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TOP 3 BEST WAYS of How To Scan Color from REAL LIFE

You have amazing colors surrounding you but you don't know how to scan color??? You may be a graphics designer or you are just a color enthusiast hippie who would like to paint up the world with the color spectrum, it doesn't matter. Probably each creative one of us has ever wondered how to scan color to absorb their characteristics and use it somewhere, such as a design work.

I also am a creative individual and to be honest sometimes I find myself asking: "How to scan color?? Capturing the beauty of this beautiful flower is definetely the thing I want right now.." But hey, I FOUND SOME SOLUTIONS!!!

Scanning the color of your surroundings is actually possible and there are some tools available fr this specific task!! I will transfer the findings of my conducted research about how to scan color and you can thank me later because there are some EPIC stuff that can make a great change in life of some people, especially people who produce designs and artworks!


How To Scan Color - From Actual Real Life!!

There is an ACTUAL way to scan color from real life objects and that's a totally legit way, no Sci-Fi thanks o the advancements in technology. I will describe you two ways on how to scan color and both of these methods will come in handy no matter what reason you want those colors for.

The first, and my FAVOURITE, method of scanning colors is using a "Color Scanner" device. It may sound a little science fiction to you but there's an ACTUAL PRODUCT forthis specific task and it works GREAT!! And it's probably  the gadget that every graphic designer needs.

We have talked about this item before at our "Best Gifts for Graphic Designers" article. If you are interested in graphics and design field in general, then you DEFINETELY should check out our article.

Want to know about the TOP AMAZING GIFTS for Graphic Designers?? CLICK HERE to check out our article and find the best gifts suitable foryou or your graphic designer friends!!!

This amazing gizmo is called the "Color Muse Color Scanner". It's an actual product which is used to scan colors around the world surrounding you.

how to scan color

It's actually available for a quick look and buy if you want on our Santa Got Geek website, but I will tell you  more about it in details. If you want to take a quick look at it you can click the button below to check it out at Santa Got Geek:

Let's see what this baby can do. This is an introductory video about Color Muse Color Scanner:

Color Muse Color Scanner is a hight tech new age gizmo which is designed to match real life colors with actual color scale values with different expression systems such as RGB, HEX Values, Lab and etc.. It's one of the best friends of a graphic designer who would like to expand his / her creativity beyond standards.

Color Muse allows you to scan colors by putting the scanner on the material to be scaned. Be it a flower petal, be it a cloth pattern, be it a wooden surface of a table, ANYTHING YOU WANT.. It gives you the exact return of the color in different color indicating values.

how to scan color

It doesn't only match colors, but it also matches the colors with some products in online stores to give you an idea. You scanned a specific violet color? This device provides you additional information about different violet colored products such as shoes, clothing, furniture and etc.. Color Muse is aware of many industry standards. You ca match your colors with top brands such as Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Valspar and many more.

how to scan color

It works with a great APP which can be downloaded for free. It's available both for Android and iOS. It's interface is pretty user friendly and works great.

Click Here for the Android App

Click Here for the iOS App

You can also archive your colors and photos to referance back in future. It's an AMAZING product and it can be yours for ONLY $59.00!! It's such a funny price for a game changer color scanner like this.

If you want to buy this amazing gizmo, you can buy it from Amazon with the best prices and retail service available. You can click the button down below to buy it from Amazon!!

how to scan color

Way 2 - Using The Power of Internet

Color Muse Color Scanner of course is a great way to scan colors, and it's probably the best way!! But if you don't need it at the moment there is a second way to scan color and it's also a great practice for designers or people who work mostly on Web Design. You can use several websites to pinpoint detect the colors of an image which is saved in your computer memory or an image from internet.

how to scan color

You can upload the image or copy the URL of the image to upload it to the website. Then you will be able to detect the colors of any pixel on the image which will definetely help you planning your design work further. Design of the page is not so eye-catching, but it works GREAT!!! You can scan EVERY pixel by moving your mouse cursor on the image and the specific color will be displayed on the right side as HEX, RGB and CMYK values.

Click To Check It Out: Ginifab Image Color Scanner Web Site

Or you can also use other web tools to sort out the MOST DOMINANT colors or pastel tones of the image. This is one of my favourite tools and I definetely ADORE it because it helps me out so much for my design works. It just makes me think less and saves me a lot of time. Check some of these tools out by clicking the links below:

Check It Out: Impalette Dominant Pantone Scanner

Check It Out: ColorExtract from CoolPHPTools

How To Scan Color - Conclusion

We've included several different ways on how to scan color and I hope you liked the article. If you liked what you've seen then please SHARE to spread the word!! Also don't forget to comment from the comments section down below if you have anything to ask or any thought to state.

Don't forget to LIKE AND FOLLOW us on Social Media to keep up with the latest news on cool stuff! Click the buttons below to access our Facebook and Twitter pages:

how to scan color

how to scan color


See you around,

Santa 😉

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Meet Flying Underwater!! The EPIC Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard

Have you ever dreamed about flying?? Me too.. Now that’s possible with the Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard which is an invention that has been brought to us by a young man who crafted it out as a hobby. The dream has come true and with the Subwing Underwater Wings you can experience the flight in a much safer environment with an underwater peisage accompanying you!!


And the good news is: YOU CAN ACTUALLY BUY IT!!


I’ll show you where you can buy it online, but first, here’s what this baby can do:

Simon Sivertson is the inventor of this cool gizmo and he’s from Norway. The thing that I have said to myself when I first saw it was “Damn, how couldn’t I thought about it!!”. But what’s done is done and the only thing I can do now is to ENJOY this  creation of Simon.. Good work pal!!


And these are the features of Subwing:

  • Can be towed behind any motorized water vehicle.
  • Safe and comfortable speeds which you can enjoy more than enough around 3 knots.
  • Foldable nto two peaces, easy to store and transport.
  • Maneuvering allows you to move gently in directions.
  • Hollow ABS Polymer construction – honeycomb technology which is light and durable.


Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard


So, if you are able to access water easily and want some adventure, DON’T WAIT and BUY a SUBWING!! Because I will DEFINETELY buy when I have the chance to access near waters.


But where you can buy it from?? The beauty of the online era that we’re living in now is absolutely fantastic because it can bring this product right at your doortep just with ONE SINGLE CLICK!! And I will show you where you can get this baby.


Where To Buy The Epic Subwing??

It’s so easy to get one of these babies with just a few clicks. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and I don’t even have to mention that Amazon has probably the best prices for most products. The retail service is amazing and customer care is great. You want to buy a Subwing and start flying instantly?? Then CLICK THE BUTTON DOWN BELOW to get one for yourself and start flying underwater:



subsurfer underwater surfboard



Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard – Conclusion

Now you know what this amazing invention can do for you. Don’t forget to grab a subsurfer underwater surfboard when you’re going for a sailing trip!! It definetely will provide you an AMAZING experience..


Did you like the content?? Don’t forget to SHARE IT to spread the word. And don’t forget to comment if you hve anything to state or any question to ask!! Also, if you want to hear more about fun and cool stuff like this please like and follow us on Social Media for more to come. I’m growing the website step by step and would definetely advise you to stick around for the future 😉


subsurfer underwater surfboardsubsurfer underwater surfboard


Don’t forget to check out our other content!! See you around.


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TOP 7 BEST Instant Polaroid Cameras – Your Money CAN Buy These Ones!!

I heard you like the good old retro Polaroid cameras. You may think that the best instant polaroid cameras are now buried deep under the dusty pages of history, but wait till I say something. NO, THEY STILL EXIST and probably they're BETTER THAN EVER. With the technology evolving we're now able to re-live the good old fashioned instant print Polaroid cameras experience and it only keeps getting better!!

I was searching for  kickass Polaroid camera som time ago and I was looking for one as a present for my graphic designer friend, she LOVES retro design stuff!! And I no doubt am a retro geek too 🙂 I have come across some SERIOUSLY GOOD Polaroid cameras during my search and that's why I decided that it would be a good idea to put my search results together. I'm writing this article to become a resource for people searching for Polaroid cameras and people with an appreciation for retro would definetely like it and I have no doubt that you will share this post to spread the word to others 😉

My search results are results of an elimination process with only highest ratings and quality verification taken into consideration. So, you can buy any of them without hesitation 🙂 I have no doubt tht you will find the best one suitable for yourself after my navigation and your double checking 🙂

Also, before getting started I DEFINETELY WANT you to check out the Best Gifts For Graphic Designers article where you will find AMAZING gifts in which a full bundle of Polaroid Snapshot gift basket is included 🙂

So, LET'S GO!! Here are the BEST INSTANT POLAROID CAMERAS that you can find around!! Click on their names to be navigated to their section in this article!!

Polaroid SnapTouch

Fujifilm Instax Mini9

Polaroid Pic 300

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Polaroid 9003 OneStep 3

Leica Sofort Instant Camera

1 - Polaroid SnapTouch

best instant polaroid cameras

Here is one f my personal favourites!! If I have to shortly describe Polaroid SnapTouch it would be the ALL STAR of new age digital instant cameras. It's like the signature new age Polaroid model which is the "brand face" of Polaroid and it's like all the Polaroid history is bundled up and packaged into one single little device which presents the modernisation of the brand and it's a NO BRAINER for anyone who wants to get a decent instant digital camera!!


The BEST THING about it is that it comes with a LCD Touch Screen at the rear side which allows you to use it like a digital camera with screen unlike other instant cameras!!!! This feature is not something that you will find on other instant digital cameras and it's definetely a game changer with various filters and shooting modes that it allows you to use!!


Here is an introductory video for you to see what this baby can do for you!! Instant photo isn't the only thing that it does, but it also takes video, applies filters, half combines the photos and many more:


And this is what this baby offers you in detail:

  • Take instant 2x3" color prints
  • 3.5" LCD touchscreen viewfinder
  • 13MP photo quality
  • 1080p/720p video resolution options
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Photobooth and Burst mode
  • Customising with filters, borders, and digital stickers
  • Auto timer 
  • Built-in selfie mirror
  • MicroSD card up to 128GB
  • Micro USB port
  • Microphone & speaker built-in
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

best instant polaroid cameras

  • Snap and print — no computer connections needed
  • Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology - 2x3” full color, waterproof prints 
  • No Ink. No Hassles — no ink cartridges or ribbons, comes with special print paper cartridges


  • Has an app for iOS and Android
  • Edit, add extras, and print from other sources

I can comfortably say that you can get a Polaroid Snap Touch if you're in doubt. Don't know with which instant digital camera to start?? GET A POLAROID SNAPTOUCH and you're good to go!! It goes with a price tag for $156.98 and it's a great price for an instant digital camera!!!! Gives a great price / performance optimisation and definetely one of the best instant digital cameras that you can get. I don't need to say that it's the signature and probably the modern face of all instant digital cameras : )

best instant polaroid cameras


There's also a GREAT OFFER that I would like to share with you guys. It would be a sin not to 🙂 For the ones who are interested, Polaroid SnapTouch also comes with a gift bundle option and there are A LOT of col stuff included!! I would definetely get one if I were you.. It's the ultimate instant photo starter pack 🙂 

If you want to buy the gift bundle, just click the button on the Amazon page right under the product listings which reads "Gift Bundle". But sometimes it may be out of stock and you can also recheck the prices for latest price tag updates. Last time I checked it was  around $97.90!! Here it is and I also included the link to buy:


best instant polaroid cameras

2 - Fujifilm Instax Mini9

best instant polaroid cameras


Fujifilm comes to the aid of retro lovers with a sweet cute concept instant digital camera. Here's the Instax Mini 9!!


It's one of the simplest instant digital cameras to use and it's designed for users who seek out simplicity and comfortable use with fun purposes in mind. And I'll admit it in the beginning, it's not the instant digital rinting camera that has the most features. It has less features compared to higher end models like Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, which we will talk about in a minute, but it's a quality and well working instant print camera and it definetely gets the job done so well!! Also it's cheaper than many other instant print cameras!! If you want a cute, compact and easy to use Polaroid style camera then Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is the right choice for you!!!!

Here is a general promotional video of Instax Mini 9 - you can see which colors of it you can buy. And I will also include an instructional "How To Use" video below!!



Here're the specifications for Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

  • 62 x 46 mm Picture Size
  • Lens: 2 components, 2 elements, f=60 mm, 1:12.7.
  • Viewfinder: Real image finder, 0.37x with target spot.
  • 0,6 m - .. focusing
  • Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec
  • Exposure Control: Manual switching system (LED indicator in exposure meter)
  • Automatic Film Feed Out
  • Constant firing flash (automatic light adjustment)
  • Recycle time: 0.2 sec. to 6 sec. (when using new batteries),
  • Effective flash range: 0.6m - 2.7 m
  • Battery: Two AA-size 1.5V alkaline
  • Capacity: 100 shots
    (Around 10 instax mini film packs with new AA batteries)
  •  Exposure counter: number of unexposed films are displayed
  • Dimensions:  116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm
  • Weight: 307g (without batteries, strap and film pack)


best instant polaroid cameras



And this is how you use the camera!! It's so simple!!



It also comes with an option to buy it with a complete gift bundle if you want to get the full package with lots of amazing bonuses or to give it as a gift to a loved one. It's worth considering 🙂

Here's the button to click if you want to get one for yourself and you can find more detailed information in the page that you will be navigated to.



best instant polaroid cameras

3 - Polaroid Pic 300


best instant polaroid cameras



Want a portable and quality instant digtal camera to make guest books or take photos with your friends that will go down to history of your unforgettable friendships?? Then Polaroid Pic 300 is one of the best variants that you can get!!


It's actually the same thing with Fujifilm Instax. Not exactly, but they share the same concept. Portable, , easy to use, not a professinal camera but great for general use of Polaroid instant digital prints. What Instax Mini 9 is for Fujifilm, PIC 300 is the same thing for Polaroid.


The working method is also so similar to Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and here's how it works:



It's almost the same with Instax Mini 9 and which one to get is totally up to you. But my personal preference is Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 because it just seems cuter to me *-*


Now, here is what Polaroid PIC 300 is about:

  • Instant printing
  • Picture size: 61 x 45mm - 2.1x3.4" color photos
  • 60mm lens
  • Manual program modes
  • Various Shooting Modes
  • Built-in automatic flash
  • Shooting/Focusing range: 0.6m to infinity
  • Focus Type: Fixed
  • Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
  • Four scene settings
  • Analog camera

best instant polaroid cameras

  • Four AA-size batteries
  • Compatible with PIF-300 Instant Film
  • Dimensions: 119.5 x 121.5 x 70.5mm
  • Weight: 11.3oz

Here is the button to navigate you to the buying page and you can check out other real user comments there:



best instant polaroid cameras

4 - Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

best instant polaroid cameras


Standard Mini instant prints aren't large enough for you?? Can't you fit all your friends and family into a mini film shot?? Then Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 is your way to go!!!!

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 prints on a larger film which is 2 time wider when we compare. Instax mini films print around 86 x 54 mm dimensions while Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 print 86 x 108 mm!!


It is great for taking  instant prints in parties and gatherings where people come in large numbers and have a hard time to fit into a picture.

Also it comes with many great additional features that you won't expect from an instant print camera such as tripod extension and focal zoom dial.


It's nothing that special, it is great but you shouldn't be expecting the world or the other alien-technology features that other high end professional digital cameras offer. It's great for taking cool cute instant prints which are larger than conventional instant print dimensions and this is EXACTLY what it does. Simple and extremely functional!!



Here are the specifications for Fujifilm Instax Wide 300:

  • Film Size: 86 x 108 mm
  • Picture Size: 62 x 99 mm
  • Lens: Retractabl Lens, 2 comonents, 2 elements, f=95mm, 1:14
  • Viewfinder: Real image finder, 0.37 x, with target spot
  • Focus:
  • Shutter Release: Programmed electronic shutter release, 1/64 sec - 1/200 sec.
  • Exposure Control: Automatic, Interlocking range (ISO 800) : LV 10.5 - LV 15 Exposure compensation (Lighten-Darken Control) : ± 2/3EV
  • Film Feed-Out: Automatic
  • Flash: Built-in, automatic electronic flash
  • LCD Display: Exposure counter, Lghten-Darken controller, Fill-in Flash Mode
  • Battery: Four size AA 1.5 V alkaline
  • Others: With film pack confirmation window, close up lens, and tripod socket included
  • Dimension: 167.8mm x 94.7mm x 120.9mm
  • Weight: 612g (without battery, strap, film pack, and close up lens)


best instant polaroid cameras


Also there's a fact that the looks of it are a little bit more old fashioned and I LIKE it!! Feels like using a Soviet spy camera. Not exactly but the looks are definetely retro. You will be more than happy if you want wider prints and retro looks 🙂

Here is the button to click f you want to buy one for yourself :

best instant polaroid cameras

5 - Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

best instant polaroid cameras


It won't be false to say that most instant digital cameras are built like a toy or at least don't give the looks of a professional camera. NOT HIS ONE!! Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is one of those cameras that not only function well, but also gives you that retro camera looks that most people are after. It's one of my personal favourites when it comes to instant digital cameras.


It's not only a simple camera but it also comes with additional features that will catch the attention of many users such as tripod extension screw,front selfie mirror, retractable 60mm lens, various shooting modes and many more that I will explain in the specifications!!


I don't even have to mention the epic Neo ClassicStyle exterior looks with the good old leather coating!! Just can't get any more stylish.. It's definetely worth getting if you want to have not only an instant polaroid camera but also a badass retro camera to reflect your lifestyle to others.


Here is the list of things Instax Mini 90 has to offer in detail:

  • Picture size: 62 x 46mm
  • Retractable Lens: Fujinon 60mm f/12.7
  • Shooting/Focusing range: Motor-Driven 3-Range Switching, 0.3 m to infinity
       – Macro Mode: 0.3m to 0.6m
       – Normal Mode: 0.6m to 3.0m
       – Landscape Mode: 3.0m to infinity
  • Shutter speed: 1.8 to 1/400 sec
  • Viewfinder: 0.37x optical  with Target Spot
  • Six shooting modes: Party, Kids, Macro, Landscape, Double Exposure, and Bulb Exposure
  • Four brightness controls
  • Automatic Exposure Control
  • Flash: Built-in automatic flash


best instant polaroid cameras


  • Extensions: Built-in tripod socket and selfie mirror
  • Small built-in LCD screen
  • Compatible with Instax Mini instant film
  • Battery: Comes with rechargeable battery and a charger
  • Dimensions: 113.4 x 91.9 x 57.2mm
  • Weight: 296 grams / 10.44 oz


If you want a kickass retro camera with amazing quality and extended features, then you better get one for yourself!!!!

Here s the button to click if you want to get one for yourself:

best instant polaroid cameras

6 - Leica Sofort Instant Camera

best instant polaroid cameras


Some of you may haven't heard of Leica Cameras but they're well known for the photography addicts. Leica is known with their high quality and high end products which combine design and quality producing amazing results. It's also pretty compact to carry around and it makes this camera a great variant for carrying around during trips. One of the highest end products in this list is no doubt the Leica Sofort Instant Camera. But don't be fooled, it may be small but it has many features that makes this camera stand out and not be a part of the set of simple standard instant cameras.


It come with a vast variety of shooting modes and exposure settings and it's also compatible with a tripod. Not your everyday Hello Kitty instant camera 🙂 Here are the full set of features:


  • Picture Size: 62 x 46mm
  • Lenses: Automatik-Hektor 60mm f/12.7 lens
  • Shooting/Focusing range: 3 focus steps, 0.3 m to inf.
       – Macro: 0.3 to 0.6m
       – Standard: 0.6 to 3m
       – Landscape: 3m to infinity
  • Shutter speed: 1/8 to 1/400 sec
  • 0.37x optical viewfinder with Target Spot and Parallax Compensation for Macro
  • Shooting modes: Automatic, Selfie, People Party, Action Sport, Bulb, Macro, Self-Timer, and Double Exposure
  • Exposure compensation: -0.7 EV, 0.0 EV, + 0.7 EV



best instant polaroid cameras


  • Automatic Exposure Control: LV 5.0 – LV 15.5 (ISO 800)
  • Three-step Manual Focus System
  • Built-in tripod mount and strap lugs
  • Accepts Leica and Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film
  • Battery: Comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger
  • Dimensions: 124 x 94 x 58mm
  • Weight: 10.75oz


If you want a travel friendly camera with a high quality build and extensive features, then your money can buy you the definition of quality which is basically "Leica Sofort Instant Camera". You won't be regretting it 🙂

Here is the little magical button to press if you want to get one for yourself:


best instant polaroid cameras

7 - Polaroid 9003 OneStep 3

best instant polaroid cameras


This one is a gem!! I'm not promising that it's the best instant camera that has ever been made and it's not the one that has one of the most features, but it's definetely one of the most stylish retro cameras that you can get. There are actualy several cameras of Polaroid that I've found interesting and design style is similar to 9003 One Step, but most of them are out of stock and they're harder to get. I included in the list cameras hich have the highest scores, good real user comments and ease of getting. You can easily get this baby from Amazon, just like other cameras that we've talked about in this article.


Probably one of the most retro looking cameras and the signature retro looks of the old school Polaroid cameras is now back with a modern update and it's available to anyone!! The only thing that you should consider is that it takes some time to arrive, probably 1 to 2 months. If you're ok to wait it to arrive then you may prepare for a great fun!! It doesn't have many badass features but it's the design and good old Polaroid concept that sells itself.



Actually it doesn't hold many unmatchable features, but it's the most signature concept of  retro instant digital machines and it's the design and simplicity that people who buy this camera are after!! It also prints out larger photos compared to Fujifilm Instax Mini Series, that's why it's essential to get the secific compatiblecartridges for it. And the camera 


Here are the specifications for it:

  • Polycarbonate + ABS plastics outer shell
  • Lenses: Optical grade Polycarbonate and Acrylic lenses, coated
  • Shutter system: Custom design, precision step motors for shutter and focus control
  • Works with ALL i-Type and 60 series Polaroid films!!
  • Extremely easy use, even a child can use it comfortably
  • Fixed focus lens
  • Focal length: 95 mm - 102 mm



best instant polaroid cameras


As I said before, don't expect extensive features out of it. It's a simple and fun to use signature Polaroid instant digital camera. It's not bad, it's great especially if you want the good old Polaroid retro experience, it works well and it's so easy to use that even a child can use it. But if you want more out of a digital instant print camera, then I suggest you to get a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 or Wide 300 or Polaroid Snap Touch or Leica Sofort. They offer much more features for the price and probably will arrive earlier. But if you want the good old Polaroid looks and experience, then you have every right to get the Polaroid One Step 2 camera.


Press the button below to get one 🙂


best instant polaroid cameras

Best Instant Polaroid Cameras - Conclusion

Now you know which ones are the best and worth getting!! Best instant Polaroid Cameras that you can get for your money are presented above and you definetely can easily make a decision now. Remember, there are other cameras too but the ones that are included in this list are existing in this list because they are either rated the highest, have many positive real user comments and are easier to get than most of the instant digital cameras out there!!

So, I hope you liked the best instant Polaroid Cameras review and if you liked it, please don't forget to SHARE IT to spread the word to others 🙂 If you have anything to ask or any comments to state, write it down the comments section below!! And don't forget to LIKE AND FOLLOW our social media pages to be reminded of newest stuff about Geekery!!!!

I hope you all had fun!! And don't forget to check out our other content to find some other AWESOME stuff!!!!


See you around,


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TOP 7 Best Scanner For Graphic Design for EVERY BUDGET

Hey there designer friends!! I know that you're searching for the best scanner for graphic design because I've been there and I've done that too!! It may not seem to be so important as a detail, but a good scanner is an essential part of the graphic design workflow ESPECIALLY if you're giving your physical/hand drawn designs and drawings life through digital software and media.


Why do graphic designers need scanners?? Click Here For The Answer


I've been looking out for the best scanner for graphic design and EVENTUALLY FOUND THEM!! I just thought that it would be a good idea to share the results of my research with you guys to save you time because these are probably the EASIEST and THE BEST optimized variants for you to get. You can easily get them from and you may come across great discounts!!


By the way: DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT OUR BEST GIFTS FOR GRAPHICS DESIGN ARTICLE by Clicking Here to find great gifts for graphic designers or yourself :))



For some of these items, there are much more expensive variants but the price/quality difference doesn't make much impact and it turns out that it's usually more effective and better to get one of these specified scanners.

They're GREAT in quality (many graphic designers use worse and cheaper scanners than these and they're extremely satisfied). And there are also models included for a budget which will not break your budget if you're willing to buy a REAL QUALITY scanner.


Here is the Best Scanner For Graphic Design List!!



Epson V600 - A4 - BESTSELLER!!

Canon CanoScan 9000F - A4 - SECOND BEST ALTERNATIVE!!!!

Canon CanoScan LiDE 220 Color Image Scanner - A4 - BEST BUDGET SCANNER!!

Epson Perfection V800 - A4



Doxie Go Smart Wi-Fi Scanner

Epson WorkForce DS40

MSRM Magic Wand Portable Handheld Document and Image Scanner.



Things To Consider

Each one of us may be working with different setups or goals, like when one of you people reading this article may like a scanner with higher resolution some may like a faster scanning and one with a more user friendly software. That's why you should consider mostly these parameters while choosin gyour scanner: Resolution, size of scanning surface, usability, speed, coor depth, accuracy.



In our article Epson V600 is probably the best one that you can get by paying a little more than Canon CanoScan Lide 220 but it LITERALLY PAYS OFF. Because there are many other options that can benefit your graphic options such as Built-in Transparency Unit which allows you to transfer photo films and negatives to 6400 x 9600 DPI resolution. It's a GREAT scanner and by paying a modest $205 you can obtain it.

best scanner for graphic design

Aren't there better scanners?? Sure there are scanners which are higher in resolution and may come with one or two more fancy features, BUT if you want to buy a scanner to fulfill ALL YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGN NEEDS and more by not paying a fortune but still have more than enough firepower under your hands than you should DEFINETELY BUY AN EPSON V600!!!!




I'll leave here an instructional video for you to get acquainted with Epson V600:



Let's see what this baby does:


  • Create high quality enlargements from film — 6400 x 9600 DPI for enlargements up to 17" x 22"
  • Built-in Transparency Unit - Scan slides, negatives and medium-format panoramic film
  • DIGITAL ICE for Prints and Film -  Remove the appearance of tears and creases from damaged photos and film
  • Windows and Mac OS supported
  • Scan everything from films to photos, from negatives to books and documents
  • Restore faded color photos
  • ReadyScan LED technology allows fast scanning without warm up time
  • Four customizable buttons - instantly cpoy, scan to e-mail and create PDF's.
  • Weight: 9.0 lb, Dimensions: 11" x 19" x 4.6"

It's also a scanner which has received 4 stars out of 5 on MacNN. Taking into consideratin that many graphics designers work with Mac it's a great reason to get to get Epson V600!!


Here is a demonstration of real life scans of sketchbooks with Epson V600:

best scanner for graphic design




best scanner for graphic design

You see how detailed these scans are and you are now viewing a qualty reduced versions of these scans due to file format changing. They are much more detailed to real eye!!

Also, here's another gem:

best scanner for graphic design


Through the software of Epson V-600 you can adjust the scanning mode to reveal the texture of the paper or not to. This is a GREAT FEATURE that can be retty useful for a graphic designer!!



So, the conclusion is, if you want a scanner that can aid ALL YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGN NEEDS and provide you GREAT QUALITY and will work for your benefit for a long time than DON'T HESITATE AND GET AN EPSON V600!! It's $205 in Amazon and if you're willing to get a great scanner which is Amazon's choice and the #1 Best Seller press the button down below to get navigated to the Amazon page of Epson V600:


best scanner for graphic design

2 - Canon CanoScan 9000F

Canon CanoScan 9000F is also one of the best budget friendly variants among all the scanners for graphic designers. It's also an "Amazon's Choice" product and has one of the highest ratings among scanners in its price range.

best scanner for graphic design


This is also a great choice to compare with the lower model Canon CanoScan Lide 220 and if you're willing to pay a little bit more than $78.99 this  beauty can be yours for $175.37 and it's  probably the BEST VARIANT to get among the scanners in this article. If you are not willing to pay more than a hundred dollars for a scanner then Canon CanoScan LiDE 220 is the way to go.


Here's a good introductory video to show you how it works. And the quality of this scanner is AMAZING!!




  • 9600 x 9600 DPI (19200 DPI combined) resolution, 19,200 x 19,200 (Interpolated) software enhanced scans.
  • film scanning with a vivid 48-bit color depth, over 281 trillion color possibilities will amaze you with depth of these scans.
  • EZ Buttons: Automate the entire process of scanning with just a few clicks using the seven EZ Buttons. You can create copies, scans, email attachments and PDFs with a single push of a button.
  • Auto Scan Mode: Eight steps have been brought to one simple button.Your photo, document or notebook is automatically recognized and automatically cropped to proper size, scanned and saved in the appropriate format that suits you best.
  • Auto Document Fix: Area-by-area automatic data correction. It makes text and characters stand out, appear sharp and clearer while pictures maintain their color and tones2.
  • My Image Garden: Organize yoour photos easily with My Image Garden. It's aso very fun with all the face recognition, Fun Filters, Calendar Organization, Automatc Layout Suggestions and more features like that.
  • Max Document Size: 8.5-inch x 11.7-inch 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 18.9 (W) x 4.4 (D) x 10.7 (H) inches
  • Weight: 10.1 pounds


best scanner for graphic design


One of the advantages of this scanner is that it's available for such an optimised price when compared to other high end scanners. By paying $175.37 you will become the owner of one of the best printers for graphic design that has ever been made available to the public. It's around $ 100 dollars more expensive than Canon CanoScan LiDE 220 and if you're willing to pay the price for it you DEFINETELY SHOUD GET THE CanoScan 9000F because it seriously MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. But if you have a budget I suggest you to get CanoScan LiDE 220.


Want to buy CanoScan 9000F?? Here is the button which will take you to the Amazon page where you can check out other real user comments and all details about this awesoe scanner:

Click The Button To Buy Canon CanoScan 9000F:

best scanner for graphic design

3 - BEST BUDGET SCANNER!! - Canon CanoScan LiDE 220 Color Image Scanner - A4


best scanner for graphic design


Canon CanoScan LiDE 220 seems to be the best variant for the average and upper range graphic designer due to its price/performance ratio. If you want a high quality graphics scanner which will fullfill all your needs in A4 size template and won't hit your budget, Canon LiDE 220 is your way to go!!


I had the ablity to demonstrate it a while ago and all I could say about this machine is that  IT'S MORE THAN SATISFYING!!


  • Send to Cloud Feature - you can easily and instantly upload your images to popular cloud services like Dropbox and Evernote.
  • Auto Scan Mode - Adjust your settings automatically by detecting what you're scanning
  • It can scan a letter sized document in 10 seconds
  • Auto Document Fix - automatically corrects the document area-by-area for beautiful, easy-to-view scans
  • Compatible with Windows an Mac systems.


best scanner for graphic design


I also want to give some technical specs about it. Here they are for you to evaluate:


Optical: 4800 x 4800 dpi 

Interpolated: 19,200 x 19,200 dpi

Scanning Mode:

Color: 48-bit internal/48 bit or 24-bit external Grayscale: 16-bit internal/8-bit external

Max Scanning Surface:

8.5 inches x 11.7 inches


And here is a live demonstration of Canon CanoScan LiDE 220:

best scanner for graphic design



best scanner for graphic design

Even the page textures are so clear and here's a detailed close up. Look at how visible the details are.

best scanner for graphic design


It's much more than the performance you would expect out of a $78.99 printer!! It's AMAZON'S CHOICE FOR A REASON!!!!


It's so cheap when you compare it to other scanners out there but the output of this device is pretty satisfying and also pretty close to those scanners which cost hundreds of dollars. But Canon CanoScan Lide 220 is THE BEST VARIANT for the average and upper class graphics designers due to its price/performance graphic. If you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a scanner, GO AND BUY IT WITHOUT HESITATION!!!!


After a price limit all of them actually provide an at least minimum satisfaction which is higher than average. But if you want to obtain a higher end scanner with more quality and higher price tag you can check out other scanners that I will write about down below.


best scanner for graphic design

4 - Epson V800 Perfection


best scanner for graphic design

Epson V800 Perfection is one of the "State of the Art" scanners out there and it definetely deserves all the reputation it has. But I always want to give objective and transparent information to everyone. That's why I will firstly express my personal advice about it.

Epson V800 Perfection is no doubt a GREAT scanner and it will of course make you satisfied without any doubt. But it comes with a price tag of $724.95 and when it comes to resolution and other specifications it's not much different than Epson V600. It just haves a couple more cool features but technical outputs aren't much different from the cheaper models. That's why I advice you to get Epson V600 if you are not willing to spend $724.95 on a scanner which won't make a huge difference. Unless you're after ultra high quality or the best of the best of what's in the market, then you better get an Epson V600 for the sake of your wallet.

That was my personal advice for your own good!! Now let's look at what this bad boy does:

  • 6400 DPI resolution for extraordinary scans with precise color and detail
  • 4.0 Dmax tonal range - smooth gradations & fine shadow detail
  • Exclusive Dual Lens System - selects from 2 lenses for optimum results
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Mac OS X

best scanner for graphic design

Dual Lens System

Epson V800 consists of two high resolution lenses one of which is capable of 4800 x 9600 dpi and the other super resolution lens which is capable of 6400 x 9600 dpi. The scanner automatically places the optimm lens in the scanning path dependin on your scanned media and selected resolution settings in order to provide you the best quality.

LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE software

Using its high quality software you can control highlights and shadows, gradations, selective and global color, sharpening, descreening and scaling. You can even fix your faded colors of old photos to their original quality using Easy Photo Fix. It also includes Backlight Correction and Digital Dust Removal.

Film Holders

It comes with various types of film orders for you to scan your films and negatives. They feature:

  • Height adjustable levels
  • Twelve 35mm mounted slides
  • Three 35mm film strips (up to 18 frames)
  • One medium-format strip (up to 6 x 20 cm)
  • One 4 inch x 5 inch frame

If these things that described above are what you're looking for than you can click the button below to buy an Epson V800!!!!


best scanner for graphic design

Portable Scanners

Portable scanners are a different concept that has been brought to life and it may seem a little "Sci-fi" but they are great for people who travel a lot and you may be amazed with things that it can achieve for you.

Here are the best portable printers that you can get for your money:


Doxie Go Smart Wi-Fi Scanner


best scanner for graphic design

Doxie Go Smart Wi-Fi Scanner is a scanner which may not completely fit to your needs if you're scanning multiple docments and images together, flatbed scanners are better for that purpose, but if you are frequently scanning single documents or images or bills and etc.. this is a great alternative for you.  It can deliver you crisp and clean scans up to 600 DPI and it's tiny as the volume of a rolled up magazine. It can scan up to 400 pages per charge and store up to 4,000 pages before syncing. Also it comes Cloud Storage Ready!!!! You can easily automatically sync your scan to the cloud.


Here's a hands on review of Doxie Go Wireless Wifi:


  • Scan anywhere without needing a computer.
  • Portable and can be carried to anywhere.
  • Can scan up to 600 DPI crisp, clean scanned colored images.
  • Included Software
  • Cloud Enabled
  • Award-winning ABBYY OCR technology that recognizes the text in your documents and creates searchable PDFs
  • Rechargable battery and expandable memory.


It's pretty simple and EXTREMELY USEFUL!!!! You think you need this in your life and want to get one for yourself?? You can get one for $219.99 and get introduced to the ultimate lightness and comfort of wireless scanning world 🙂


best scanner for graphic design

Epson WorkForce DS40

best scanner for graphic design

Epson WorkForce works pretty much like Doxie Go and it's also one of the most preferabe portable scanners. It also has wireless connection feature and it's pretty lightweight which will provide ease during your trips. Here's what this baby does:


  • Go paperless: It can scan your documents and instantly sync them to your phone, tablet, laptop or cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote.
  • Lightweight: 1.1 lb (0.5 kg) weight makes it easy to carry anywhere and portable dimensions make it fit to a briefcase!!
  • Auto document size detection up to 8.5" x 14"
  • OCR Text Scanner feature
  • Auto image type detection
  • Image skew correction
  • Removes punch holes from scanned images



It's one of the most high quality portable scanner for graphic designers and not only graphic designers but every person on the workforce can benefit from it!!

Here's the button where you can get to the Amazon page to buy one for yourself. By paying $150.00 you can get one of this babies!!



best scanner for graphic design

MSRM Magic Wand Portable Handheld Document and Image Scanner

best scanner for graphic design


This is probably the most interesting scanner that you can come across out there. It's called "The Magic Wand" for a reason. You just slide the magic wand scanner on the page and it scans the page itself.


Do I advice it?? It depends.. If you're travelling and want a portable scanner that will edfinetely save A LOT of space in your bag then you can go for it. It also has wheels in its bottom so it scans pretty straight. Max resolution isn't ultra high as previous flatbed scanners that we've reviewed in this article but if you're going to edit a design and you want to scan only to provide you a referance and a carcass to work on then this can work out great for you!!!!


Here is what this baby does:...

  • Scan receipts, business cards, documents, and handwritten notes in seconds. Save your scans as JPEG or PDF format.
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly : easily fits into an average travel bag or suitcase.
  • 3 Resolution Options:
  • Standard Resolution: 300x300dpi (default);
  • Medium Resolution: 600x600dpi;
  • High Resolution: 900x900dpi;
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 10.86" x 1.97" x 1.45" (excluding protrusion)
  • Weight 0.6 lb;
  • Requires Micro SD card up to 32 GB;


You can click  the button to buy it from Amazon. And it's only $89.99!!!! Here it is:

best scanner for graphic design

Best Scanner For Graphic Design - Conclusion

Now you know which one to choose when it comes to best scanner for graphic design. I hope you enjoyed the article and found all the answers you need. If I were you I would choose between Epson V600 and Canon CaNo Scan 9000F. They are the best that you get for the price you pay and they come with great extra options.

If youhave anything to state or any questions to ask please state them at the comment section down below. And don't forget to SHARE THIS POST because SHARING IS CARING!! And don't forget to LIKE AND FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES!! Click the buttons down below to access them!!


best scanner for graphic design

best scanner for graphic design

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TOP 4 ++ Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings – The BEST ONES

Hey there!! I was checking out cut resistant gloves ratings these days because I was planning to get a pair of cut resistant gloves for specific reasons. I do some woodworks and cuts in myworkshop and you can pretty easily cut your hands (experience talking) during these works. I also love to prepare food from different cuisines and use pretty sharp knives. You can imagine the amount of times that I’ve cut my hands. That’s why I decided to get a ” Cut Resistant Glove” and I’ve made a research throgh them.

I’ve found several cut resistant gloves and they’re probably the best ones that anyone can get. I’ve directed a little research for their ratings to choose the most suitable and here are my results. Evaluate them and get your best cut resistant gloves!!


Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

  • – NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves
  • – G & F 77100M Cut Resistant
  • – Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves
  • – G & F 1670M Cut Resistant


Actually all of them are approximately the same, they serve the same purposes and they’re all doing their job really well. All of them have almost the same ratings but my personal advise would be to get the “NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves” because they have the most numbers of real user views: 10,651!!!! And it has one of the highest ratings in Amazon for a product that I’ve ever seen!! But I also love the G & F Cut Resistant Gloves because it has additional Heat and Slip Resisting Coating!! And it’s awesome!!

We will explore these cut resistant gloves in detail and you won’t have any question marks left in your head. You will surely be decided which one to get 🙂


Now let’s get to explore the ratings:

NoCry Cut Resistant Cloves

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves are at the top of the food chain and used by tens of thousands of people!! Even just by looking at its Amazon ratings you can be amazed!!

Amazon overall rating: 4.7 / 5 – 10,600 Real Customer Reviews

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


This is the industry standard of cut resistant gloves!! NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves is the #1 best seller in Amazon. I thin it’s pretty obvious that it can be bought without hesitation. You can use it for workshop, food cutting or any other thing involving blades.

  • EN388 level 5 cut protection -igher Level of Cut Resistancy
  • 4 times stronger than leather.
  • Comfortable fitting gloves.
  • 4 different size suitable for everyone.
  • 100% food safe and mashine washable.

If you want to get one – and you definetely SHOULD GET ONE – You can click the button below to buy it easily from and it’s only $10.97!!


Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


Let’s see what other people think about this marvelous cut resistant gloves. These are just some of the commetns, you can click the button above to check out all other user comments.

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


 G & F 77100 Cut Resistant Gloves

Amazon overall rating: 4.4 / 5 – 1,238 Real Customer Reviews

Now this is one BADASS cut resistant glow. It’s one of the best cut resistant glows that has ever been made because it not only is suitable for kitchen or home use but it can be easily applied to any kind of work hands involved. These ones are my personal favourite after NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves and they’re PROBABLY BETTER when you look at their specifications.

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


Tech Specs

  • – Level 5 cut resistance premium quality material
  • – Additional Heat/Slip resistance coating to prevent not only cuts but to provide better grip and heat resistance.
  • – Food Grade Safe – Doesn’t harm food grade while contacting. You can unhesitantly use it while preparing any food, especially butchering is a great field of application.


It has 3 different models which are “Classic”, “Grip” and “Heat/Slip Resist Coating”. The grip model is the most expensive one with a price tag of $12.79 but I suggest you to get the “Heat/Slip Resist Coating” version because it’s the best “ALL PURPOSE” application!! And it’s cheaper – $9.99.

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

What Do Others Think

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves


Amazon Rating: 4.5 /5 – 809 Customer Reviews.

Stark Safe is one of those highly preferred brands in the cut resistant glove industry and has no difference than others. Each one of these cut resistant gloves mentioned in our article performs really well and they’re the top players of industry. Stark Safe acomes with a price tag of $8.97 !!


It has 3 different models for medium large and extra large hands.

Stark Safe is also as good at NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves, but when it comes to ratings, NoCry beats stark with a slight 0.2 additional stars and NoCry has MUCH MORE real user reviews which unformally guarantees the satisfaction.

  • EN388 Level 5 Cut Resistency
  • Multi Functional Cut Resistant Glove
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Maximum Breathability – Minimum Handsweat.

You can easily get one for yourself from by clicking the button below:

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Here are some real user reviews:



G & F 1607 Cut Resistant Gloves


G &F is known to make amazing working-duty gear and 1607 is one of their model that get the highest ratings. This also performs the same task and it’s made from DuPont kevlar. The only downside may be the visual design of the gloves because it looks more like a duty glove to wear in a workshop. It no doubt will protect your hands in the kitchen but some people may prefer using it in a workshop or for carpentry purposes.

It has 4.3 stars out of 5 at and 526 real customer reviews.

It has 3 different sizes which are Medium – Large and X-Large. It goes with a price tag of $8.23 !!

You can click the button below to check it out from!!

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

What Others Think????




Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings -Conclusion

Now you know the cut resistant gloves ratings of the top industry players and you can easily decide which one to get. You can easily buy them from Amazon and my personal advice: You can get NoCry cut resistant and G & F 77100 WITHOUT HESITATION because they’re really top notch and there are hundreds of 5 star real user ratings of them!!

You liked our content?? PLEASE SHARE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA!! Help the word spread!! And please comment your thoughts or ask any question you want from the comments section down below.

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Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Don’t forget to check out our other content for some cool stuff 🙂 🙂

See you around,


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TOP 7 Best Elliptical Machine For Home Use Under 2500 – Get In Shape This Year!!

Hey there people!! I was searching for the best elliptical machine for home use under 2500 dollars these days because I was planning to present one as a gift to a very very special friend of mine who was eager to lose that unnecessary and unsightly weight. I also was planning to get one for myself for some time and I’ve conducted a thorough detailed research from the best sources where you can easily buy an elliptical machine.


And guess what?? EVENTUALLY I GOT 2!!



I’ll share my results and details of my research with you guys to provide the best source for you and eventually I want you not to tire yourself with the boring process of searching around tons of websites.


I’ve found GREAT alternatives of elliptical machines and there are HUGE DISCOUNTS!! I’ve written prices for each elliptical machine and how much you save from the good bargains. If you’re a regular Amazon user ( most people are) you may even get MORE DISCOUNTS with Amazon Rewards Visa Card!! There are a TON OF SAVING OPPURTUNITIES!!


I’ve researched through the ones who got the HIGHEST RATINGS through REAL USER votings!! This article you’re reading is an ultra refined guide for the best elliptical machine for home use under 2500 🙂 Enjoy!!


Here are the TOP 7 best elliptical machines machine for home use under 2500!!

The “BEST OF THE BEST” Section


  • Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine ($2,199.99 - STATE OF THE ART CARDIO SPACESHIP)
  • ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro $1,597.19 (The BEST variant in my opinion!!)
  • ProForm Cardio HIIT - $999.99 (More Economic but STILL GREAT alternative)
  • Body Solid E300 $1,670 (5 STAR RATINGS!!)
  • “EXCLUSIVE” ElliptiGO Outdoor Elliptical Trainer  $2,499.99 (EXCLUSIVE OUTDOOR ELLIPTICAL MACHINE)
  • Nautilus E614 ($300 Discount!!)
  • Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine $799.99 ($500 DISCOUNT!! / 4.6 STARS RATING)
  • Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine $738.99


The “ECONOMY” Section


Evaluating the fact that you’re searching the best elliptical machine for home use under 2500, you have a budget whiches limit is set to $2500 MAX and you’re ready to spend for a quality elliptical machine around $2000. But still, I’ve thinked about the people who are not willing to spend that much for an elliptical machine and put together an “ECONOMY” Section.


These Elliptical Machines may not have every feature that the elliptical machines in the “BEST OF THE BEST” section or they may not carry the high standards nd variability of features they provide, BUT these elliptical machines are STILL GREAT for the ones who are not willing to spend much money on an elliptical machine and they’re VERIFIED by MANY REAL USERS!!

Here they are!!

  • Universal E40 Elliptical Machine $317.99 ($280 Discount!!)
  • Body Extreme Fitness Exercise Bike $258.88 (TOP SELLER ITEM!!)
  • Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty $189.99 ($110.00 DISCOUNT!!)
  • EFITMENT Compact Magnetic Elliptical Trainer $179.98

Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Machine - $2,199 STATE OF THE ART CARDIO SPACESHIP

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


Now this is some HARDCORE ELLIPTICAL MACHINE!! It’s actually a hybrid of ellpticals and treadmills/steppers which gives you the best optimized performance and maximum calorie burnings with a smooth workout experience.


It’s definetely a STATE OF THE ART SPACESHIP OF CARDIO MACHINES!!!! If you’re willing to spend the  dollars on a cardio machine that you will last long and get your sweat pouring with HIIT excercises that will burn those fats way more effectively than any other standard elliptical machine, then you can BUY IT WITHOUT HESITATION!!


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


Here are the technical specifications for Bowflex M7:

  • Premium level design with ultra high quality electronics and materials.
  • Zero Impact on joints.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • 20 Resistance levels
  • 11 workout programs
  • Compact size fits easily to many spaces of your household.
  • Syncs with Bowflex Fitness App.
  • Premium grips and pedals.
  • Durable stainless steel sports performance pedals.
  • 46" L x 29.5" W x 65" H
  • 300 LB weight
  • 3 years whole machine warranty.


Here is also another REAL USER REVIEW which I believe will be pretty helpful for you to come to a decision.


Bowflex Max Trainer M7 will just blow your mind and also your body with intense workout programs even just in 7 minutes and those 15 minute HIIT exercises will leave you just breathless!! If you are willing to pay for the quality, this is the best elliptical-stepper hybrid CARDIO MONSTER that you can get!!


Who Is It For??

It is for EVERYONE who whould like to get the best out of a HIIT cardio exercise and everyone can benefit from it whether you’re a starter or a profesiional athlete. But a little advice for starters: be ready to get devastated!!

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


Where To Buy It From??

Amazon is the easiest place to buy it and it goes with the price tag of $2,199.00. Buy it by clicking the button below:


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


What Do Others Think About It??

60% of the buyers rated it 5 STARS and almost and most of the comments are spreading great vibes!! The only issue is that it takes some time to assemble the whole machine but all the parts are packed really well and deliveries are perfectly handled!!

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Here are some of the real user reviews.

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer - $1,597.19 / $999.99  (TWO WARIANTS - BEST BUY)


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Now this is an ACTUAL beauty! It’s looks are deviated out of the standard elliptical machine image a little bit, but cardio station has evolved into a WAR MACHINE.

I mentioned there are 2 variants of this beauty and I will explain you the differences between them. After that you can decide which one to get. But first of all, I will talk about ProForm HIIT in general.

ProForm Cardio HIIT combines full body motion to activate more and more muscles by punching your upper body with various types of sports action and multiple handling bars. ProForm Cardio HIIT simulates stair climbing and boxing which simultaneously activate a lot of muscle groups which include quads,triceps,glutes, biceps, hamstrings and calves.

I know that artifical sports machines like Threadmills can damage our joints if not used preoperly. With HIIT Trainer this is not an isue because it’s magnetic resistance technology enbales a very smooth operation and your feet never leave the pedal during the training. NO IMPACTS ON JOINTS and REDUCED STRESS on your back.

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500
best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

ProForm Cardio HIIT can be described as the next generation step machine because it has enabled people to train with high intensity intervals in the comfort of their own home without the risk of damaging their knees and joints because of harsh impacts. ProForm Cardio HIIT brings the “Elliptical Machine Approach” to step machines with the Elliptical Motion of legs while moving up and down.

ProForm Cardio HIIT has been designed to make your feet travel on a more comfortable path: Your feet travel on a 10 inch veritcal and 5 inch horizontal path. It’s a technology that not every stepping machine provides.

ProForm HIIT Trainer holds a 10" high resolution screen which you can use for various purposes, be it surfing on Youtube, checking out your social media and many interactions that you can accompllish with internet. With the integrated iFit Coach Training App you can travel anywhere in the world while working out and a workout will never have to be boring again.

I don't even have to mention the amazing adjustable tablet holder.

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500
best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Also a GREAT PLUS of the epic ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer is the SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance Technology. If you’ve been using a home workout equipment you may know that some of them can get quiet noisy and create discomfort to the members of the household. This is not an issue with ProForm Cardio HIIT 🙂

It works pretty quite and smoothly which is a great plus for the ones who don’t live alone.


Also the build of ProForm Cardio HIIT is PRETTY DURABLE and comes with a LONG WARRANTY! HIIT Pro comes with a warranty of lifetime frame, 5 year parts and 2 year labor while conventional HIIT.

Let’s explore the differences between ProForm HIIT Pro and Standard HIIT!!

ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro

  • Price: $1,597.99
  • iFit Coach Ready
  • 10” Screen
  • Smart HD Touchscreen Console
  • Cool Air Workout Fan
  • 34 Workout Programs
  • EKG Grip Pulse Sensor with Chest Strap Included
  • 30 lb. Effective Inertia Enchanced Flywheel
  • 26 Resistance Levels
  • Lifetime Frame, 5 Year Parts, 2 Year Labor warranty.

Proform HIIT Trainer

  • Price: $999.99
  • iFit Coach Ready
  • 7” Screen
  • Led Backlit Display Console
  • Cool Air Workout Fan
  • 32 Workout Programs
  • EKG Grip Pulse Sensor
  • 28 lb. Effective Inertia Enchanced Flywheel
  • 24 Resistance Levels
  • Lifetime Frame, 3 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor warranty.

If you like TouchScreens and bigger displays, want a Chest Strap Pulse Sensor for more dynamic pulse tracking, more pgrograms and more resistance level and a couple more years of warranty, you can get a ProForm Cardio HIIT Pro by paying $500 more. Else of these differences that I’ve mentioned above, they’re the same in basics and both of them accomplish the same work. It’s you to decide which one to get 🙂

Where To Get One??

Amazon is the easiest and probably the best place that you can get the ProForm Cardio HIIT Machine. Great retail service and the BEST PRICES around!!

I'm giving you the links where you can buy the ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro and the standard one.


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


Body Solid E300 $1,670 (5 STAR RATINGS!!)

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

When the talk is about elliptical machines, Body Solid E300 is probably one of the best variants that you can get. It has everything that a person can get out of an elliptical machine and it has a steel frame which keeps the machine in balance. Also the footprint is reduced and more stabilized than other elliptical machines to provide a denser and more focused workout.

A biomechanically suitable and cautiously crafted ergonomic shape is the most important thing you get out from Body Solid E300. The true total body workout and a choice that you will never regret!!

For all the necessary information you can check out the video of  Body Solid E300 from below:

It comes with 6 preset program modes, a quick start and two user profile modes. Manu different cardio workout options are enabled with various modes which are Mountain, Hill, Random, Interval Speed Training, Interval and Interval Mountain.


Where To Buy It From??

There are some various sources that you can buy it from, but Amazon is probably the best and it's also my personal favourite!! Great retailing service and customer support has never let me down. Also you can cme across pretty good discounts!! Here I give you the link to buy!!


CLICK THE BUTTON To Buy Body Solid E300 Elliptical Trainer from Amazon

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500



What Do Others Think??


Body Solid E300 has 4.8 STARS OUT OF 5 in Amazon ratings!!!! And those are REAL CUSTOMER reviews. Here are some of those reviews to support your buying decision.


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500




best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

“EXCLUSIVE” ElliptiGO OUTDOOR Elliptical Trainer - $2,499.99 - A LIFE CHANGER!!!!

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


Are you tired and bored of doing your elliptical exercises at home, the same place and the same stuff?? ElliptiGo can change your workout life with a new breath of fresh air (literally). ElliptiGO is the elliptical machine fort he outdoors and it is exactly for the people who love nature, fresh air and don’t like getting bored while doing the same task in a closed home environment.


If you want to carry your elliptical exercises outdoors and breath the fresh air, see new people and places while working out then ElliptiGO is the elliptical machnie that you shouldn’t even hesitate a moment to buy one!!


  • - The perfect “Cost vs Performace” blend is delivered by the mot popular 8C model.
  • - Running but actually “Cycling”. Delivers the amazing euphoric feeling of a dynamical interactive workout.
  • - Used even by Olympic Athletes and everyone can use it without hesitation.
  • - Can a road bike climb a hill?? ElliptiGO can climb that hill too.
  • - Incredible workout made fun and easy.
  • - The perfect “Cost vs Performace” blend is delivered by the mot popular 8C model.
  • - Running but actually “Cycling”. Delivers the amazing euphoric feeling of a dynamical interactive workout.


Where To Get It From??

You can easily get one for yourself from It’s right about the maximum threshold of price that we’re after: $2500 but each penny is worth it!! ElliptiGO 8C is probably the best and the most price optimized model that you can get from ElliptGo bikes but by clicking the button below you can explore other models of ElliptiGo by searching through Amazon view offerings.


CLICK THE BUTTON TO BUY ElliptiGO Outdoor Elliptical Machine

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500



What Do Others Think About It??

ElliptiGO 8C has 4.8 STARS OUT OF 5!!!!! That’s an AMZING RATING and probably one of the highest ratings that I’ve ever come across at!!!! And it’s voted by 90 real customers!!!!


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


Here are some of the top reviews from!!


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Machine - $699 ($300 DISCOUNT!!)

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


This one is for the people who value interactivity!! Nautilus E614 is a state of the art elliptical machine which offers extensive process tracking for the ones who like to read their details. It also offers you a great chance to watch your favourite TV series while working out by housing a tablet placement tray, USB port for charge and data export!!


Warranty: 10 years frame, 2 years mechanical parts, 1 year electrical, 90 days labor warranty.


Maximum supported user wieght: 300 lbs (136 kg)


  • -With the dual track window which offers two LCD windows you can still track your progress while watching a movie or your favourite TV series, no matter if you put a tablet on one of your screens.
  • -NautilusConnect tracks your goals and keeps you focused on your workout regimen.
  • -USB Charging Port and Data Export enables data transmission for Nautilus Connect aor MyFitnessPal
  • -22 Programs which are 9 pre-set profiles, 8 heart rate controlled programs, 2 user profiles, 2 fitness tests and a Quickstart.
  • -20 levels of eddy current resistance
  • -High speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel provides a smooth and quiet workout experience.
  • -20” stride length precisely designed
  • -Manual ramp adjustment with 6 different positions.
  • -Large and comfortable foot plates with cushioning.
  • -Ergonomic handlebars with grip heart rate calculator for heart rate programs.
  • -Platform support with two integrated levers and center frames.
  • -Easy transportation with transporting wheels.
  • -3 speed fan keeps you cool in a healthy and pleasant way.
  • -Crossbar tubing adds stability.


Where To Buy One??

As any other elliptical machine Amazon is the best place to buy one online BECAUSE THERE ARE HUGE DISCOUNTS!!! Normally, this elliptical machine of high quality would cost you $999 BUT in there is a HUGE DISCOUNT OF $300!!


That’s one of the reasons I put this elliptical machine on my list and associated Amazon as a great place to buy. I don’t even have to mention that Amazon has a great retail service and state of the art customer support. I don’t remember even ANY order that I’ve not been satisfied from Amazon.


Last time I checked the price it was $699 which means a $300 DISCOUNT!! It may even be cheaper now. Check it out from by clicking the button below for latest prices and other real customer reviews:

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


What Other People Think About It??

People are IN LOVE with this elliptical machine and it’s not something that I’ve come up with on my own. There are many real user reviews that are presented in and the rating of Nautilus E614 Elliptical Machine is 4 OUT OF STARS!!


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500


And almost every user comment that I’ve read so far has at least 4 or 5 star ratings!!!!

You can check it out by clicking the button below.


Here are some of the real user reviews!


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine $799.99 ($500 DISCOUNT!!)


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is the elliptical machine for EVERY HOUSEHOLD. You want a better than average elliptical machine?? You can buy a Schwinn 470 without hesitation!!

It’s the elliptical machine for masses!! And it has 4.6 STARS OUT OF 5 ON AMAZON RATINGS!!!! THAT’S HUGE!!


It’s actually an updated model of Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine and if you are going to decide between the Schwinn 470 and 430 I definitely advise you getting a Schwinn 470!! Because reasons:


Actual price of Schwinn 470 is $1,299.99 but with the DISCOUNT IN AMAZON it goes for $799.99!! A $500 DISCOUNT IT’S HUGE!! It’s one of the best offers that you can come across the best elliptical machines for home use under 2500!!



best elliptical machine for home use under 2500



By paying just $50 more you can get an updated , better and newer version of Schwin 430 – The Schwin 470. You should better get a Schwin 470 instead of Schwin 430.


Let’s get to know Schwin 470 in detail:

  • Warranty: 10 year frame, 2 year mechanical, 1 year electrical, 90 day labor warranty
  • Dual track LCD screen with blue back light – improved visibility of programs and better goal tracking.
  • Dual backlit LCD screen allows monitoring of 13 different display feedbacks.
  • Bluetooth data transmission – seamless data transmission to supported devices.
  • 25 levels of resistance controlled by computer.
  • 29 programs – 4 user settings –7 additional programsGoal Tracking options.
  • USB port for charging, water bottle holder, three speed adjustable fan.
  • Transportation wheels make it easier to carry around.
  • Dimensions: 34 x 51 x 22 in
  • Weight: 186 lbs


Where To Buy One???? (The EPIC $500 DISCOUNT)


The best place to buy it with a $500 DISCOUNT is This HUGE DISCOUNT for a great and over average standards elliptical machine is an offer that nobody should miss!!

Last time I checked it out the price for Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine was $799.99 and you may get it even cheaper if you come across some additional sales events or if you have Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

Also, I don’t have to mention that is used by millions of people and the retail service is great.


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500



best elliptical machine for home use under 2500



What Do Others Think??


Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine has 4.6 STARS OUT OF 5!! One of the best votes that I’ve ever seen on and almost every user comment has minimum 4 stars!!



best elliptical machine for home use under 2500



People LOVE IT and they have every reason for it!!

By clicking the button below you can check out other user comments from the comments section down below.




best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Schwinn 470

  •  Has bigger LCD screen with blue backlighting which enables better tracking of parameters and easier visuals on the eyes.
  • Bluetooth enabled seamless data transmission to supported devices.
  • Has more built-in programs (29 programs – 4 user settings)
  • More resistance levels (25 resistance levels)
  • Better  and improved contral pad interface and buttons.
  • Actual list price is $1299.99 BUT you can get it for $799.99 from Amazon with a $500 HUGE DISCOUNT!!!!
  • Just by paying $50 more you can get a better elliptical machine with much more features to use!!

Schwinn 430

  • Has smaller LCD screen with smaller dimensions and backlight is black and White which isn’t as appealing to the eye as blue light.
  • Doesn’t have bluetooth feture.
  • Has less built in programs (22 programs – 2 user settings)
  • Has less resistance levels (20 resistance levels)
  • Actual list price is $738.36 and doesn’t includie any discounts.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine - $738.36

We’ve already reviewed the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine before Schwinn 430 that’s why I won’t talk too much about it because the main features of the are mostly the same. They’re both GREAT ELLIPTICAL MACHINES and get the job done pretty well and they’re cheaper than many “higher end” elliptica machines.

Schwinn 430 is also a great high end elliptical machine which is suitable for every type of user and provides a great optimum of “price vs performance” curve. Any household will be more than satisfied with Schwinn 430, but I advise you to buy a Schwinn 470 instead of a Schwinn 430 if you’re planning on buying a Scwhinn Elliptical Machine. These are the main reasons:



Specifications of Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine:

  • Dual track LCD monitor with 13 different display feedbacks.
  • Goal tracking options and data export enables you to keep up with your goals.
  • 22 byilt in programs – 2 user settings.
  • 20 levels of resistance – high inertia perimeterweighted flywheel allows a smooth and quiet workflow.
  • Charging USB port and data exchange.


Where To Get It From??

Yu can get t from Amazon just like the other products reviewed above. This one doesn’t have any discounts but the last time I checked its price was $738.36.

Here is the buying button fort he ones who are interested in getting a Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine:

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

The ECONOMY Section

For the ones who lowered their budget pretty downwards, I’ve gathered the ECONOMY Section!! You can buy any of them because all of them are selected due to their high quality and high user ratings. They’re the best of their price range so the only parameter which you must be evaluating them by should be ther price.

I will review them with their specifications overall and you will be the one to decide which one to buy. Here we go!!

Universal E40 Elliptical Machine $317.99 ($280 Discount!!)


best elliptical machine for home use under 2500



  • A simple and useful compact indoors elliptical machine for only $317.99!! And it’s a $280 DISCOUNT!!
  • Large LCD display to track speed, time, distance, calories and many other parameters.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 7 workout programs.
  • Grip heart rate sensors.
  • Simple assembly and compact design.
  • 30 x 36 x 16 in   
  • 90 lbs    

Click The Button Below To get One!

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Body Extreme Fitness Exercise Bike $258.88 (TOP SELLER ITEM)

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

It’s more of a bike than an elliptical machine but t still gets the job done and it’s one of the best sellers in Amazon for such a low price as $258.88!!

Heavy Duty grame, great for everywhere use.

40lb flywheel , Foot Straps, comfortable ergonomic seat, tension knob

Aluminium water bottle holder

Super Strength resistance bands at the front of the bike enabes additional exercise options.




best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

EFITMENT Compact Magnetic EllipticalTrainer $179.98

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

  • Compact Design with a small footprint.
  • Transport wheels for easy transportation.
  • Digital LCD display monitors speed distance calories time, pulse rate and houses a slot for you to put your tablet or smartphone into.
  • Quiet and smotth operation. Mobile elliptical machine.
  • Maximum user weight 220 lbs.
  • 23.5 x 50 x 62 in





best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty $189.99

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

  • Natural Elliptical Motion
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Large LCD display indicates distance, calories, time, speed scan and heart rate.
  • Quiet operation.



best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

Best Elliptical Machine For Home Use Under 2500 – Conclusion


Now you know which are the best elliptical machines that you can get for your money under $2500. Most of them are at the 700-1500 price range, but I insitingly advice you to get the ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro, Body Solid E300 or the marvelous BowFlex Max Trainer M7. You won’t regret it 😉

Best elliptical machines for home use under 2500 article ends here and I hope you’ve found what you were looking for J Don’t forget to check out our other contents to find more cool stuff 🙂

Don’t forget to follow our Social Media pages to keep up with coolest news!!! AND DON'T FORGET TO SHARE THIS POST!!

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

best elliptical machine for home use under 2500

See you around,

Tyler, Founder of Santa Got Geek

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Flexible Tripod Flashlight – Joby Gorillatorch Adjustable

Have you ever wondered a Flexible Tripod Flashlight? Which can be suited and mounted anywhere to light your surroundings? No matter where and which job to accomplish, Joby Gorillatorch Flexible Tripod Flashlight is there to aid your needs. Here is a video to explain everything about it:


I was amazed when I first saw this flexible tripod flashlight by Joby. It is the ultimate anywhere-anytime flashlight in my opinion. Compact,  powerful and damn flexible. Here are specifications of it:


  • Flexible and wrappable legs with powerful magnetic feet. It can be attached t almost anything.
  • Hands free operation
  • Adjustable light intensity. User can choose thelevel of brightness, so it won’t be too light or too dark for you.
  • Water resistant. Can be used outdoors without hesitation.
  • 1.6 ounces (45 grams) of weight. Ultra light portable and adjustable tripod flashlight.


Flexible Tripod Flashlight



Flexible Tripod Flashlight – Where Can You Get One


Best place to to get Joby flexible tripod flashlight is Amazon. Great retail service, millions of people use it and you may come across many great discounts.

Flexible Tripod Flashlight

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The Everlast Notebook – Notebook That Lasts Forever

If you have never heard about The Everlast Notebook than you’ve missed a lot because it’s a REVOLUTIONARY new startup project that will rock the hell out of the paper industry. I don’t wanna talk big but if this gets serious it may even change our lives for good. IT’S THE NOTEBOOK THAT NEVER ENDS. And guess what?? IT’S CLOUD CONNECTED!!!





The Everlast Notebook – The Fun Never Ends


The Everlast Notebook is a classical notebook for the digital age. It works just like a usual notebook with a pen and it feels like a traditional book. But underneath there is a hidden craft of technology. Just with a drop of water and a moisted tissue you can erase the whole page! So you can work on the notebook, be it a sketch, be it an article, just WORK ON IT. Then you can wipe out everything within seconds and reuse your notebook forever!!! But will your deleted works go to waste?? NO!!!


The Everlast Notebook


The Everlast Notebook is cloud connected and is compatible with Rocketbook app. It means that your works will be uploaded to online mediums such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Everlast and they will stay there perfectly organized. It’s connectible to all your favourite cloud services.




But don’t think Everlast Notebook as a whiteboard because it isn’t. The Everlast Notebook is used with their Pilot Frixion series pen. This is an actual pen which can be wiped out from the synthetic polyester pages of Everlast. Frixion pens come in all sizes and colors and you can get one for yourself from stores or online.


Pages don’t have a high gloss or an unnatural look, so you won’t get uncomfomfrtable while sketching or creating new stuff. Also, combination of the pages of Everlast and Frixion pen doesn’t just wipe away. In order to wipe the page out you must use a moisted towel. So, your creations won’t just go away with an accidental towel wipe.


The Everlast Notebook


Also there are bazzilions of details that makes this notebook AWESOME!!! If you want to find out more about it, click the button below in order to get more mindbending supercool information about The Everlast Notebook.


The Everlast Notebook

The Everlast Notebook – Conclusion

I wanted to share this amazing innovative notebook with you because I believe that it can change the life or productivity of many of us. This is an innovation that definetely needs some recognition, so click to button above to get more information about The Everlast Notebook. Also don’t forget to share this post, because SHARING IS CARING!!!


Don’t forget to check out our other content to find some awesome stuff that you can spend your money on.



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NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – No More Kitchen Cuts

I’ve found this great item lately, NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves!! I know that from time to time many of you people experience those freakin’ cuts while trying to prepare an epic meal. Everything comes with a price right?? Not this time!!Thanks to those inventors who  fed up from cuts, now we have a product which really can improve our comfort and make our life cut free. No more cries!


These cut resistant gloves by NoCry are the number 1 best seller in their category and it has many reasons to be the one.


These babies are made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fiber and spandex. While they’re light weight, they’re also extremely hard and durable for kitchen cuting tasks. The material which glove is made from is 4 times stronger than leather. We can feel secure now even from the sharpest blades, especially mandolins. Mandolins can be serious pain in the ass.


nocry cut resistant gloves


Approved By Standards

This protection is not only secured by words. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves even proove their quality with an EN388 Level 5 cut protection rating. It’s  the highest cutting ratingin European EN 388. Inshorter words: “It’s resistant as fuck”. But for the science lovers who are curious about what it is, click here to check it out.


The Feeling

These cut resistant babies are soft against the skin while being ultra thin for a really strong material. It’s material is highly elastic and weighs less than an ounce (0.028 kg). It actually feels like a light armor on your skin, no matter of time that you will start feeling like Dragonborn from Skyrim or a crew member on Game of Thrones casting. Elastic material also provides a firm grip of your hand while cutting slippery stuff. Now we all can finish our cooking tasks quickly and think less about cuts.

You don’t have to use it only for cooking. It also comes quite handy for precision cutting works when you need to work with sharp blades in your hands.

nocry cut resistant gloves



Both gloves are ambidextrous, which mans that they can be worn to both hands.Means that you also can use one glove of the pair for your kitchen tasks and the other for some different relevant cutting subject. There are 3 sizes which you can choose from: Small, Medium and Large.


Where You Can Get One??

Best place to get one for yourself is Thanks to the great retail service and the huge discounts that we you can sometimes come across, it’s the best variant. And it’s only for $11.99! You can buy it from here:


>>Click Here To Buy From Amazon<<



What Others Think About It??

One of the best way to evaluate a product is to look at it’s real user reviews. That’s why I always search out for them. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves have  5,849 customer reviews at Amazon and it has 5 stars out of 5!!! This is incredible…

Let me show you some of them:


NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves


NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – Conclusion

Now you know that you don’t have to suffer more from kitchen cuts and you know how to avoid them. Get one of these epic gloves and you won’t regret it. Check out our other articles to find more stuff you can spend your hard earned money on!


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Refold Cardboard Standing Desk – Portable and Eco-Friendly

I’ve come acros with a great new simple but useful and fantastic invention these days. It’s the portable cardboard table from Refold. It’s flexible, foldable and 100% recyclable.


I first found this project on Kickstarter and at first glance I became sure that this was an idea probably many people were looking forward to be realized, especially if you’re a travel-addict freelancer.


Here’s a video of  Refold Cardboard Standing Desk to make you fully understand what it really is:



Think that you’re traveling the beach coast. You’ve seen a great view that you want to get inspired by and you want to park your car, get creative and do some work while gazing at the amazing view. Now it’s all possible.


Only thing you have to make yourself a workspae anywhere anytime is to take 2 minutes to assembly your working desk and get going. It’s quite surprising what you can achieve just with a bunch of cardboard, right??


These are the benefits of this beauty:

  • Compactness
  • Easiness to assembly
  • Transformable to both standing and sitting positions.(sitting legs sold seperately)
  • 100% Eco-friendly product
  • Comes in various sizes to fit people with different height




Refold Cardboard Standing Desk



Refold Standing Cardboard is actually designed to aid the health of people who usually work sitting around all day. And if you’re a little bit into health you should know that working on a standing position is the healthiest way to work. The whole world should actually adopt this way of working for the sake of their health!


That’s why Refold Cardboard Standing Desk comes with assembly kit of standing model. But you can also purchase separate legs for sitting position.


Refold Cardboard Standing Desk


It holds up to 85 kilograms, which means that it can support an average man and it has an estimatd life span from 1 to 3 years depending on the frequency that you use your cardboard table.


It weights just 6.5 kilograms. Also it gives you a great oppurtunity to you and collegues to collaborate quickly and form a working place just in a matter of minutes.

And don’t forget that you can always customize your cardboard desk with artwork of your own:

Refold Cardboard Standing Desk



Refold Cardboard Standing Desk – Conclusion

So, if you want to check out this brilliant thingy, feel free to check it out at Refold’s website by clicking here. See you soon, keep in touch and don’t forget to comment, share and check out our other content just like other cool pople do!

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