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Southern Crossbow Rebel 350 with Scope Vision

Hey there fellow geeks!! Have you ever heard about Southern Crossbow Rebel 350 with scope vision?? I know that a geek usually loves crossbows and I wanted to present you one of the finest of them if you’re thinking of buying one and begin practicing immedeately to become the next Norman Reedus. There’sno doubt that you’re a fan of Norman Reedus if you like The Walking Dead series.


I will tell you a bit about it’s specifications and where you can get one for yourself. But if we had do define it shortly, it’s one of the best crossbow varints that you can get.

The technical specifications:

  • 350 FPS with 155 lbs. (70.3 kg) draw weight and 14.2″ power stroke
  • Tactical crossbow with compound levering system and quiet cams
  • Composite stock with black rubber grip finish and Picatinny accessory rail
  • Quick detach quiver
  • 4×32 crossbow scope, Vertical fore-grip, Sling, 4 field tip arrows, Safety glasses and string wax included

You can see what this bad boy does in the video below:


Where To Buy??

The best place you can get it is probably Amazon. They have a great retail service, quality customer support, millions of people use it and you can come across with massive discounts. You can get the Southern Rebel 350 Crossbow  for around $400.

Southern Crossbow Rebel 350

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Selfie Stick Dildo – Capturing Your “O” Moment

selfie stick dildo

Have you ever tought about having a selfie stick dildo?? Don’t tell me that you’ve never wondered how you would look while getting nasty on your own.. Seems like someone has tought about it.


As technology evolves we can see many interesting toys around and by toys I don’t mean just the ones that you can find at Toys R’ Us. Toys aren’t only for kids, there are many adults who also enjoy playing with toys, you know what I mean 😉 And they come in many types and sizes :3


Selfie Stick Dildo was something that I lately came across these days and it really took my interest at first sight. Well, humans have a dirty mind and no one can be blamed for his/her curiosity for these kind of items.


What Is It??

selfie stick dildoSelfie Stick Dildo is actually a dildo, which has a selfie stick mounted to it. Or it may be a selfie stick which is equipped with a dildo for.. “Extra usefulness”… Well, you got the point.. Long story short it’s a useful device which has multiple functionalities.


There may be some people who doesn’t know what a dildo is. Don’t feel ashamed, it’s not something that you should feel shame of. Dildos were around for a very long time and even in Ancient Greece people were enjoying it. Who said history class can’t be fun?? 😉


Don’t let your parents hide the obvious truth about dildos. It’s not a baseball bat or some hardware equipment. Click here to learn what is a dildo and the history behind it:


What is a “Dildo”?? Definition and History Behind It


I know most people prefer visual content and that’s why I’m presenting you the well prepared video introduction of Selfie Stick Dildo:




With selfie stick dildo you can now capture your “O” face at peak moment of your climax by pressing the capture button at right time.

Now there is not only one stick extending..


Can You Get It?? Is It For Real??

It is possible to make a dildo selfie stick of course. But the bad news is that this is not an actual product that you can buy. It’s a concept prepared as a fun idea. It would have been great to be able to buy a real selfie stick dildo but we have to wait until it becomes a reality someday. Don’t know if it will ever be rapid manufactured someday to serve many people, but it would definetely be fun.

You also can make one of your own if you have the desire. But it will take some effort.


Selfie Stick Dildo – Conclusion

This was what Selfie Stick Dildo all about. Hope you enjoyed the article.

If you have anything to ask or state, leave a comment down below. For direct connection you can mail to Keep in touch and don’t forget, SHARING IS CARING!!!



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Bioshock Infinite’s floating city recreated in Fallout 4 – It’s awesome!

I think many of you geek fellows are at least aware of the last game of Fallout franchise – Fallout 4. It was quite a blast in the whole gaming world. And you may know that Fallout 4 had many features which weren’t existing in previous Fallout games. Maybe the most significant one of them was the new city build-up feature. In Fallout 4 you are able to construct cities. If you don’t know about Fallout 4 and it’s new features, please check out our article:


Fallout 4 What is New? – A glance to the new Fallout 4


A user named Girl Plays Games has partly recreated the floating Columbia city in Fallout 4. Of course she didn’t recreatre the entire city, ut she has done a great job in capturing the concept and soul of the city.

It’s so realistic that you can even see the propaganda posters from Infinite. You can see citizens dressed in 20th century clothing and walking aroundd the city.


It was first discovered by Irrational Games via Twitter when the creator shared it with social media. If a developer decides to share your work, you can be certainn that it’s highly appreciated by people in the industry. It really is some hard work here.


Of course it may be mind buggling to create something like this for some folks, but it really inspires people to see this magic on your screen. I know many folks think that they can’t bild a piee of art like that,but still, there are mods at Girl Plays Games’ website. Don’t hesitate and give it a try.



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Cyberpunk 2077 Is Coming – It Will Be Bigger Than Witcher 3

cyberpunk 2077

Don’t know if you guys have ever heard about Cyberpunk 2077, but you will definetely be aware of in a short time. It’s a sin not to know this great post-modern game. It’s the upcoming game of CD Project Red, the creaters of The Witcher franchise. So,i present you Cyberpunk 2077:

Cyberpunk 2077, as you can guess from the name, is a futuristic cyberpunk themed game, official release date which is unknown for now. It really reminds us of Ghost In The Shell or Blade Runner. Have you watched those motion pictures? You definetely should watch if you haven’t. Cyberpunk 2077 comes with the same concept, but maybe with a little more eye candy.

I’ve been waiting for any clue of its release date. Actually it was like a well kept secret. Not only the release date, but the whole game. There weren’t any news about it or any kind of announcement till now. A few days ago i heard the rumor that there is a release date planned, but not announced. But according to CD Project Red, it’s going to be huge! This information came from an insider. Jose Teixeira, the visual effects artist in CD Project Red has provided some infrmation about it. Here are some words from an insider:

“Working on The Witcher 3 was a really good learning experience, but brutal at the same time. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to benefit greatly from it.”

The Witcher 3 was the latest game from CD Project Red which obtained a great success as the last game of The Witcher franchise. The Witcher 3 was the fastest selling game in UK in 2015 before Batman Arkham Knight took over the scene. CD Project Red seems to be developing itself cumulatively with each blockbuster milestone. They’re saying that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be much much bigger than The Witcher 3.

“The Witcher helped Cyberpunk quite a bit, because the game got so big and so complex that it really taught us”

Teixeira states that the open world formula of The Witcher 3 has helped them to improve Cyberpunk 2077. From this we can assume that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a massive open world game.

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the games that i was stalking after. Altough we still don’t have any official release date, we at least know that it is coming. My guess is for year 2016. Just some more patience…. It will be freakin awesome!!!!