In prison the problem is you can’t also get out for a drive through. But inmates can be really creative – when they’re not making shivs or some other lethal weapon, guess what they’re making?? RAMENS!!

prison ramen noodle recipes


You can come across with many crazy creative food ideas in prison, which are created with insufficient funds and crazy creative cooking skills.


One of the great things of Prison Ramen Noodle Recipes is that it comes with a foreword from Samuel L. FUCKIN Jackson!!



What Will You Find In It??


prison ramen noodle recipesThere are more than 65 ramen recipes brought to you straight from behind the bars and many stories of prison life from inmates and creators of this delicate cuisine. And you won’t believe that there are celebrity prison chefs like Slash (Guns’n Roses), Danny Trejo (Machate) and Shia LaBeouf (actor5) who are featured in the book.


You won’t believe all the crazy recipes you see in the book which also have cooly-weirdish names like Chichi, Madof MaNoodle, J-Walking Ramen, Ramen Goulash, Prison Pad Thai Son and many more.


Actually i find the recipes in this book very similar to the diet of a college student. Insufficient funds but still able to cook¬†something interesting to eat. Well, I actually am planning to give a try to a few recipes in this prison cook book. You actualy can make really tasty stuff from this book which even can make you addicted to prison ramen. I would never get bored from eating “Prison Pizza”



The Story Behind It

prison ramen noodle recipesBook is written by authors Gustavo “Goose” Alvarez and Clifton Collins Jr. They are childhood friends one of who is an ex-convict now free and living in Mexico and the other is a successfull Hollywood actor who’s made celebrities and friends contribute their recipes and stories to the book.


Alvarez was inspired to write the book by a riot happened in 2009. It was a race riot which took place at California Institute for men in Chino. Black and Hispanic prisoners got in a fight which grew to a massive level resulting with a fire of some buildings. Alvarez suddenly realizes that a crowded group of African-American prisoners were heading to the building that he was in. But an older gang member has successfully talked out all the nearly 100 Afro-American prisoners. But how?? RAMENS OF COURSE!!


The old member noticed that the attackers were stucked in the cold and got frozen up, so he fed those guys. He offered their food to Afro-American attackers. Hispanic prisoners had gathered all their ramen and prepared a feast with any food they have. This feast has made a bridge between Afro-American and Hispanic prisoners that day. They were sharing something by cooking together. So, Alvarez decided to write a book with ramen recipes and stories from prison.


Where You Can Find It?

You can esily find it on for a really cheap price right now. The last time i checked it was on sale for $7.80. I’ve added some crazy ramen recipes to my cookbook thanks to Prison Ramen Noodle Recipes, but as it was mentioned before, it not only contains recipes, but it also has many chilling and scared-straight real life prison stories told in first-person style. You may want to get the book for yourself or as a gift to one of your belowed friends, so i’m giving the link where you can get by:



>>Click Here To Get Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars<<






Some Of The Recipes

Here are some example recipes from the book to make you understand what kind of delicious stuff is expecting you behind bars.




  • 2 packs of hot and spicy ramen noodles
  • Jalapeno squeeze cheese (1/3 bottle)
  • 1 summer sausage
  • 1 Slim Jim
  • Instant Chili (1 bag)
  • A lorge bowl or a small garbage bag ( you can cut the top half if you have one with a regular house size)


prison ramen noodle recipesCrush noodles while they’re still in the package. Put a bowl of water into microwave and heat it for 2 minutes. Then add both noodle packages to water and let them sit by putting on a lid. ¬†Meanwhile chop the sausage and Slim Jim. Also make-heat the chili on side. After 10 min noodles should be fully expanded. Drain all the water from the noodles. Transfer noodles into the garbage bag, then add flavor pack and jalapeno cheese. Knead the bag to evenly distribute all the material . Then add the meat and repeat the kneading process.

After that add the hot chili. During this you can also add other flavour pack if you want to. Knead the bag for last time and your meal is ready! Enjoy the prison cuisine.


Sweet and Spicey Coke Ramen


prison ramen noodle recipesIngredients

  • 1 pack Texas Beef Ramen (it can also be regular beef)
  • 1/2 or 3/4 can of normal coke(not light)
  • 1 pack of peanuts
  • 1 beef stick (Slim Jim – optional)


Cook the noodles. Crush the peanuts while they’re still packed using your boots and floor of your cell. Drain water from noodles, add flavouring packet and coke.¬†Add ¬†2/3 of the peanuts and optional sliced beef or sausage to noodle. You can add more coke to find the right flavour best suitable for you.


Prison Ramen Noodle Recipes – Conclusion


We’ve discussed what Prison Ramen Noodle Recipe is about, the story behind it and what are some of the delicate tastes of prison cuisine. Prison Ramen Noodle Recipes can be a great bizarre cookbook for your kitchen collection or a great gift for a friend who is interested in underground culture.


If you’ve liked what you saw here, please SHARE! Because SHARING IS CARING!! If you want to ask anything, please comment! Your comments are HIGHLY appreciated. If you would like to contact directly you can mail to See you soon and KEEP IN TOUCH!!!

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Make Daryl Dixon Vest – How to Make Daryl Dixon Vest from The Walking Dead on Your Own

make daryl dixon vest

So, you want to make Daryl Dixon Vest? Diy Daryl Dixon vest is the theme of this article and I will teach you how to make Daryl Dixon Vest, the one with angel wings behind it. I assume you’re watching The Walking Dead serial and saw the Daryl Dixon Angel Jacket. I am also a fan of The Walking Dead and a bigger fan of Norman Reedus.

It’s hard not to want it. I wanted it very badly, so I made my intensive research. Daryl Dixon Angel Jacket was a piece that I was looking around for. Well, i’ve found some places where I can get it, but I said hey, I want to make it myself anyway. I want this to be my own value.make daryl dixon vest


Let’s get to the point. I’ve made my research on how to make the vest of Daryl Dixon and came up with a program. I will give you the list of items we need to make the Daryl Dixon vest and explain the steps. They’re not¬†much. And if you have good hand skills, you can really get a good result with your jacket.


I also will give you links where to find a ready Daryl Dixon Jacket for sale. I understand it can be messy or time consuming, so maybe getting a ready jacket may be better sometimes, it is your choice and nothing is wrong with it.

Also buying the jacket may be better because they’re precisely manufactured by professionals, so you can eliminate the risk of unsatisfactory work just by simply buying it.


These are the indegridents that we will be needing:

  • A leather vest suitable to your dimensions
  • Large pieces of white clothes (beige preferably) or old pair of jeans
  • White computer paper, graphite paper and transfer¬†paper.
  • A tracing marker and a black drawing marker. Something like “sharpie” is prefarable.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Bleach if you are going to use jeans as cloth.
  • Sandpaper and wire brush


I’m giving you some links where you can find materials for this purpose, because some of these arts and crafts materials may be a little difficult to find sometimes. It gives me a huge comfort to be delivered right to my door. ¬†Here are the links where you can find the crucial materials for this tasks:

Click to find –¬†Speedball Mona Lisa 18-Inch-by-24-Inch Jumbo Graphite Paper, Black

Click to find Р Sharpie Super Twin Tip Fine Point and Chisel Tip Permanent Markers, 1 Black Marker(36401PP)

Other item like hot glue gun, bleach, and sandpaper are easy to find in hardware stores, so i’m not giving links to them. You can easily find them, or they may be existing in your house already. Let’s continue!


First of all, understand the principle of making this jacket. You are going to trace the wings on the cloth. Then you’re going to cut the wings out, glue them on the vest and sandpaper the vest at last to give it the post-apocalyptic used effect. For having an idea about the process, i’m sharing with you this video as an example. You don’t have to do everything as it’s described in the video, but you will have a good understanding about the process:



Prepare your wings

There are two alternatives of making your wings. You can either print it on your cloth or you can prepare it yourself by tracing it or drawing it on the cloth yourself. It is all up to your imagination, there are no rules. But I myself prefer doing it myself using a graphite transfer paper because it makes me feel that i’m unlocking my own achievment and i’m creating a value of my own.


First, you must get the design of your wings. I’ve found the template of the wings for you. Click here to get the wing template.
Take the given template and print it out to the most suitable size that you desire. I give you the photo as a reference for you to judge the proportions and optimize the template. Your wings should be in identical height and width to keep the symmetry, and they should keep a vertical mirror symmetry with each other.


You can take a ruler and measure the distance from top, bottom, left and right, then determine the correct place and size for your wings. Then print out your wings in the most suitable size. As i said, use your logic and arrange your wings’ placement. Here i give you the image of the wings from the back to guide you as a reference.make daryl dixon vest


You must pass this wing design onto your cloths. Now let’s talk about cloths. As i mentioned before, you can either use clean new cloths or you can use an old pair of jeans. If you’re going to use seperate clean cloths, that’s fine from the beginning. You also don’t have to use only beige¬†cloth. You can customize it in the way you want. Don’t forget, you’re doing this for yourself, so you’re completely free to do whatever you like. But i like the look of old pair of jeanmake daryl dixon vests. They give this more apocalyptic worn off look.


If you’re going to use some old pair of jeans as cloth, you must put it in a cup and add bleach on it. You wouldn’t want the bleach to eat your jeans up, so mix it with appropriate proportions of water. %50 bleach, %50 water mix seems just fine. Keep the jeans in bleach mixture¬†for 4-5 hours to make them completely white. Then cut two large proportions of cloths from the jeans to transfer your wings on.


So, how to transfer the wings onto clothes? You can do this by either using a tracing graphite paper or drawing yourself if you trust to your hand skills. I prefer tracing paper. Or you can prepare a stencil by cutting out the lines of wings and drawing through them.


There are several ways of transferring the wings with transferring paper. You can either use a tracing paper and transfer the wings directly, or you can use transparent paper, draw the wings inside out with marker (because you are going to stick it to the cloth in reverse mirroring), wet the cloth a little bit, stick the transparent paper to the cloth, apply a little pressure, wait for a short time and remove the transparent paper. You will notice the printed wing on your cloth piece.

As i said, tracing paper is the best alternative for me, but of course you are free to do whatever you like.


make daryl dixon vest


After transfering your wings to cloth, cut the wings out and don’t forget to give a space of cloth from the outline of the wings. Don’t cut your cloth just over¬†the outline of your wings. Give some space, half an inch/1.3¬†cm would be enough.

After transfering the wing outlines to the cloth, go over the lines with a black marker, “sharpie” is my favourite for it.¬†You can hone your artistic skills and give shade effects to your wing drawings or some details if you want. It will look cool.



Combine with the vest

N0w that you have your wings ready, it’s time to put them on your vest. You can either sew it to the vest or glue it with a hot glue gun. If you are ok with spending more time including hand work, then you can sew. Firsti’m going to explain you the glue gun method.

You will need a hot glue gun, white crayon and a hard cardboard for this task. But be careful not to burn your fingers, altough i’m sure that you will have at least one little¬†burn. So surprise me and be careful.


Place the cardboard into your vest to obtain a strong ground for wings and not to slip your vest while gluing. Lay your wings on the vest and center them. After determining the correct place for your wings, trace the outline of the wings with white crayon not to lose the place where your wings will be glued. Then glue them one by one.


Do it like this: First apply some glue to the center of back surface of the wing. Back surface is the surface which will be in contact with the vest, glue must be between the vest and the back surface of the wing. Then carefully place it on the vest to your determined place. Wait a little for the wing to stick itself, now it will be easier for you to glue. Apply glue from inside near the edges of the wings and wait for it to dry.  If you have done everything accurately, you will have your own Daryl Dixon vest.
make daryl dixon vest


Now it’s time for the last touches. Cut out the white outsides by making little cuts. But leave maybe just a centimeter of extension from outlines. Make it look like the picture above.

Other variant instead of the glue gun is sewing. Find a needle and black sewing thread. Just sew the wings to the jacket from the outline of your wings. If you don’t kow how to sew, you can take help from somebody who knows it. Or if you don’t want to be involved in sewing, you can go with the glue gun method.


You would like to give the worn-out post apocalyptic look. For this you will need sandpaper and wire brush. Place the cardboard into the west again. Apply the sandpaper and wirebrush all over your vest. Just be careful not to damage your vest. When you have your desired worn-out look, you are done.


Or just buy it?

make daryl dixon vestIf you don’t want to be involved in all this hard hand work stuff, you can just buy it. I was searching out for a good Daryl Dixon vest. After a long search i’ve found probably one of the best variant that exists. It’s made from premium quality real leather.

It has two outer vaist pockets, just like Daryl Dixon has on his own jacket. And the best part is that you can choose every size from X-Small to XXX-Large. ¬†I’m sharing the link for it, if you want to buy a professionally made quality Daryl Dixon Vest.
Click here to find the professionally manufactured Daryl Dixon Vest!


Make Daryl Dixon Vest – Conclusion

This was our make¬†Daryl Dixon vest tutorial. Diy Daryl Dixon vest wasn’t so difficult at all, was it? Hope you liked it! Don’t forget to send us your latest work! You can contact via Your comments are highly apreciated! Please don’t forget that you also have control on this website, it’s not my personal kingdom. So please comment or contact if you want to say anything or if there is something you would like to see in this website. And don’t forget, sahring is caring! See all you folks soon, Keep in touch!!



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Batman Movies Chronological Order – Your Batman Movie Guide from The Beginning to the End

Batman Movies Chronological Order

Hey there Bat Fans! If you’re a Batman fan like me, Batman Movies chronological order may be one of the things you should consider knowing. Batman Movies chronological order consists of 9 movies and 2 series between the years 1943-2012. Yes, Batman has a really long history on the screen. Maybe some of you didn’t know that Batman’s history reaches far further than Second World War.


The actual history of Batman started in May 1939 with his appearance¬†within the¬†comic book Detective¬†Comics¬†#27. The character gained a great popularity that its self titled comic book has begun publication in 1940. And the legend goes on since then. Batman is actually inspired from another comic book character “The Shadow”. They have many similarities, but that’s another theme that we can discuss in another article.


We will start from the beginning of the Batman franchise, but first, due to intense request, we have an announcement for you guys. I may be helping now to some people to find their dream Batman item.



If you’re reading this article, I have no doubt that you’re a diehard Batman universe fan. That’s why I’ll do¬†you a great favor with directing you to one of the and most wanted replica products : BANE BOMBER JACKET


I know that you all are in love with the villain “BANE” from Dark Knight Rises. Who isn’t?? Tom Hardy is one of my favourite actors and he has done more than an amazing job with his performing of the Bane character. That big, bad and bald guy, remember?? Of course you do..

Batman Movies Chronological Order

No doubt the performance was outstanding, but one of the things that people have fall in love with is the famous leather jacket of Bane. Well, I also wanted the bomber jacket of Bane so badly the first time I saw it on screen. Also the mask, how can I forget the mask!!


Due to intense request we’ve found the best Bane Bomber Jacket Replica around. And the best part is that it can be yours now!! Cosplayers who want to stand out in cons or fans who just want to wear that one hell of that¬†leather jacket during cold weathers, we’ve found the best one around and made a review of it. We’ve also included directions for the ones who want to buy¬†one for themselves.

Click Here To Check Out Our Bane Leather Jacket Article



Now, let’s get back to our article..


Batman’s first appearance on the screen was in the serial “Batman” in 1943, which is followed by another serial¬†“Batman and Robin” in 1949. Then came in the legendary movie series.

Batman (series) – 1943

The first Batman serial is a 15 chapter serial. It released in 1943.batman movies chronological order Lewis Wilson played the role of Batman while Robin was played by Douglas Croft. In the first series Batman appears as a US government agent trying to stop the Japanese agent Dr. Daka.

There are some exclusive revealings in the first Batman series. In the series Bat Cave and its secret entrance through a grandfathers clock is introduced for the first time. Batman and Robin in the first series try to defeat Dr. Daka , a japanese scientist, who invented a machine that turns people into pseudo-zombies.

The first Batman screen appearance of course wasn’t too eye candy comparing to the latest Batman movies. It was black and white, and Batman was a little bit..chubby? But it was a blast in 1943. Here is a trailer of the first Batman serial:

Batman and Robin (series) – 1949

batman movies chronological orderThe sequel to first Batman Serial is released in 1949.
Actors and plot are different than previous, but the main frame is the same. Batman is played by Robert Lowery and Robin is played by Johnny Duncan.

This time our Duo  face off against the mysterious hoodied villain the Wizard. The Wizard has an electrical device with which he can control the cars. Until the end his identity remains unknown. No spoilers.









Batman: The Movie – 1966

batman movies chronological orderIt is the first color screen motion picture Batman Movie. In this Batman Movie we can see an almost full cast of villains that we know from the previous Batman serials. The United Underworld consists of four of the most powerful villains of Gotham City. Joker, Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin.

Batman is played by Adam West and Robin is played by Burt Ward. Else of Catwoman, the cast includes most members of the TV series.

The plot is a little more detailed this time.. The United Underworld holds in their hands an invention of Commodore Schmidlapp, a dehydrator. It can turn humans into dust. By using this device United Underworld captures United World Organization’s Secrity Counsil. And of course it’s Batman and Robin’s job to save the day. There is a lot more action in the first Batman movie than in their previous series.




Batman –¬†1989

batman movies chronological orderHere goes the bomb! This may be the first modern Batman movie to see on screen. In this batman movie we have two big signature names: Jack Nicholson as The Joker and Tim Burton as director.

In my opinion, 1989 Batman Movie was the best Batman movie made till that day. But it keeps getting better with every new Batman movie. Quality of filming has tremendeously improved, roleplaying is way more awesome, storyboard is in a great order and the last movie had used all the advantages of special effects technologies.

The plot is also well designed. In this Batman movie we witness the transformation of¬†Jack Napier(Jack Nicholson) to “The Joker”. Jack Napier is the second-in-command of the mob boss Carl Grissom. Grissom arranges an assasination of Naiper during a raid at the Axis Chemical Plant with the help of corrupted police lieutenant Max Eckhardt after learning Napier’s involvement with his mistress. But Batman interrupts and Napiers falls in a chemical waste vat. From that day Napier becomes The Joker with his clownish distorted face.

He takes his revenge from Grissom and starts terrorizing Gotham with a deadly chemical “Smilex”, and it’s Batman’s duty to stop him.



Batman Returns – 1992

batman movies chronological orderOr main villain in this Batman Movie is The Penguin. The Penguin is a deformed infant child of a high society family, who is¬†abondoned by his family and thrown into a river. He is rescued and raised by the penguins living in an abondoned zoo’s sewer connection. Thirty three years later he becomes The Penguin. He appears in Gotham City’s annual christmas ceremony. Penguin kidnaps an important businessman¬†Max Shreck to help him become a citizen of Gotham.

Shreck’s secretary Selina finds out his power plant project which will drain Gotham’s electricity. Shreck tries to silence her by throwing her through a window, but she survives and turns into Catwoman.

Batman is played by Michael Keaton, Catwoman is played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Penguin by Danny DeVito.







Batman Forever –¬†1995

Batman Forever comes with its epic casting with Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris O’Donnell.batman movies chronological order

Plot focuses on Batman’s efforts to stop Two-Face and Riddler while they are trying to extract¬†information from all the minds in Gotham City in order to find out¬†Batman’s secret identity and obtain citys control.

In this film Robin is the son of an acrobat family – “Dick”. Dick’s family gets murdered by the crew of Two-Face during a charity circus event. In the event Bruce Wayne and her love interest Dr. Chase Meridian was also present. Bruce Wayne assumes responsibility and allows¬†Dick to stay in his mansion, where Dick will find out the true identity of Batman and offer Bruce Wayne his help as Robin.






Batman & Robin –¬†1997

batman movies chronological order

This is my favourite Batman movie in 90’s. I have many times watched it without boredom. It also outstands with its selection of actors. You can see George Clooney as Batman, Chris O’Donnel as Robin, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Frost, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl.

Movie is exclusive for being the only Batman movie till now where Batgirl appears. Main plot is about the story of Batman and Robin trying to prevent Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing all the mankind and repopulate earth with mutant plants. In this movie you can also see Bane – the poison injected guy with super human strenght.









The Dark Night Trilogy – (2005-2012)

The famous trilogy of latest Batman Movies. In my opinion they’re the best Batman movies filmed by¬†now. I just can’t seperate this trilogies films from one another because all three of them are literally awesome. I’ve watched them all several times and i still sometimes watch them in my free¬†time. Christian Bale, being one of my favourite actors, definetely gives a different aura to the Dark Knight Trilogy. Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy on casting. Scores of hans Zimmer in each movie. Do i have to say more?

The Dark Night Trilogy gives the whole script in a darker and more realistic way. Also there are many new changes specially made for the trilogy. Batsuit redesigned and became  a more mobile suit with a more eye candy look. Batmobile was redesigned as a tank-like vehicle and there are many more additional features in The Dark Knight.





batman movies chronological order



Batman Begins – 2005

The whole story retold from the beginning with Christian Bale. It all starts from the childhood of Bruce Wayne, the murder of his parents. Fourteen years after the murder of his parents, the murderer Joe Chill gets freed for tetifying against mob boss Falcone. Bruce plans to kill Chill but Falcone gets Chill assasinated first. Bruce confronts Falcone in a nightclub where Falcone demonstrates his power to Bruce. Bruce that day understands the corruption of the system and decides to travel the world and find a way to fight injustice. He gets trained as a member of League of Shadows. He then returns to Gotham to fight for justice but the League Of Shadows decides to destroy Gotham, thinking that it’s so corrupted and not worth saving.




The Dark Knight – 2008

This is the first Batman film without the word “Batman” in it. The Dark Knight is my favourite Batman movie till now. The main reason why it is my favourite Batman movie is that Heath Ledger appears as Joker in it with his brilliant performance. If you haven’t watched it, you definetely are missing something. Even only Heath Ledger himself is a valid reason to watch The Dark Knight. R.I.P. Heath Ledger. I won’t tell you anything about the plot. Go watch it first and then thank to me.







The Dark Knight: Rises Р2012

Batman returns from his retirement. Events occur 8 years  after the incidents in The Dark Knight. Destruction plans of The League of Shadows on Gotham continues. For this purpose they send Bane to Gotham. The Dark Knight Rises is my second favourite Batman movie. Tom Hardy really is a game changer. In this movie we are seeing Tom Hardy as Bane, the guy with super human strength. His epic speeches were my favourite parts in the movie.





So to summ up, this is the order of the entire chronology:

Batman (Serial) –¬†1943

Batman and Robin (Serial) –¬†1949

Batman: The Movie –¬†1966

Batman –¬†1989

Batman Returns –¬†1992

Batman Forever –¬†1995

Batman and Robin –¬†1997

Batman Begins –¬†2005

The Dark Knight –¬†2008

The Dark Knight Rises –¬†2012


Are You a Collectioner?

Don’t know about you, but i definetely am. I usually make a collection of films which are in high value for me. I buy their box set or director’s cut and place it inmy special epic movies shelter, which houses all Tarantino films, all legendary Kubrick films, Fight Club, David Lynche movies and many many more.


Batman is one of them because it really has been in my whole life since my childhood. I grew up with it and it really is a part of my life which tought me a lot. It is i think a must for every hardcore Bat Fan to have a set of Batman related stuff. May it be a comics collection, may it be a movie box set. So that’s why i’m sharing with you where i got my Batman Movie Collection:


There isn’t a single box set for all the movies i’ve listed above, so i bought them as 3 parts. The first one is 4 Films Batman Collection Boxset. It includes “Batman”, “Batman Returns”, “Batman Forever” and “Batman &Robin”. I bought it from Amazon for¬†$23 in Blu-Ray, which was a great deal for me. It is even cheaper ($9) if you want to get it in DVD. Here is the link if you are wondering where you can get it:Batman Movies Chronological Order



And then comes the famous Dark Knight Trilogy. I think you all are familiar with it. It was a must for me to get. This is my favourite Batman Collection and i have probably watched it endless times. Here is the link for the ones who want to find it:Batman Movies Chronological Order




And last one for the hardcore Bat Fans. I’ve found the Complete Television Series Limited Edition Box Set. It not only includes the TV series in Blu-Ray quality, but it also comes with collectible premiums which are “The Adam West Scrap Book”, “44 Vintage Trading Cards”, “Ultraviolet Digital Copy”, 32-Page Complete Episode Guide” and last but the best HOT WHEELS REPLICA BATMOBILE!!

It was on sale for ¬†$135 at Amazon when i last checked. It’s a bit pricey if compared to collections i’ve mentioned before, but this is a historical collection which includes items from the times of World War 2, so it is normal.¬†$135 was lower than it’s actual price, which is¬†$270, so it’s on discount right now. It’s best for you to check the price¬†out yourself from the link below:Batman Movies Chronological Order







Batman Movies Chronological Order

So this is the chronology of Batman Movies till now. Else of them, in 2016 Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice is going to be released and assumed to be followed by several Batman movies or side movies.

This is the end of our article. I hope you liked it and found what you were looking for. Don’t forget that your comments are highly appreciated and please don’t hesitate giving feedback. If you want to ask anything, you can contact via Keep in touch and see you soon!!!


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Fallout 4 What is New? – A glance to the new Fallout 4


Fallout 4 what is new? I assume that you are aware of Fallout 4 release at 11.10.2015. About Fallout 4 what is new is the typical question that some people ask. Especially the ones who couldn’t have the chance to play yet have all the right to wonder about the games new features. So, here are the news about Fallout 4!


Story and Timeline

Events in Fallout 4 take place in Boston, Massachusets, 210 years after the Great War. Year 2287 is the time of our gameplay. A decade after the events of Fallout 3 and 6 years after New Vegas. Timeline of these 3 games can be listed as below:

Fallout 3 –¬†2277 – Washington, D.C.
Fallout: New Vegas –¬†2281 – Las Vegas
Fallout 4 –¬†2287 –¬†Boston, Massachusetts

Most of the game takes place in year 2287, but the beginning of the game actually starts just before the nuclear bombs hit the country, during when people are trying to head to the vaults right in the middle of chaos. A nuclear bomb explodes at a near distance to our protagonist sole survivor and their family while they’re trapped on the edge of the vault, but eventually the platform under them lowers just in time and they¬†manage to survive. Then they’re put into cryosleep for more than 100 years. And in year 2287 we wake up from our sleep and find ourselves in the middle of the wasteland trying to undersand what’s going on. Here is a short footage of what we can¬†expect from the game:

Building Settlements

The latest and maybe the most innovative new feature in Fallout 4 is building your own settlements.

Since your settlements can be attacked by raiders, supermutants, and other bad stuff, it’s good to have strong defenses. You can even see a settlement which has an incredible bar.

The ways you can build your settlement is limitless. Only limit is your imagination. You can even grow plants in irradiated zones. You can build bedrooms, towers, docks, energy generating staions and many more things. You can provide water and ellectricity to your settlements by building generators and pumps. By doing all of these you can build a steady income. Also non-player characters and merchants can inhabit your settlement and help you to keep your settlement running as a community. You can also send brahmin caravans between your settlements.

You must also remember that raiders will try to attack your settlements. So you can’t build your settlements just anywhere. You better remember to add self-defense systems too, like turrets, traps and towers.

You build your settlements with raw materials and parts you found from the wasteland. You can craft a wide selection of items with them. This is one of the greatest standing out features in Fallout 4. Here are two videos where you can check out a few of the greatest settlements built by various people and a speed-motion building action of a two storey house:


Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.) may be familiar to some of you if you have played previous Fallout games. V.A.T.S. is one of the unexpandable features of Fallout and we of course are happy to see it again in Fallout 4. The new V.A.T.S. is almost the same with the ones that we’ve met in previous games, but this time it is more realistic because now you can’t just fully stop the time forever, but you can concentrate in a slow motion. Yes, that’s right. Now you will get into slow motion during V.A.T.S. and i actually think that it is better this way. Gives the realistic feeling instead of just stopping the time.

You can choose between various strategies using VATS. You can headshot for quick kills, or shoot your opponents legs for slowing them down or you can disarm them by shooting their weapons.

Character Customization

You can find a new character customization sytem in Fallout 4. It gives you more freedom than the last Fallout game. People out there even create their favourite characters’ faces ¬†with this great ¬†character customization screen. It has no end and no limitations. Here are some celebrity-like character creations from Fallout 4:

Dynamic Dialogue System

One of the new things that you will come across in Fallout 4 is the new dynamic dialogue system. At Fallout 3 during dialogues you were talking only face to face with NPCs. In Fallout 4 the new dynamic dialogue system presents¬†us the dialogues between players in a theatrical way. You won’t be getting bored from dialogues that easily.

Crafting System

The new crafting system allows you to use every lootable object in the game to your own benefit during crafting. You can build items and structures for your settlement, customize weapons and upgrade your armor. You can scrap items to use in your workshop for crafting new items.

In game you will have your workshops to craft and upgrade items. And you also have a stocking space for our power armor. I don’t have to mention that there are different types of power armors in Fallout 4.

The new crafting system is great but the only minus is the interface. Some people don’t like the crafting interface and they have the right to complain about it. The crafting interface is a little non-user friendly. It may be difficult to understand it first because there aren’t much clues about how to use it. You will figure it out somehow, but it would have been better if they could have worked on a clearer interface design. Here is a short look trough to the crafting system:


So these are the main new features in Fallout 4, but not only. You definetely will find many more interesting things during your gameplay. It’s a huge open world of Boston that you can explore which has¬†many freaky scenarios in it. When playing Fallout 3 i’ve never got bored, and i’m sure that it will be the same for Fallout 4.

Your comments are highly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate giving feedback or contact through See you later!

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Would You Survive Zombie Apocalypse? – Things You Need to Know

would you survive zombie apocalypse

Would you survive zombie apocalypse? Well this questions answer is so dependent on you. You think you will become a zombie slayer right after the chaos starts?

Cold truth – you won’t. Many people just get pumped up watching the famous series The Walking Dead or Z-Nation. A great percentage of people will just be turned in a few days after the epidemic starts. But you can train yourself and be prepared to get your hands dirty with our little tips and tricks. In this article you will find good information about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Beware – this content has scientific research in it.

Run To The Wild

Researchers at Cornell University have simulated¬†a would you survive zombie apocalypsemathematical¬†model of epidemics with hundreds of millions of people on the American map. Analyzing the disease dynamics, they of course found that epidemic spreads way faster in populated cities, especially in metropolitans. The epidemic spread speed grows geometrically, which means with every bite of the infected¬†take from the living, disease spread speed accelerates. After zombies populating the high populated living centers, spread speed will slow down that there will be less people to bite. Also we assume that undead won’t have the ability to move dynamically as humans, so that’s a plus for all of us.

Researchers recommend people to run to hills or mountains if a zombie apocalypse pops out. These zones are way less populated and you will obtain the advantage of higher ground. This is simple battlefield tactics.

Running to the woods is also a choice. You will be hidden more in the dark and deep woods than in the center of the city. Thick trees and nature camouflage also provides you stealth which you can leverage as a battle strategy.

Go medieval

Kings and landlordswould you survive zombie apocalypse¬†built castles and fortresses for a reason.¬†It wasn’t just show business. These were defensible places against their enemies’ armies. If you can find a fortress near you, i recommend invading it before others will. These places usually have thick and high walls which are human proof and effective for sniping. If you can’t find a place like that or invading a place like that is a problem for you, then you can build one for yourself. Or you can also modify a big house or villa to become your new fortress.

Isolate yourself at first

One of the smartest moves at the beginning of the apocalypse is to find a good place for isolation, at least for a certain amount of time. You of course can’t lock yourself up forever that you have physiological needs but you may find a good place to hide till the things calm down. While the world outside eats itself up, you can sit down and calmly plan your next move.

A good place for isolation must be at least a little far from the population. It’s better to have some emergency exit plan and boobie traps set up, you can never know what’s gonna happen next during apocalypse. If you’ve been waiting for the apocalypse and building yourself a fortres, vault or basement, then you’re one step ahead of many others.

Stock up

would you survive zombie apocalypseAnother smart move is to stock up some goods like food, water gas and etc. Ok i know that in the apocalypse world there are no rules. But you will definetely be needing everything you can have. You won’t have the a
bility to go out shopping in this new world system, and if you go shopping you may face the consequences like other raiders and looters trying to kill you. Your stocked items will always come handy, especially at times you have to expect the unexpected.

And don’t forget that all the economical system is going to collapse entirely. Before apocalypse money meant something for many people, but in this post apocalyptic world money is just a piece of paper. These supplies like food, ammo, weapons, consumable goods and fuel are the new value now.¬†So you can trade these consumable goods for other items that you need.


Of course one of the important parts that we can’t skip is the weapons. Weapons we must consider having range from melee to firearms. You better have both type of them and choose a variety of them for close quarter, mid quarter and further distance combat. You better have a duty belt and customize it to hold all your weapons and provide mobility. Think of the duty belt of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. This guy has multiple holsters, ammo stock, handcuffs, and radio holster on its duty belt. This can be an example for you.

As melee weapons you can have multiple from short to tall and for different purposes. For example this set can be an example to you:


. Foldable survival knife and bayonetWould you survive zombie apocalypse
. Infantry knife
. Kukri
. Parang
. Machate
. Gator machate for cutting purposes included
. Durable camping axe

A great example for this is the Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. Gerber is a major world known knives and survival items manufacturer, who also manufactures signature knives for Bear Grylls. Yeah, that guy who drinks his own piss.

It’s easier to carry melee weapons because they’re more mobile than firearms. And they don’t make noise like a gun or rifle. That’s why you should always solve your problems with melee weapons. But sometimes you must fire the shots. For these kind of situations i can recommend to carry maximum 3 firearms with you. By avoiding so much weapons on you will save energy from carrying them.

You may include a short range gun and a middle to long range rifle. This will give you the ability to battle in various distances. And if you can find it’s better to use silencer for remaining stealthy. Also one important fact is knowing your weapon and addapting yourself to it. Melee or firearm, just keep practicing to improve your handling and reflexes. Out there in the real world you won’t have much time to think. And there are many live targets you can practice on out there.

Suit’n Tie

You better suit up for the zombie apocalypse… And by suiting up: no, i don’t mean Barney Stinsonwould you survive zombie apocalypse or Justin Timberlake style suiting up. I mean hard leather, chainmail, protector pads or armor of your choice.

You must consider the potential harms of outside world. Not our undead friends only but humans also. The potential threats you will be facing are bites, knife wounds, gunshot wounds and melee impacts.

Wearing a bullet-proof suit is advised to prevent fatal blows during gunfights with other humans out there. Also a stab vest will come very handy in close quarter combats.

An important thing think of is avoiding zombie bites. You can’t avoid them forever and you must find a way not to get bitten. Zombie proof sleeves are a great alternative to this. You¬†can make your zombie proof sleeves from hard and pliable materials and wear them to your arms and legs. You can also consider making a neck collar with a combination of a sturdy helmet. I know, with this creation you won’t look like¬†a Victorias Secret model, but this gonna protect you from dangers of outside world.

Be careful about other humans

I’m just warning you calculating the possibility that you’re some kinda pussy ass Pollyanna and thinking that everybody in the world is sweet and clean as an angel. Sorry for spoiler, but no. There are many bad people out there and you don’t have to be a fortuneteller to know that. Of course there are good people too, but you can see even without apocalypse that there are great evil in this world. Better to be safe than sorry.

Out there in the post apocalyptic world you can’t trust anyone. So sometimes paranoia can save your life. Get used to be cold blooded and not to talk too much. Also obtaining information from other people or keeping them alive for your own leverage can provide you great benefits. So you may consider finding a stun gun and handcuffs. But don’t be so cruel always. World being unfair and evil doesn’t mean everyone is sick minded out there.

Count the pennies

would you survive zombie apocalypseApocalypse also means tightening the belts. Every penny¬†counts when there is no manufacturing out there. You’re consuming everything and you must know that worlds supplies are limited. You better fit yourself to a strict discipline from the amount of water you drink, the food you eat, the bullets you fire and the time you sleep.


Learn Stuff

Before apocalypse you had every service you needed, which you could obtain from other people or from corporate world. Now that the world changed upside down, you must answer to your own demands by yourself. This means that you are responsible from all your needs like building a house, supplying electric or hot water, creating a telecommunication system, raising or finding your own food and etc.. This is a great chance for you to learn how stuff works and apply it to your daily life.would you survive zombie apocalypse

You can start by learning simple technical stuff. Start from physics 101, then hop into introductional positive science. Learn about mechanics, electricity, how to construct buildings or civil structures like walls, applicational introductory medicine, nature and botanical science, how to raise your own food, farming, balistics and etc.. Believe me, science is fun. And it is even better to apply it to your life to improve your life quality.

In the post apocalyptic world money has no value and the most useful thing that will benefit you is your knowledge. So, improve yourself everyday and use your brains. In the apocalypse world i think there won’t be much bookworms around so you can find a lot of good books from abondoned bookstores.

Work Out

would you survive zombie apocalypseKeeping fit may be one of your last concerns but when there are things around trying to kill you, you may consider doing some lifting. Ok not lifting maybe, but definetely you need to be in good shape to keep up with all the chaos around.

You better be doing exercises to build up your endurance and agility. Also additional strenght will be a major plus. You must also get used to running. A LOT. Your new life will involve a lot of running. So get used to it and move your ass.

Wait for government cure

You didn’t think that the government hadn’t planned anything in case of a zombie apocalypse, do you? There is actually a government plan. Pentagon has its government plan document for a zombie apocalypse. They use it for disaster simulation and emergency acting preparations.

Your best bet for salvation is your dear government’s efforts on finding a cure. If they are not planning on saving your sorry ass, enjoy the new world order then. But still, always try to reach some news or find a radio signal to communicate.

Would you survive zombie apocalypse?

This was our guide for you to survive the zombie apocalypse. Now that you know what to do, maybe you have some chance to survive. You liked it? Give some damn feedback! Your comments are highly appreciated. And this site is not only my kingdom. You’re the citizens of it. So please write if you want to mention anything or to give an idea. See you soon!!