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Would You Survive Zombie Apocalypse? – Things You Need to Know

would you survive zombie apocalypse

Would you survive zombie apocalypse? Well this questions answer is so dependent on you. You think you will become a zombie slayer right after the chaos starts?

Cold truth – you won’t. Many people just get pumped up watching the famous series The Walking Dead or Z-Nation. A great percentage of people will just be turned in a few days after the epidemic starts. But you can train yourself and be prepared to get your hands dirty with our little tips and tricks. In this article you will find good information about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Beware – this content has scientific research in it.

Run To The Wild

Researchers at Cornell University have simulated a would you survive zombie apocalypsemathematical model of epidemics with hundreds of millions of people on the American map. Analyzing the disease dynamics, they of course found that epidemic spreads way faster in populated cities, especially in metropolitans. The epidemic spread speed grows geometrically, which means with every bite of the infected take from the living, disease spread speed accelerates. After zombies populating the high populated living centers, spread speed will slow down that there will be less people to bite. Also we assume that undead won’t have the ability to move dynamically as humans, so that’s a plus for all of us.

Researchers recommend people to run to hills or mountains if a zombie apocalypse pops out. These zones are way less populated and you will obtain the advantage of higher ground. This is simple battlefield tactics.

Running to the woods is also a choice. You will be hidden more in the dark and deep woods than in the center of the city. Thick trees and nature camouflage also provides you stealth which you can leverage as a battle strategy.

Go medieval

Kings and landlordswould you survive zombie apocalypse built castles and fortresses for a reason. It wasn’t just show business. These were defensible places against their enemies’ armies. If you can find a fortress near you, i recommend invading it before others will. These places usually have thick and high walls which are human proof and effective for sniping. If you can’t find a place like that or invading a place like that is a problem for you, then you can build one for yourself. Or you can also modify a big house or villa to become your new fortress.

Isolate yourself at first

One of the smartest moves at the beginning of the apocalypse is to find a good place for isolation, at least for a certain amount of time. You of course can’t lock yourself up forever that you have physiological needs but you may find a good place to hide till the things calm down. While the world outside eats itself up, you can sit down and calmly plan your next move.

A good place for isolation must be at least a little far from the population. It’s better to have some emergency exit plan and boobie traps set up, you can never know what’s gonna happen next during apocalypse. If you’ve been waiting for the apocalypse and building yourself a fortres, vault or basement, then you’re one step ahead of many others.

Stock up

would you survive zombie apocalypseAnother smart move is to stock up some goods like food, water gas and etc. Ok i know that in the apocalypse world there are no rules. But you will definetely be needing everything you can have. You won’t have the a
bility to go out shopping in this new world system, and if you go shopping you may face the consequences like other raiders and looters trying to kill you. Your stocked items will always come handy, especially at times you have to expect the unexpected.

And don’t forget that all the economical system is going to collapse entirely. Before apocalypse money meant something for many people, but in this post apocalyptic world money is just a piece of paper. These supplies like food, ammo, weapons, consumable goods and fuel are the new value now. So you can trade these consumable goods for other items that you need.


Of course one of the important parts that we can’t skip is the weapons. Weapons we must consider having range from melee to firearms. You better have both type of them and choose a variety of them for close quarter, mid quarter and further distance combat. You better have a duty belt and customize it to hold all your weapons and provide mobility. Think of the duty belt of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. This guy has multiple holsters, ammo stock, handcuffs, and radio holster on its duty belt. This can be an example for you.

As melee weapons you can have multiple from short to tall and for different purposes. For example this set can be an example to you:


. Foldable survival knife and bayonetWould you survive zombie apocalypse
. Infantry knife
. Kukri
. Parang
. Machate
. Gator machate for cutting purposes included
. Durable camping axe

A great example for this is the Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. Gerber is a major world known knives and survival items manufacturer, who also manufactures signature knives for Bear Grylls. Yeah, that guy who drinks his own piss.

It’s easier to carry melee weapons because they’re more mobile than firearms. And they don’t make noise like a gun or rifle. That’s why you should always solve your problems with melee weapons. But sometimes you must fire the shots. For these kind of situations i can recommend to carry maximum 3 firearms with you. By avoiding so much weapons on you will save energy from carrying them.

You may include a short range gun and a middle to long range rifle. This will give you the ability to battle in various distances. And if you can find it’s better to use silencer for remaining stealthy. Also one important fact is knowing your weapon and addapting yourself to it. Melee or firearm, just keep practicing to improve your handling and reflexes. Out there in the real world you won’t have much time to think. And there are many live targets you can practice on out there.

Suit’n Tie

You better suit up for the zombie apocalypse… And by suiting up: no, i don’t mean Barney Stinsonwould you survive zombie apocalypse or Justin Timberlake style suiting up. I mean hard leather, chainmail, protector pads or armor of your choice.

You must consider the potential harms of outside world. Not our undead friends only but humans also. The potential threats you will be facing are bites, knife wounds, gunshot wounds and melee impacts.

Wearing a bullet-proof suit is advised to prevent fatal blows during gunfights with other humans out there. Also a stab vest will come very handy in close quarter combats.

An important thing think of is avoiding zombie bites. You can’t avoid them forever and you must find a way not to get bitten. Zombie proof sleeves are a great alternative to this. You can make your zombie proof sleeves from hard and pliable materials and wear them to your arms and legs. You can also consider making a neck collar with a combination of a sturdy helmet. I know, with this creation you won’t look like a Victorias Secret model, but this gonna protect you from dangers of outside world.

Be careful about other humans

I’m just warning you calculating the possibility that you’re some kinda pussy ass Pollyanna and thinking that everybody in the world is sweet and clean as an angel. Sorry for spoiler, but no. There are many bad people out there and you don’t have to be a fortuneteller to know that. Of course there are good people too, but you can see even without apocalypse that there are great evil in this world. Better to be safe than sorry.

Out there in the post apocalyptic world you can’t trust anyone. So sometimes paranoia can save your life. Get used to be cold blooded and not to talk too much. Also obtaining information from other people or keeping them alive for your own leverage can provide you great benefits. So you may consider finding a stun gun and handcuffs. But don’t be so cruel always. World being unfair and evil doesn’t mean everyone is sick minded out there.

Count the pennies

would you survive zombie apocalypseApocalypse also means tightening the belts. Every penny counts when there is no manufacturing out there. You’re consuming everything and you must know that worlds supplies are limited. You better fit yourself to a strict discipline from the amount of water you drink, the food you eat, the bullets you fire and the time you sleep.


Learn Stuff

Before apocalypse you had every service you needed, which you could obtain from other people or from corporate world. Now that the world changed upside down, you must answer to your own demands by yourself. This means that you are responsible from all your needs like building a house, supplying electric or hot water, creating a telecommunication system, raising or finding your own food and etc.. This is a great chance for you to learn how stuff works and apply it to your daily life.would you survive zombie apocalypse

You can start by learning simple technical stuff. Start from physics 101, then hop into introductional positive science. Learn about mechanics, electricity, how to construct buildings or civil structures like walls, applicational introductory medicine, nature and botanical science, how to raise your own food, farming, balistics and etc.. Believe me, science is fun. And it is even better to apply it to your life to improve your life quality.

In the post apocalyptic world money has no value and the most useful thing that will benefit you is your knowledge. So, improve yourself everyday and use your brains. In the apocalypse world i think there won’t be much bookworms around so you can find a lot of good books from abondoned bookstores.

Work Out

would you survive zombie apocalypseKeeping fit may be one of your last concerns but when there are things around trying to kill you, you may consider doing some lifting. Ok not lifting maybe, but definetely you need to be in good shape to keep up with all the chaos around.

You better be doing exercises to build up your endurance and agility. Also additional strenght will be a major plus. You must also get used to running. A LOT. Your new life will involve a lot of running. So get used to it and move your ass.

Wait for government cure

You didn’t think that the government hadn’t planned anything in case of a zombie apocalypse, do you? There is actually a government plan. Pentagon has its government plan document for a zombie apocalypse. They use it for disaster simulation and emergency acting preparations.

Your best bet for salvation is your dear government’s efforts on finding a cure. If they are not planning on saving your sorry ass, enjoy the new world order then. But still, always try to reach some news or find a radio signal to communicate.

Would you survive zombie apocalypse?

This was our guide for you to survive the zombie apocalypse. Now that you know what to do, maybe you have some chance to survive. You liked it? Give some damn feedback! Your comments are highly appreciated. And this site is not only my kingdom. You’re the citizens of it. So please write if you want to mention anything or to give an idea. See you soon!!

7 thoughts on “Would You Survive Zombie Apocalypse? – Things You Need to Know

  1. Very good information on a less searched about topic. It is clearly evident from the post that you have done a lot of research about this disease and how people can rid of that. All the details like ow the disease will spread and how people can protect themselves from it are very well explained.

    1. Thanks Sundar)

      Actually this is not a real time guide as we know that zombie apocalypse is fiction, but it gives us a good idea about what to do. It is modeled after real disease situations.

      But i believe someday zombie apocalypse might become true in a different way than we see in the movies.

  2. There are some great ideas about surviving and zombie type outbreak! I like how you cite a study from Cornell University. It adds a lot of credibility where there is very little actual research done. I just hope a zombie apocalypse is something that happens on TV and not in real life!

    1. Well, a zombie apocalypse may actually be fun :3

      Thanks for your feedback! Stay away from zombies!

  3. Thanks for the prep post… alot of people do think that they would survive a zombie apocalypse but you put right when you say that many people just get hyped up by watching stuff like the series The Walking Dead or Z-Nation and that many people will just be turned in a few days after the epidemic starts.I presume you mean turned into zombies in a few days… just like in the movies or series its always a few who remained unzombiefied. Running to the hills is a great tip. Thanks alot

    1. Yes, i exactly mean that)) This stuff is just my two cents, you know what i mean 😛 Altough i’m not a zombie specialist with double PhD’s

      Thank you for your feedback! And keep in touch))

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