Portable Scuba Diving Tank

$ 229.00

Want to enjoy the underwater without all the hassle of that annoying diving gear? This is what you’re looking for. This portable scuba diving tank provides you with 15-20 minutes of casual scuba diving and the freedom of lightness it brings.


  • ✅【LARGER CAPACITY BUT PORTABLE】: The diving tank has a capacity of 1L, and can be used for 340 times underwater breath when full inflated, it’s about 15-20 minutes(the diving time determined by the breathing rate). This mini scuba tank only weight for 5.07 lb, with the equipped portable bag, you can easily carry it and free your hands to do more underwater. You can also split regulator and tank body and put them in the portable case, then you can take them on plane to diving in any place.
  • ✅【PERFECT COMPATIBILITY】 : The scuba tank’s inflation interface is 8mm, and the work pressure is 3000Psi/200Bar/20Mpa. It has three inflate ways: scuba adapter, electric pump and SMACO high pressure hand pump. When inflate with electric pump, please equipped with oil-water separator; when use other hand pumps, please make sure it can reach up to 3000Psi. NOTE: using the hand pump to reach up to 3000Psi is tired, it takes about 30-45 minutes, we suggest to use it as a backup inflation devices.
  • ✅【HIGH QUALITY MINI SCUBA TANK】: The tank body was made of aviation aluminum, can better resists to seawater corrosion and stands up well to damage. The regulator include inflation interface(8mm), pressure gauge, air switch, explosion valve, constant pressure valve. and the second-stage valve include mouthpiece, relief valve and breath tube. When normal used, all the parts could work for at least 2 years, and we also provide some free accessories in the accessories bag.
  • ✅【PROFESSIONAL SCUBA TANK WITH DOT CERTIFIED 】:Our mini scuba tank have the CE certified in EU and DOT certified in US, it can be used by uncertified diver, but some diving places may not permit uncertified people diving, please know your local policy before buy it. This tank can be used for normal diving no more than 10m(about 32 ft), and the water temperature should be above 10 ℃(50℉). Besides, scuba tank can be used as backup air, in this situation, it can be used in 30m(100 ft) underwater.


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