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Star Wars Kitchen Accessories – Top 10 Coolest Ones – Force Is Strong In The Kitchen

These ARE the droids you are looking for.. I was looking around for Star Wars kitchen accesories for a long while. You may ask why the hell was i doing that? Because i want the force to be strong with me, even in the kitchen.. And Star Wars kitchen accessories are the best way for me to disturbe the force in my kitchen. )


I think you all are familiar with the pop-culture giant “Star Wars”. Especially with the seventh Star Wars Movie all the world is gone Star Wars Crazy. It’s quite a shame not to know about it…. Naah, i’m kidding. It’s completely OK if you don’t know about it. But these kitchen accesories may make you a total fan of it, so i’m warning you guys. This thing is addicting. There were many Star Wars kitchen accessories that i liked from the ones that i found, but i chose for you my top 10 favourites because i didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with a lot of accessories. Also i will be showing you the extra Star Wars cooking book that i’ve found which is really cool if you wanna amaze your geek friends with your cooking skills from the dark side.


These are great to be gifts for your loved ones, no matter which special day it is. Be it Valentine’s Day, or Christmas or any other special day, they are great for anytime anyone. Even your Star Wars Fan Mom would be so happy with the great disturbance of the force in her kitchen.

Enough chit chat, let’s see the goodies!



Death Star Waffle Maker

Come To The Dark Side, We have waffles!

star wars kitchen accessories star wars kitchen accessories




Let’s start with my personal favourite. Death Star Waffle Maker!

Imagine, what would you do if Darth Vader and his Sith Gang comes visiting you for a breakfast? This Dark Brunch Time must definately be satisfying unless you want to end up strangled in air with a force choke. With some dark butter and syrup, our Lord Vader would be pleased more than enough.


Also, as a jedi you must eat. And waffles are one of my favourite breakfast items. Actually a waffle is so similar with Deathstar. Deathstar looks like a star to eyes but in reality it’s a planet destroying space station. The same goes with waffles. They look like deserts from outside with all that syrup and icings on it, but it’s in fact a breakfast. Get the point?


Waffle plate is 7 inches (18 centimeters) wide and made from non-stick cast aluminium cooking plates. And it gives us the unique look of Deathstar on a pancake as an outcome. There also are indicators which light up when the iron is on and stands in the correct temperature. It has 5 temperature stages which you can choose from. It cooks waffles that are worth destroying planets for. No wonder why Vader was so aggressive about destroying planets…


There were 2 types of Death Star Waffle Maker, but i found out the one with the best user feedback(the one in the picture above). The other one may be just a little bit more eye candy, but whenn it comes to quality, i couldn’t find any positive feedback. Everyone was unhappy with it, so i didn’t want to potentially direct you to a Death Star Waffle Maker which won’t satisfy anybody but just stand there as a decoration. Destroying planets is no joke!


Here are some real user feedback from Amazon. Everyone was quite happy with it. It’s price is $39.99 which is quite a good bargain for a planet destroying space station. If you would like to check out latest user comments and latest price, you can check it out from Amazon.

star wars kitchen accessories





Darth Vader Toaster


star wars kitchen accessories



This one is pretty cool. It gets even cooler if you like toasts in breakfast. Burn the iconic Star Wars logo to each side of your toast bread with the power of the dark side (and maybe with some electricity). You can so easily find it from for a $50 price.






R2D2 Trashcan

It is one of the indispensable items of a hardcore Star Wars fan’s kitchen. There are 2 main R2D2 trashcans that i could found. The quality gap between them is huge, so it’s like a choice between price and quality.


First one and the best choice for a Star Wars fan is the Japan made high quality trash can. It’s not just a simple trash can. It’s a STATE OF ART trash can. It has a press pedal to open it easily. It’s dimensions are (23″ H x 15,7″ W) / (60 cm H x 40 cm W).


It’s actually quite ironic that R2D2 became a trashcan after saving our heroes from the trash compactor. This little friend deserves much more than this. Every user review about it was telling that it is awesome. Only downer may be it’s price. I admit that it’s a bit pricey ($245), but i must give them credit. It doesn’t even look like a trash can. It is like R2D2 itself standing in your kitchen.


Star Wars Kitchen Accessories


Source: You can click here to check it out yourself from for the latest price and other user reviews.




And there is this second trash can waste basket just for $20 which is completely made of plastic. It may also be a good trash can for my own room. It’s a good choice for the ones who aren’t willing to pay for the Japan made realistic R2D2.

Dimensions: (9″W x 9″D x 14″H) / (22,8 cm W x 22,8 cm D x 35,5 cm H)

Material: Plastic

star wars kitchen accessories

Source: Check It Out






R2D2 Measuring Cup Set


This IS the droid you are looking for…

star wars kitchen accessories

star wars kitchen accessories



Image source:


R2D2 measuring cup set comes in very handy when it comes to pick ingredients in certain amounts. Our beeping friend can be de-assembled and reassembled easily. The whole set consists of 4 cups and 4 spoons. Cups come in volumes as 0.5, 0.33, 0.25, and 1 cup while spoons come in 0.5, 0.33, 0.25, and 1 tbsp (tablespoon). It can be found for $25 in


Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

Han Solo shot first? No matter what he still got frozen in wars kitchen accessories




And the tradition keeps on since then. It is mean to freeze your friends, but no matter what it is so fun to sip Han Solo to our drinks in our geek unions. Poor Han..

I see people around using this mold very frequently. And they’re using it not only for ice molds, but they also make Chocolate Han Solo’s! Such a tasty way to be trapped frozen.. Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube Tray can be found for a good price – $9.95 at



But Han Solo is not the only one who we can enjoy freezing.. I have one more piece that i like really much, which is Death Star Ice Mold. It really amazes me, especially when you put it in a whiskey. Definetely makes you feel like a boss (here i mean Lord Vader). The great part about the molds are that you don’t have to limit yourself with just ice. You can make Chocolate Death Stars, Jelly Death Stars and anything more that comes to your imagination. And they are so easy to use. You can get it from Amazon for $10.99.


star wars kitchen accessories

Where to find?:





Star Wars Kitchen Timer

Planetary destruction starting in… *DING*

star wars kitchen accessories



Here goes another personal favourite.  Death Star Kitchen Timer! It has a max. 60 minute time frame you can adjust the timer to and it emmits a green super laser with a sound when your Dark Cookies are ready. A great little machine of mass destruction for your kitchen counter.


Star Wars Kitchen Apron


star wars kitchen accessories

Here goes another personal favourite. Well, seems like my list of favourites has almost no end. This one is quite fun. I’ve lately found very quality Star Wars Kitchen Aprons
which come in many types that you can choose from Darth Vader to Princess Leia. They are machine washable and officially licensed. You can check out all of them from



R2D2 Pizza Cutter


star wars kitchen accessories

Where to find?:


No wonder R2D2 has so many features and smart gadgets in itself. And as you know he comes in handy at times when you need it the most, like.. Pizza Cutting! R2D2 Pizza Cutter is just one of the features that our beeping little friend has. And this pizza cutter also makes droid sounds while cutting! It may be a great gift for a Star Wars fan. It can be found for $19.90 from


Death Star Worktop Saver Board


star wars kitchen accessories


This is a great kitchen accessorie for the ones who are completely devoted themselves to dark side of the kitchen. It has rubber feet to prevent slipping while being resistant to odor and stain. But it saves your worktop, not destroys it like it does to planets. Death Star Worktop Saver can be found at


Glowing Lightsaber Popsickles

Can you dare sticking a lightsaber in your mouth? YES, NOW YOU CAN

star wars kitchen accessories

star wars kitchen accessories


With these Lightsaber Popsickles ice-pops got to a whole new level. You can even create your own Ice-Lightsaber now with the color of your choice by adding some food coloring in it as an addition to all the yummy stuff in it and have a mini-lightsaber duel with your geek friends. And the best part is that, THEY REALLY GLOW!

They are modeled after the lightsabers of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Literally having a lightsaber-pop duel with your dad is the funnest thing to do with it. But this time you know about your old man from the beginning. The mold is food and dishwasher friendly,so you can comfortably clean them. Hiklts work with 2 AAA battery per hilt, and i advise you not to put them in the dishwasher. Wipe them with a damped cloth. They are obtainable from



Star Wars Cook Book

star wars kitchen accessoriesAnd i finally represent you the Star Wars Cookbook, in which you can find many great recipes from Yoda Soda to Protocol Droid Pasta. It consists of five sections: Breakfasts, Beverages, Snacks and Sides, Main Courses and Desserts. A cook book that every true Star Wars fan must have. You can find it from Amazon.

Here is Sweet Willy making Wookie Cookies from the cookbook:













Star Wars Kitchen Accessories – What do YOU Think?

This was our collection of coolest top 10 Star Wars Kitchen Accessories. Hope you liked it and found what you were looking for. These are not the only Star Wars Kitchen Accessories around but they are the one that most caught attention. If you liked what you’ve seen and want to get it to increase your bond with the force in your kitchen, then you can click to the links of items you see.

We are so grateful that you have checked out our article. Don’t forget that your comments and feedback are HIGHLY appreciated. Your ideas will be a major role player of the development of this site. So, don’t hesitate and COMMENT! If you would like to directly contact in a private way you can do it via And don’t forget, SHARING IS CARING! Share our content by using the social buttons on top of our article. See you soon and keep in touch!!



44 thoughts on “Star Wars Kitchen Accessories – Top 10 Coolest Ones – Force Is Strong In The Kitchen

  1. Hi Duru, Great Website idea, I absolutely love it. The topic is definitely something I can see so many of our generation and even our kids grabbing at. If I could make a small suggestion, your page titles are a bit confusing in concert with the content. It appears your Articles tab is more of a how to make guide for a variety of products, which is great, however it isn’t clear. Also, not sure if you are aware, most likely you are building your pages as you receive these comments, but it appears that all of your content is categorized under one category.

    I hope this helps a bit. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what else you do with your site!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Teanna!

      I will definetely listen to you and rearrange my categories! It may be because of that my website is new and it needs a little more time to deal with all the arrangements. I will listen to your considerations and take them into account while buildig the site.

      Thank you!

  2. Hi Duru,
    Terrific website idea, I absolutely love it.

    The topic is definitely unique and something I can see so many of our generation and even our kids grabbing at.

    If I could make a small suggestion, your page titles at the top of, on your bar, are a bit misleading, you are offering so much more than you are giving yourself credit for in concert with the content.

    It appears your Articles tab is more of a how to make guide for a variety of products, which is great, as you have terrific images, instruction and videos to keep the audience intrigued with new topics on hot shots.

    Also, not sure if you are aware, most likely you are building your pages as you receive these comments, but it appears that all of your content is categorized under one category. You may want to consider a category for all the great do-it-yourself products you have written about.

    I absolutely love the theme you chose for your site, it screams Star Wars, I love it!

    I hope this helps a bit. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what else you do with your site!

    1. Hey Teanna,

      Thnk you really much for your feedback and your nice words!

      Yes, you’re right, but my site is on adevelopment stage and i can say that it’s quite young. I will definetely take your suggestion into consideration about the categories!

      There are not too many do it yourself products in the site, so i haven’t tought about creating a seperate category for it. But i may consider creating one if these kind of content get too much in numbers.

      Thank you for your rich feedback Teanna) Stay in touch.

  3. OK it’s official, this is one of the coolest sites I have ever come across. My nephew loves star wars and I was searching for a present for his birthday… what a great way to get him excited about breakfast now!!!!! His mother is going to love me you have made my year, thank you so very very much I am going to tell them all about this place.

    1. Thank you for our nice words Will))

      I’m glad that you liked it! Feels great knowing that my content is actually useful to people. I think your nephew will be so excited with one of these goodies)

      Thank you very much for your kind words! Keep in touch!

  4. This is fun. I like anything that has to do with Star Wars. The opening image of R2D2 as a hard boiled egg holder made me smile. Apparently, I’ve been quite unprepared for a visit from Lord Vader. I better get my act together.

    The Darth Vader toaster is classic. It’s amazing what a good film can inspire.

    Two hundred and forty five dollars is an expensive trash can, indeed. For that price, the trash can ought to be mobile and come with a remote control.

    I have to say, that is quite the kitchen. Star Wars has been immortalized and will certainly live on in various forms. I hadn’t thought about the kitchen. I guess anything can be decked out with a Star Wars theme.

    Thanks for the fun article.

    1. Yeah that egg holder stole my heart too)

      You’re right about the trash can. It may be a little pricey.

      Yeah Star Wars is a legacy now which is going to be spoken of even after a couple of generations.

      thank you for the nice words! Keep in touch!

  5. haha awesome page! I loved the creativity behind it, especially the death star waffle maker and R2D2 Pizza cutter LOL pretty cool. The text was also pretty good and i liked the conversational speak you used which was a great thing!

    All in all a nice creative website here, idek how you can improve on it haha!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Usman! Glad that you liked the site and the post) I try to be user friendly always and it feels good that it creates a connection with people!

  6. Awesome to have stumbled into this site. Yes! I do have a good number of starwars fans in my home, including myself – unfortunately I am the only one that hasn’t seen the movie, but that does not stop me from gushing over these great gift ideas. For one the R2D2 trashcan is totally out of this world. I probably wouldn’t use it for trash but I can see it standing in my kitchen. My second favorite item is the waffle maker. Awesome suggestions for fans. Thanks for posting. Will definitely be sticking around.

    1. Thank you Mimi) I’m glad that you liked my content.

      Trash can definetely is something unique. I would get it just even for the sake of decorating my kitchen. And Darth Waffle Maker is definetely a must for a hardcore Star Wars breakfast!!!

  7. I really like the idea for your website. My brother would absolutely LOVE those kitchen gadgets. He is a huge Star Wars fan. I really liked how in depth you go on all of you descriptions. You also make it sound very authentic and not like you are trying to write a paper.

    I noticed you have some things about video games and Star Wars. What other geek things are you interested in?

    1. Hey Bret! Thanks for your interest)

      Which Star Wars fan doesn’t like this stuff?? It’s impossible not to like. And i’m so glad that you liked my concept))

      I’m interested in zombies, digital arts and geek appliances. You may see more from me in the following days.

  8. This is one of the coolest posts I’ve seen in a while.

    I love the Han Solo carbonite and Death Star ice cubes. But who am I kidding, everything on this site is awesome.

    I am a lifelong Star Wars fan as are many family members, so I’ll definitely bookmark this for gift ideas. And I might get a few things for myself as well.

    Thanks for sharing! And May the Force be with you!

    1. Hey Ian!

      Those ice molds are addicting, i approve that. And thanks you so much for the kind words)) I take it as a compliment)

      So then, i will be waiting for you in! Keep in touch and May The Force Be With You Too))

  9. Hey Santa!

    As a massive Star Wars fan I am blown away with how cool these kitchen accessories are. Particularly the waffle maker! I love those glowing lightsaber popsicle sticks too.

    This is a seriously awesome site you’ve got here! I will definitely be back some time in the future when the money starts to roll in!


    1. Hey Hannah!

      I’m glad that you liked what you found here)) That waffle maker is awesome! Actually everything is awesome))

      Thank you for the compliment) I will be trying my best! So, keep in touch))

  10. Okay, you had me at the R2D2 egg cup. I need that in my life!

    I also wonder what it says about me that all of my other favourite Star Wars kitchen accessories are Death Star-related? Hmmm.

    I like these Star Wars-themed kitchen gadgets because they’re a unique way to show your Star Wars love that’s also functional. Completely appropriate for geeky grownups! 🙂

    1. Hey Samantha))

      Every Star Wars fan needs al of these items in their lives.

      This preference of yours tell that you have a big potential to flip to the dark side and you better be careful..

      I totally agree with you! Thank you for your feedback! Keep in touch)

  11. Hi Durukan, this is the coolest article I’ve come across in a looong time! Just this weekend I bought my friends a Darth Vader coffee mug 🙂 And after seeing this post I’m serious thinking about re-equipping (is that a word?) my kitchen! I’m most fond of waffles as well but R2D2 trashcan and measuring cup aren’t far behind.. this is amazing. You made my day, Thanks!

    1. Hey Kat

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that you liked my article! I’m also a great fan of the waffle maker and R2D2 trash can. A re-equipping might be great for everyone of uss.

      Thank you for your comment! Keep in touch)))

  12. What great gift ideas, Especially for someone who is a Star Wars fan. but who couldn’t resist lightsaber popsicles?
    I loved the video about how to make wookie cookies. Really great.
    I love your Star Wars kitchen accessories and I’m anxious to see what other things you will come up with in the future.

    1. Thank you Michael) I’m glad that you liked my content.

      There are many more things to come in the future, but i’m progressing a little slow. Keep in touch to see what will come))

  13. Hi, Duru!
    What a marvelous website! You have an awesome concept, articles are easy to read, the photos are appealing; everything you need in one place if you are looking for unusual stuff and geek items.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I wish you to continue the great work you started.
    All the best,

    1. Hey Cristina!

      I thank you for your kind words and your interest! I’m trying to improve the site, altough the progress is slow.

      Keep in touch to see more! I appreciate your interest!

  14. I looooooooooovvveee your website!!
    The name is so original, good on you! 😉

    If my husband new I was looking at this article, he would roll his eyes!
    But how amazing are these geeky gagets!
    You’ll have to know: NERD IS THE NEW COOL!!!
    So thank you for this website!
    Excactly what we new cool kids need! :p


    1. Hey Rian!

      Yeah, NERD IS THE NEW COOL!!!

      I really thank you for your comment and appreciation. It may be hard for your husband to understand your geek side, but we do understand)) Keep in touch for new cool stuff!


  15. Hey Duru!

    OMG, man, this is amazing stuff! I want it all instantly – RIGHT NOW!!! Death Star in my glass – this is absolutely priceless! I know exactly what I’m going to ask my wife to give me as a birthday present this year 🙂 IF I will be able to wait for that long.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I love what you’re doing here – keep it up!

    1. Thank you Dmitriy!

      I’m so glad that you liked the content) I’m trying my best, will be improving the site.

      Thank you for your interest! Keep in touch))

  16. Hello!

    Enjoyed your site! I recently watched Star Wars and love the top 10 kitchen accessories list you have provided. The R2D2 trash can…. Oh my goodness… This might be a need for me. Definitely my favorite of the top 10 with the Darth Vader toaster coming in a close second. Thank you for the unique gift ideas and the easy purchasing access!

    1. Thank you Amanda!

      That R2D2 trash can is definetely a must.. You’re welcome, and i thank you for your interest! Keep in touch

  17. Oh my gosh! I had no idea the force was so strong in the Kitchen! You crack me up. Great idea for a review. So don’t throw stones but I’m not a huge Star Wars fans. I like the movies and will go to see the 7th one but I’m not geek status.

    With that said, I NEED some of these kitchen accessories! I am not sure which is my favorite. The Glowing Lightsaber Popsicles. Um, yes, please! I don’t care how old I am, I want to be sitting on my porch this summer eating one of those! Those are so cool! I have two boys that would go crazy for them.

    I also love the ice cube molds. Seriously genius! Poor Han Solo. Forever frozen…

    The waffle maker is pretty awesome too and that Amazon review had me cracking up.These are great products and I was thoroughly entertained by your review! By the way, I will be getting the Princess Leia apron. She looked great! haha. Thank you for sharing these accessories! I know a lot of Star War fans that will eat these up (in some cases, literally haha) Great job!

    1. Hey Heather!

      No matter what if you’re a huge STar Wars fan or not, this is for everybody)) But still i advise you to go and see the 7th film.

      Those popsicles are definetely serious geekery! I LOVE them.

      Han Solo is the bad luck guy. Can’t help it.

      Well, you know where to get that apron.))

      I tahnk you really much for your appreciation. I would like to see you more in this website! Keep in touch)))

  18. Hey just wanted to say thanks for sharing dint know there where so many cool accessories for star wars. I really liked the waffle and toaster one that will be something that I will probably really looking forward to getting.Also the price for them is not so bad and affordable. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. I thank you for your feedback and appreciation) I’m glad that you liked it. Keep in touch))

  19. Hello there,

    Well what an awesome little niche. You’ve chosen a topic that has a great market and narrowed it right down. People are going to love you for this! The content is well-written and researched, the layout visually appealing. A good range of posts and links.

    Keep up the good work,

    1. Thank you Thomas!! I hope to capture the attention of eople and i will be trying my best for it.

      I appreciate your kind words! Keep in touch,

  20. Hi Durukan. Cool title by the way. Force is strong, chef??? I am just making that up. By the way, it’s a nice idea to the extent that you control the kitchen.

    I am a Star Wars fan but never came across any kitchen accessories. It would be nice to have a Sith/Jedi knife in the form of lightsabers.

    Or a chef hat in the form of Stormtroopers helmet which absorb the smoke. By the way, the Darth Vader is pretty amazing!

    1. Hey Tar

      Nice metaphore)) Actually there are stuff like that!

      I’m giving you the link of Light Saber fork, spoon and knife set: Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber 3 Piece Cutlery Set – Knife, Fork and Spoon

  21. What a great line of products.
    I have always been a huge Star Wars fan from the very beginning. I used to make models of the ships when I was a kid. Collected all the movies ,and couldn’t wait till the next movie came out.
    This is some very cool and very usable appliances.
    You have to hand it to Star Wars for there licensing innovation. they have kept up with the times quite well.
    There are some very interesting Niche products on your website.
    I am really glad I came upon it . I will bookmark your site for sure .
    Best of luck

    1. Hey Tom!

      Thank you for your interest!)) Yeah, i can feel you. The Star Wars Fan thing goes same for me.

      They really had taken a big step in niche marketing and i can applause Lucas Arts for that.

      I will be expecting you to my site more frequently! Keep in touch!!

  22. Hi there Duru,

    Even for someone who doesn’t follow Star Wars, this is such an AWESOME article to read. I love to cook and while I don’t have any issue with ‘the forces’ in my kitchen, I like the fun aspect of these kitchen gadgets.

    I actually like every single item especially the Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube Tray. Can’t wait to try it on some chocolate making.

    I think you have just made me a Star Wars fan – in a way.

    1. Hey Cathy,

      I’m so glad that you appreciate my content! It really means a lot to me))

      I just like to make my life better and more enjoyable with little items like these and they reallly boost me up!

      Thank you for your kind words. Keep in touch!!

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