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Batman Movies Chronological Order – Your Batman Movie Guide from The Beginning to the End

Batman Movies Chronological Order

Hey there Bat Fans! If you’re a Batman fan like me, Batman Movies chronological order may be one of the things you should consider knowing. Batman Movies chronological order consists of 9 movies and 2 series between the years 1943-2012. Yes, Batman has a really long history on the screen. Maybe some of you didn’t know that Batman’s history reaches far further than Second World War.


The actual history of Batman started in May 1939 with his appearance within the comic book Detective Comics #27. The character gained a great popularity that its self titled comic book has begun publication in 1940. And the legend goes on since then. Batman is actually inspired from another comic book character “The Shadow”. They have many similarities, but that’s another theme that we can discuss in another article.


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Batman Movies Chronological Order

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batman movies chronological orderbatman movies chronological orderZbatman movies chronological order





Now, let’s get back to our article..


Batman’s first appearance on the screen was in the serial “Batman” in 1943, which is followed by another serial “Batman and Robin” in 1949. Then came in the legendary movie series.

Batman (series) – 1943

The first Batman serial is a 15 chapter serial. It released in 1943.batman movies chronological order Lewis Wilson played the role of Batman while Robin was played by Douglas Croft. In the first series Batman appears as a US government agent trying to stop the Japanese agent Dr. Daka.

There are some exclusive revealings in the first Batman series. In the series Bat Cave and its secret entrance through a grandfathers clock is introduced for the first time. Batman and Robin in the first series try to defeat Dr. Daka , a japanese scientist, who invented a machine that turns people into pseudo-zombies.

The first Batman screen appearance of course wasn’t too eye candy comparing to the latest Batman movies. It was black and white, and Batman was a little bit..chubby? But it was a blast in 1943. Here is a trailer of the first Batman serial:

Batman and Robin (series) – 1949

batman movies chronological orderThe sequel to first Batman Serial is released in 1949.
Actors and plot are different than previous, but the main frame is the same. Batman is played by Robert Lowery and Robin is played by Johnny Duncan.

This time our Duo  face off against the mysterious hoodied villain the Wizard. The Wizard has an electrical device with which he can control the cars. Until the end his identity remains unknown. No spoilers.









Batman: The Movie – 1966

batman movies chronological orderIt is the first color screen motion picture Batman Movie. In this Batman Movie we can see an almost full cast of villains that we know from the previous Batman serials. The United Underworld consists of four of the most powerful villains of Gotham City. Joker, Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin.

Batman is played by Adam West and Robin is played by Burt Ward. Else of Catwoman, the cast includes most members of the TV series.

The plot is a little more detailed this time.. The United Underworld holds in their hands an invention of Commodore Schmidlapp, a dehydrator. It can turn humans into dust. By using this device United Underworld captures United World Organization’s Secrity Counsil. And of course it’s Batman and Robin’s job to save the day. There is a lot more action in the first Batman movie than in their previous series.




Batman – 1989

batman movies chronological orderHere goes the bomb! This may be the first modern Batman movie to see on screen. In this batman movie we have two big signature names: Jack Nicholson as The Joker and Tim Burton as director.

In my opinion, 1989 Batman Movie was the best Batman movie made till that day. But it keeps getting better with every new Batman movie. Quality of filming has tremendeously improved, roleplaying is way more awesome, storyboard is in a great order and the last movie had used all the advantages of special effects technologies.

The plot is also well designed. In this Batman movie we witness the transformation of Jack Napier(Jack Nicholson) to “The Joker”. Jack Napier is the second-in-command of the mob boss Carl Grissom. Grissom arranges an assasination of Naiper during a raid at the Axis Chemical Plant with the help of corrupted police lieutenant Max Eckhardt after learning Napier’s involvement with his mistress. But Batman interrupts and Napiers falls in a chemical waste vat. From that day Napier becomes The Joker with his clownish distorted face.

He takes his revenge from Grissom and starts terrorizing Gotham with a deadly chemical “Smilex”, and it’s Batman’s duty to stop him.



Batman Returns – 1992

batman movies chronological orderOr main villain in this Batman Movie is The Penguin. The Penguin is a deformed infant child of a high society family, who is abondoned by his family and thrown into a river. He is rescued and raised by the penguins living in an abondoned zoo’s sewer connection. Thirty three years later he becomes The Penguin. He appears in Gotham City’s annual christmas ceremony. Penguin kidnaps an important businessman Max Shreck to help him become a citizen of Gotham.

Shreck’s secretary Selina finds out his power plant project which will drain Gotham’s electricity. Shreck tries to silence her by throwing her through a window, but she survives and turns into Catwoman.

Batman is played by Michael Keaton, Catwoman is played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Penguin by Danny DeVito.







Batman Forever – 1995

Batman Forever comes with its epic casting with Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris O’Donnell.batman movies chronological order

Plot focuses on Batman’s efforts to stop Two-Face and Riddler while they are trying to extract information from all the minds in Gotham City in order to find out Batman’s secret identity and obtain citys control.

In this film Robin is the son of an acrobat family – “Dick”. Dick’s family gets murdered by the crew of Two-Face during a charity circus event. In the event Bruce Wayne and her love interest Dr. Chase Meridian was also present. Bruce Wayne assumes responsibility and allows Dick to stay in his mansion, where Dick will find out the true identity of Batman and offer Bruce Wayne his help as Robin.






Batman & Robin – 1997

batman movies chronological order

This is my favourite Batman movie in 90’s. I have many times watched it without boredom. It also outstands with its selection of actors. You can see George Clooney as Batman, Chris O’Donnel as Robin, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Frost, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl.

Movie is exclusive for being the only Batman movie till now where Batgirl appears. Main plot is about the story of Batman and Robin trying to prevent Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing all the mankind and repopulate earth with mutant plants. In this movie you can also see Bane – the poison injected guy with super human strenght.









The Dark Night Trilogy – (2005-2012)

The famous trilogy of latest Batman Movies. In my opinion they’re the best Batman movies filmed by now. I just can’t seperate this trilogies films from one another because all three of them are literally awesome. I’ve watched them all several times and i still sometimes watch them in my free time. Christian Bale, being one of my favourite actors, definetely gives a different aura to the Dark Knight Trilogy. Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy on casting. Scores of hans Zimmer in each movie. Do i have to say more?

The Dark Night Trilogy gives the whole script in a darker and more realistic way. Also there are many new changes specially made for the trilogy. Batsuit redesigned and became  a more mobile suit with a more eye candy look. Batmobile was redesigned as a tank-like vehicle and there are many more additional features in The Dark Knight.





batman movies chronological order



Batman Begins – 2005

The whole story retold from the beginning with Christian Bale. It all starts from the childhood of Bruce Wayne, the murder of his parents. Fourteen years after the murder of his parents, the murderer Joe Chill gets freed for tetifying against mob boss Falcone. Bruce plans to kill Chill but Falcone gets Chill assasinated first. Bruce confronts Falcone in a nightclub where Falcone demonstrates his power to Bruce. Bruce that day understands the corruption of the system and decides to travel the world and find a way to fight injustice. He gets trained as a member of League of Shadows. He then returns to Gotham to fight for justice but the League Of Shadows decides to destroy Gotham, thinking that it’s so corrupted and not worth saving.




The Dark Knight – 2008

This is the first Batman film without the word “Batman” in it. The Dark Knight is my favourite Batman movie till now. The main reason why it is my favourite Batman movie is that Heath Ledger appears as Joker in it with his brilliant performance. If you haven’t watched it, you definetely are missing something. Even only Heath Ledger himself is a valid reason to watch The Dark Knight. R.I.P. Heath Ledger. I won’t tell you anything about the plot. Go watch it first and then thank to me.







The Dark Knight: Rises – 2012

Batman returns from his retirement. Events occur 8 years  after the incidents in The Dark Knight. Destruction plans of The League of Shadows on Gotham continues. For this purpose they send Bane to Gotham. The Dark Knight Rises is my second favourite Batman movie. Tom Hardy really is a game changer. In this movie we are seeing Tom Hardy as Bane, the guy with super human strength. His epic speeches were my favourite parts in the movie.





So to summ up, this is the order of the entire chronology:

Batman (Serial) – 1943

Batman and Robin (Serial) – 1949

Batman: The Movie – 1966

Batman – 1989

Batman Returns – 1992

Batman Forever – 1995

Batman and Robin – 1997

Batman Begins – 2005

The Dark Knight – 2008

The Dark Knight Rises – 2012


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Batman Movies Chronological Order

So this is the chronology of Batman Movies till now. Else of them, in 2016 Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice is going to be released and assumed to be followed by several Batman movies or side movies.

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batman movies chronological order

batman movies chronological orderZbatman movies chronological order

This is the end of our article. I hope you liked it and found what you were looking for. Don’t forget that your comments are highly appreciated and please don’t hesitate giving feedback. If you want to ask anything, you can contact via Keep in touch and see you soon!!!


25 thoughts on “Batman Movies Chronological Order – Your Batman Movie Guide from The Beginning to the End

  1. I really like the use of videos on this page. There are not too many and they are well placed. I also like the theme used. Very good page all together.

    The only thing I would add is to perhaps offer this as a free eBook or something along those lines. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Hey William! Thanks for your feedback!

      I’m so glad that you liked it! And i will definetely take your advice)))

  2. Hello,

    Well my first impression was that the name of your website is clever. I also like your customized banner at the top of the page.

    I think this is the most detailed and comprehensive article on the batman movies I have ever seen. I am definitely going to show this to my husband when he gets home.

    I really like how you included not only the visuals but the youtube trailers for the movies as well. I think this makes the article more interactive and makes readers more likely to buy the movies. For me, whenever I try to find an older movie to watch, I end up having to order it online (amazon) because I can’t find it elsewhere. Is this your experience too? Or do you know other places to look for older movies? (I would define this as all the movies you listed before the Dark Knight Series.)

    Job well Done!

    1. Thank you Erin!

      Website name is my personal choice and i spared some time to think about it. I think i’ve made the right choice))

      With older movies i have the same problem. It is actually so hard to find these old movies around in a good quality. Piracy is a choice, but i don’t recommend it. No matter what it is also hard to find them trough piracy.

      Sometimes i see old erials in YouTube but they come in poor quality and you can’t just find all of them uncut. YouTube is not a serial-watching site.

      So the best choice is to buy them. I do it like that myself. Also you will be having a lifelong content in your hands by buying it and you will be making a donation to the makers of that content(movie).

      Thank you for your kind words Erin!!!

  3. Hello,

    I think the Dark Knight Trilogy has to be some of my favorite movies out there. Remember going to Batman begins opening week and having my mind blown. In the next one Heath Ledger did likely the best joker ever too! BUT, those 90’s movies are reminiscent as well. I mean who doesn’t love Jim Carey right? I really enjoyed this throwback and those old school trailers were awesome too.


    1. Hey Anthony!

      Thank you for your feedback. The Dark Knight Trilogy was my favourite till now with Heath Ledger (R.I.P.) performing out the best Joker. But those 90’s Batman movies of course have their own place in my heart forever. Jim Carrey was awesome! Riddler character quite suits him.

      Thank you for your kind words and wish you the best! Keep in touch))

  4. Hehe The new batman is coming out.. Sure a lot of people would be interested in the history of it. Santa got geek? What is this name. I am interested to know more. Am from the video game a bit. Building a digital studio now 3x3immersivefiction. Love the last one of Christopher Nolan. He gives such a great spin.

    1. Hey Arcadia!

      Santa Got Geek was amethaphore that i’ve foundd. Being so interested in geeky stuff that i wanted Santa to deliver me geeky stuff every year. That’s how i came up with Santa Got Geek! I would like to know more about your Studio. Can you give me more informtion?

  5. I’ve owned and watched most of the 90s batman movies and the latest ones as well. Latest ones be cause my little boy is a fan of batman and other super heroes. However, I have to say I’m not a big fan of batman movies. But I was a fan of 90s batman cartoons. I remember always coming home from elementary school and loved watching those episodes. Compare to other cartoons, like Animaniacs, Ticks, or whatever cartoons they showed after school, the Batman cartoon was so serious, intense, and dark. And I still enjoy those cartoons.

    1. Hey Joon!

      I didn’t write about the animated series here cuz’ it was a list only about movies. But i also liked the animated series very much. I can comfartably say that it is probably my second favourite after The Dark Knight Trilogy. And animated series definetely wasn’t suitable for a child. It was dark and violent like all the Batman franchise.

  6. Cool. I didn’t know movies and shows were sold in this type of arrangement. My favorite batman film is probably the 1989 batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.
    Your description of the 1943 series sounds quite interesting. I wonder if these older shows are available on YouTube. I suppose even if they were, the sound and video quality would probably not compare to a professional copy. The video samples you’ve included are great. I’m beginning to feel nostalgic. The Adam West and Burt Ward television series is the one I grew up with. I still remember sitting in the movie theater in 1989 and seeing the “camera” take an exploratory journey through the batman logo. I can still remember the excitement I felt! After the 1989 film I didn’t follow batman much. The next film I saw was “The Dark Knight” which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, I’m still most enamored with the 1989 film.
    These prices seem quite reasonable. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words man)) I reall appreciate when someone likes my work.

      I was so little at that time, but i catched up later and i appreciate all Batman movies. But i just coldn’t accept George Clooney as Batman. It just didn’t fit for me.

  7. Interesting look at the history of batman over the years. Amazing how things have changed. Looking at the different trailers from the movies is like a blast from the past. It’s great to see the history of the movies from the begining to the present day all in one place like this. I actually had no Idea that the movies started in 1943. Well done!

    Thanks and God bless!

    1. Thank you Jason!

      Glad that you liked it.

  8. […] If you want the full list with their plots of ALL Batman Movies you can check out our article : Batman Movies Chronoligical Order […]

  9. It’s fascinating to see all of the Batman movies from the very first to the latest.

    Batman has definitely evolved over time and has become a bit darker than the originals, which makes it even better in my opinion.

    Bane was in Batman and Robin? I never caught that, so I think I will be watching it again, even though I thought that George Clooney made a terrible Batman.

    1. Darker the Batman, better it became. I think the same)

      Yes he was. Actually he was a side character in Batman & Robin, but still he was there. And seeing Arnold Schwarzeneger in a Batman movie is also an interesting experience.

  10. Yes Batman has a really long history on the screen. I didn’t know that Batman’s history reaches far further than Second World War.

    The series in which Bat Cave and its secret entrance through a grandfathers clock is introduced for the first time is very admirable. I also enjoy the series in which Batman is played by Adam West and Robin is played by Burt Ward.

    You have just awoken old and childhood memories in me.

    Thank you.

    1. Yeah, Batman is actually an icon which has shaped many of our lives since then.

      My personal favourite is Dark Knight Trilogy, and the actor performances are the main reason of it.

      I’m glad that it touched you right in the feels=)

      Keep in touch))

  11. I had no idea batman went back that far! I remember watching the TV series as a kid, which was full of kerpows.

    But i have to say the most recent films are by far the best. I was SO impressed with Batman Begins with Christian Bale, for me it was like they had found the right batman finally, like when they used Daniel Craig as Bond, Finally, they had the right one!

    I was thinking of getting the newer batman series for my husband but I actually might get the whole back catalogue. I think he would love that!

    1. Yeah, Batman is actually an old timer iconic figure!

      And i think so, Christian Bale was the best Batman ever! I wold have loved if he was the one that appeared in Superman vs. Batman!

      I think your husband would love one! Soi don’t hesitate to get one))

  12. I would like to say first and foremost your website is by far the nicest one i’ve seen yet. I personally love batman i have all of the games and movies. Matter of fact i just finished watching a batman movie. I love all of them and i have some friends that do to and they will totally love this site just as much as i do. Thank you for this post and marvelous website design bro. If batman had a website it would look like yours.

    1. Thank you for the nice words)) I’m glad that you liked the site. My favourite movie of the franchise is The Dark Knight Series (all 3 of them). Maybe Batman has a secret site somewhere that looks exactly like this 😉

  13. So….Son of Batman doesn’t count? Just asking…

    1. Hey there Jade))

      We haven’t featured the animated series here, but hey, they’re SO BADASS!! And I definetely love all the Batman movies, no matter animated or camera captured. Son of Batman of course can be counted, but we better prepare an article dedicated to Batman animated series.

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