About Us

Hello party people!! This is Tyler speaking.. I’m the founder, developer and contributor of Santa Got Geek. I’m so delighted to be contributing to you like-minded people and I’m getting only happier with every positive comment that you make about the site and content. 🙂

Tyler Redlev who is the founder of santagotgeek.com is sitting on a couch with a red santa hat on his head and holds a glass of red wine on his hand.

Why Santa Got Geek?

As a geeky-minded person, I’ve always been fascinated with technology, fiction, science, games, movies and all related things that take me away from the daily reality and made me enjoy the realms provided by imaginative people who are probably responsible for the modern world that we live in today.

I’ve always been interested with toys, comics, series and geeky lifestyle products which significantly improved my mood and of the ones around me. I didn’t like to give standard gifts to my friends on their birthdays, it was so boring and didn’t reflect my character. I wanted to share something fun and coming from my soul. By selecting these kind of lifestyle products I made life way more fun for me and my friends and family!

That’s how Santa Got Geek is born 🙂 I thought, why shouldn’t I share this experience with the whole world? I’ve always dreamt of a Geek Santa which brings people geeky gifts and jolly. I wanted to be that Santa for the ones who are seeking something unorthodox to give as a gift to their loved ones. In Santa Got Geek, you will find many geeky gifts and lifestyle products that you can present to your loved ones or just get one for yourself.

Get lost in this jungle of products and don’t forget, Santa is always beside you! 😉

About Me

I’ve traveled a good lot of the earth since my childhood thanks to my parents’ government job duties. I’ve lived in Malaysia for 3 years during my childhood and 5 years in Russia. I studied the last year of high school and my whole university education in Moscow, so it’s been quite a ride 🙂

I’m a designer and an engineering technologist. I love everything design and technology related and I’m a MASSIVE fan of 3D art. Every quality digital artwork, be it gaming related, architectural visualization, concept art or technical visualization, I just can’t get enough of it. I hold a Bachelors of Technics and Technology in Oil and Gas Works from Gubkin Russian State University for Oil and Gas.

I used to work as a professional engineer. I worked in the field on various locations. It has been quite an adventure 🙂 After serving in the army for 6 months I worked in some office jobs and then I established my own business. Alongside with my business I’m contributing to Santa Got Geek. I’m also a hobbyist designer and I design mainly 3D art, AI art and I try to produce any form of design which is a product of art and technology combined.

I currently reside in Turkey, a cute country with great food and hospitable people. I appreciate talking and sharing good vibes with like-minded people, so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, be it about Santa Got Geek or any other subject.

You can write to santagotgeek@gmail.com about any subject and I will try my best to answer you back as soon as possible 🙂