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Meet Flying Underwater!! The EPIC Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard

Have you ever dreamed about flying?? Me too.. Now that’s possible with the Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard which is an invention that has been brought to us by a young man who crafted it out as a hobby. The dream has come true and with the Subwing Underwater Wings you can experience the flight in a much safer environment with an underwater peisage accompanying you!!


And the good news is: YOU CAN ACTUALLY BUY IT!!


I’ll show you where you can buy it online, but first, here’s what this baby can do:

Simon Sivertson is the inventor of this cool gizmo and he’s from Norway. The thing that I have said to myself when I first saw it was “Damn, how couldn’t I thought about it!!”. But what’s done is done and the only thing I can do now is to ENJOY this  creation of Simon.. Good work pal!!


And these are the features of Subwing:

  • Can be towed behind any motorized water vehicle.
  • Safe and comfortable speeds which you can enjoy more than enough around 3 knots.
  • Foldable nto two peaces, easy to store and transport.
  • Maneuvering allows you to move gently in directions.
  • Hollow ABS Polymer construction – honeycomb technology which is light and durable.


Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard


So, if you are able to access water easily and want some adventure, DON’T WAIT and BUY a SUBWING!! Because I will DEFINETELY buy when I have the chance to access near waters.


But where you can buy it from?? The beauty of the online era that we’re living in now is absolutely fantastic because it can bring this product right at your doortep just with ONE SINGLE CLICK!! And I will show you where you can get this baby.


Where To Buy The Epic Subwing??

It’s so easy to get one of these babies with just a few clicks. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and I don’t even have to mention that Amazon has probably the best prices for most products. The retail service is amazing and customer care is great. You want to buy a Subwing and start flying instantly?? Then CLICK THE BUTTON DOWN BELOW to get one for yourself and start flying underwater:



subsurfer underwater surfboard



Subsurfer Underwater Surfboard – Conclusion

Now you know what this amazing invention can do for you. Don’t forget to grab a subsurfer underwater surfboard when you’re going for a sailing trip!! It definetely will provide you an AMAZING experience..


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subsurfer underwater surfboardsubsurfer underwater surfboard


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