Mr. Meeseeks’ Box O’ Fun

$ 27.98

Do you have tasks at hand needed to be accomplished? Summon Mr. Meeseeks(or an army of him)! But try your hardest to complete them as soon as possible before they go violent outside their dimension…


A board game for every Rick and Morty fan which you can play with your friends and family.

  • Button on the fancy box plays famous Meeseeks dialogue by Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland
  • Box doubles as a collectible Meeseeks Box
  • Crazy, embarrassing, downright juicy dares makes for an uncomfortably good time
  • Recreates the fun of the Rick and Morty episode “Meeseeks and Destroy”
  • Hilarious adult party game you don’t have to know the show to enjoy it


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