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Is gaming healthy for you? – Definetely IS

gaming health benefits

I’m guessing that you’re a gamer or at least involved in gaming. Your sipblings or parents may told you that it’s a waste of time and your life is going nowhere by by playing games. Have you ever tought that they may be wrong? Because they are! It is proven that video games have significant health benefits and are playing role in development of reflexes. The list of benefits is escalating with every new evidence.


Gaming requires many repetitive actions like quick hand movements while eye-tracking movements. This improves your reflexes quite well,  including steady hands and eye-hand coordination. This provides you great skills when you’re performing specialised tasks. Gamers tend to quickly memorize objects and details to win. This enables them to quickly develop muscle memory and apply it in real life to  accomplish tasks.


It’s not the only benefit of course. It’s pracitce prooved that gaming can reduce stress levels. So next time when someone tells you that you’re wasting your time while paying games, you can easily ignore them because you’re doing good for yourself.



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