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Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass – The Legendary Skull Shot Glass From Hell

Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot GlassHEY THERE FELLOW GEEK FOLKS! Have you heard about Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass?? I don’t know if you have heard, but you may definetely have seen it somewhere while surfing on the internet. Because it’s something that you CAN NOT forget!


I think it has been quite a while that I’ve met with the epic Doom Skull Shot Glass. I remember first seeing it on the internet and from that moment I knew that I had to get it! It should have been mine..


But getting this amazing shot glass wasn’t the end. Instead, it was just the beginning. I had many positive feedback about the crystal skull shot glass and many of my friends wanted me to make a short review of it. Just a little sooner after me, many friends of mine had got their Doom Skull shot glass too.  I had to share this with the world so that’s why you’re reading this content right now.



Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Definition: Crystal Skull Shot Glass From Hell

Geek Rate: Awesome!!

Best Place To Buy:

Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot GlassLet’s talk a little about Fred & Friends. They’re a Rhode Island based designer team which work with many parners all around the world. Their main goal is to design stuff which will make life easier for you while putting a smile on your face. I can assure that they’re really good at putting smiles on people’s faces.


One of their best design is the Skull Shot Glass. I really can never get bored from it! No matter what kind of drink you put in it, it always looks awesome and haunted. And it’s really fun to experiment on it with different liquors. Some look darker, some look spooky, but my favourite poison in this skull glass is a fine bourbon whiskey which gives that elegant and dangerous look like a psycho in a classy suit…



About The Shotglass

This shot glass is actually Fred’s tribute to the Skull of Doom. It’s a Mayan legend about a skull which has the power capable of creating miracles. Don’t expect miracles from this shot glass, but it may get you really drunk if you know what to drink from it.

Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass


It will hold 2 ounces (56 grams) of beverage which equals to a standart shot.

It’s dimensions are 4 x 3 x 3 inches/ 10,15  x  7,62 x 7,62 cmFred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass. It’s made from hand blown borosilicate glass. Great thing about it is that it comes in it’s own colorful box. Kind of a giftbox.


There is just one thing that i have to worn you about. Fred Friends Doomed Crystall Skull shot glass is actually very thin. It means that it is more prone to get broken in an impact than any other standart shot glass and you should be careful using it. It is better if you keep it in a special place, like your mini-bar.


You can also check out some other user reviews from Amazon. People who got the Doomed Skull shot glass are very happy with their shot glass. Some of the user reviews are also telling that the shot glass is so thin and easy to break, that’s why i advised you to be careful. Check out these user reviews:


Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass



Where Can You Buy It??

Best place to buy it is Amazon because it’s so easy to order and millions of people use it worldwide. And there are MASSIVE discounts at Amazon. Last time when i checked out the shot glass it was available for $4.49! It has discounted from $12.95. Here is the guiding link where you can buy it:


>>Click Here To Buy The Doomed Skul Shot Glass<<



Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass – Conclusion

So, now that we’ve reviewed the shot glass, you know what all this Doomed Crystal Skull shot glass is about. You know it’s technical specifications and where to buy it if you want to have it. It’s a really good geekery item and a collection piece.


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14 thoughts on “Fred Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass – The Legendary Skull Shot Glass From Hell

  1. Hello there,

    Wow I liked this glass so much very unique type of glasses, I am thinking to get one & try my special cocktails LOL, I am wondering how this glass is so cheap, by the way you got a great website & very easy to navigate, thanks for sharing & keep up the good work.

    1. Hello Ehab))

      I’m glad that you liked it. And thanks for the kind words!!!

  2. Hi Durukan. Interesting post on a shot glass. I love to collect shot glasses of all kinds, and this one is pretty awesome. It would be cool to use it in a halloween party or give it out as a gift to a friend. I like your site very much, i’m bookmarking it.

    1. Hey Martha,

      I think so! I also used to collect shot glasses from different countries of the world. But just bee careful using it because it’s a bit fragile…

  3. Haha interesting idea!

    I didn’t know that there are that kind of special glasses out there. Then I was wondering, “they must be very expensive!” But when I saw the low price I was amazed again!

    I just don’t like skulls so much.. I would prefer different kind of shapes. Maybe I can find many other shapes from Amazon..?

    1. Yeah, they’re amazing and so cheap)) These are the facts that make people want them more. They’re a little fragile tough, but nothing important if you know how to handle a glass.

      Of course you can find other types of glasses. Click to the provided link which will bring you to, from there you can see many other product offers which can attract your interest. I discover more and more items everyday thanks to Amazon :))

  4. Hi,
    I had never seen a skull shot glass.. They do look pretty fragile too, I’d be afraid of it breaking but put it in a place where its not going to break then your good..
    I see they come in different colors?
    Keep up the great work and I like your website, very cool layout!
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Krissy,

      No they aren’t in different colors, they’re all transparent glass. The color of the drink you put into the skull shotglass determines the overall color as you can see from the photos. They’re really cool tough.

      Thank you for your kind words)) See you around!!!

  5. Hi Duru,

    Awesome! Very cool replacement for those typically dull and customary shot glasses. I bet it would look even better if you have a few of those and put different kinds of drinks in it so that the glass changes color or simply to just show off. =) And pretty affordable too! Great.

    Thanks for sharing this. Can’t wait for them to come up with another exciting idea soon. In the meantime, gotta have one of this too.


    1. Hey Rock!!

      Glad that you liked them)) They’re amazing. Altough a little fragile, these shot glasses also make great decorations, especially in halloween!!!

      Keep Rockin’ .)

  6. I would personally like to have one for myself. I don’t drink much, but I absolutely love the design and detail. Not to mention it’s also very well priced for such appealing quality. I also enjoy items with a grim style , I’d love to see one with blacklight paint.

    1. I totally agree with you Michelle! I adore grim style goods. And sure that black paint will be ultra spooky.

  7. Oooo these are cool! My husband would love these. I like how you included the background of the skull. Very informative. This would be great for parties and when having friends over. I always try to find unique shot glasses that no one else would have. Saving this idea! Thanks

    1. I’m glad that you liked it Rina)) The glass is a little thin, that’s why you should handle it a bit carefully, but they’re definetely partystarters!!!

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