Face Changing 3D Portraits

$ 12.99

A haunted house is probably the best place to live the Halloween spirit. These 3D face changing scary portraits exist to translate the exact creepy vibe of a haunted house!


  • Size :15.2″ x 10.4″ / 38cm x 26cm (LxW). Material: Non-toxic PVC frame.
  • The lenticular image will change from different angles.
  • You can look from different angles or move around to find the secret of the image.
  • Designed for Halloween – Haunted and spooky images in the Halloween Frame will soak your family and friends in a scary and surprising atmosphere, perfect for Halloween costume parties, haunted houses, schools and homes decor.
  • Pranks and surprise gifts for friends – they will be shocked and excited by another Angle of the horror picture, absolutely recreating the mystery and horror of the holiday.


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