Hello fellow geeks!!! My name is Duru Kizilarslan a.k.a “Tyler Redlev”, but you can call me anything you want. I’m the guy behind this website.About 1

Why Santa Got Geek?

Being a geek whole my life, i’ve always dreamt myself in games i played and movies i watched. I of course saw all those interesting stuff in them like Light Sabers or switch blades or many different stuff that you can imagine. I’ve always had my own style of living my life in a geeky way. For some time i was researching all these items and geeky stuff around, and this research process gave me a good amount of valuable information.

I’ve always thinked about having my own piece of property where i guide people to their so wanted unusual stuff and geek items. I wanted to help interesting people like me to find their unique desired items which they’ve always been dreaming of but didn’t know existed. That’s how Santa Got Geek is born. In this kingdom of mine you will find geek gifts, unusual items for your everyday life, news and diffrent articles of my own taste.

Well, the main purpose that i found this website “Santa Got Geek” was to help my geek friends find their so desired geeky items to fit to their lifestyle and to provide people like me a platform where they can find gifts for their same kind of mentality people. That’s why i called it Santa Got Geek. You can call me the “santa”;)

About Me


I’ve been a geek whole my life. I’m a digital/media arts enthusiast, proud gamer, epicabout 2 shit supporter and an engineer. I’ve been travelling around the world since i was born. I’ve been from Malaysia to Sudan, Moscow to Amsterdam, Taiwan to Latvia and many more. I’ve lived 3 years in Malaysia and 5 years in Moscow. Currently i’m residenting in Turkey.

I’ve studied at one of the prestigious technical universities of Russia and i hold a Bachelors of Technics and Technology. So i’m the tech guy.

I’m a guy who loves unusual things, especially geek stuff and tries to fit them to my own lifestyle. This was the main reason that i foud this website. To help geeks worldwide finding stuff they’ve dreamt of but didn’t know existed.

So here we are. I hope you guys enjoy the experience. Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to say something. And remember, sharing is caring!


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