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THE ULTIMATE 3 Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets – Your Money Can Buy These!!

Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets

If you're reading this article right now, then probably Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets is what you're after!! Don't worry because you'll find here what you've come for and you'll find the BEST ONES out there..


I'll admit that Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets were a DREAM for me and the first time that I saw ths epic jacket on Bane while I was watching Batman: Dark Knight Rises at cinema I knew that I HAD TO GET THAT JACKET!!!! It was the most epic thing that I saw in my entire life. And you know what??




Before getting my Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets I conducted a thorough research to find the best and I decided to reveal my research results for Bane jackets because I know that I'm not the nly one looking after these gems 🙂


Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets


This is actually the second article about Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets because we've already written one about them at older times of Santa Got Geek. We have proided MANY jackets for people who are after Bane Jackets and we have gained a lot of happy visitors with the "matchmaking" we've provided 🙂 But now the time has come for an update.. That's why I'm writing a new one 🙂 You want to see the previous one?? CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!



Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets - Introduction

First of all I find it helpful getting to know more about Bane - The ultimate villain who probably made Batman live through hardest times compared to any villain in the whole Batman series. He's the guy who BROKE THE BACK OF BATMAN for God's sake!! Not only strong as hell but he's also a very intelligent illain and probably a ery good sociologist..

This is the epic scene where Bane breaks Batman's back:

But what about the original Bane?? The original Bane in the Batman comics series differs a little bit from the Dark Knight Rises franchise. Wanna know about the original Bane inside out?? Click Here To Check It Out

Bane is vicious, merciless and intelligent. Not even mentioning his superhuman strenght. And Tom Hardy has definetely done a GREAT JOB in acting the Bane character. I couldn't even think a better option than Tom Hardy.

You can learn more about the Original Bane and Tom Hardy by following the links that I've mentioned above. Now let's get back to the real deal: The Epic Bane Jacket!!

This is one of the scenes that we can see Bane with his epic jacket and he gives quite a speech to the citizens of Gotham:

This is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful speeches in the history of cinema. The mimics, the tone of Tom Hardy's voice.. Just AMAZING!! But one more amazing thing which catches our eye with alongside Tom Hardy and his speech is the EPIC BANE JACKET!! Of course it is what you're here for and I'm going to give you the best Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets that is available and I will include the places that you can buy instantly online, so keep reading and don't worry even a bit, you'll get the best ones available 🙂

!! Bane Jackets - The Best Alternatives !!

So, let's get started!! There are actually a couple of Bane Jacket variants that you can get and all of them are actually great works of craftsmanship.. The first is a BESTSELLER among Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets and it has been verified by many real buyers, including me 😉

Option 1) BlingSoul Bane Jacket

Bane Dark Knight Rises JacketsThis one is the BESTSELLER, as I mentioned above, and you can get it without hesitation if you don't know what to do. It comes in many sizes from X-small to XXX-Large. Only thing you have to do is to select from the size selection chart. It's the one that MATCHES THE MOST to the original Bane jacket in Batman:Dark Knight Rises and has many exclusive features. First of all, it's made out of REAL LEATHER and it's a piece of art when it comes to judge the craftsmanship.


Here are the general specifications of this epic Bane Jacket. A little note: I bought the same one 😉 And I couldn't be more satisfied:


  • First of all, you FEEL LIKE A BOSS. There's no doubt.
  • Fully lined & insulated with premium quality faux shearling material which keeps you warm EVEN at sub zero degrees. Verified info.. 🙂
  • Faux shearling is pretty soft and comfortable. Also need to mentioned the two inside pockets which come in pretty handy all the time.
  • Broad collar can stand up or get folded. You can adjust it the way you feel "more Bane".
  • Made from premium quality PU leather and feels just like butter soft. The materials are s high quality that makes me want to touch it all the time..
  • Durability: With a good care you will be using this coat for many years to come. The material quality and craftsmanship of this Bane Jacket is INCREDIBLE!!


Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets

Only one advice: if you're going to layer up with this Bane Coat ( if you're going to wear extra layers inside it) I recommend buying one size larger than your usual fit. Else of that everything about this jacket is AMAZING and it's also just at the right price tag for a quality product like this. I will tell you where you can easily get one for yourself but first let's check out what other real users have to say about this product:


Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets

Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets

Where To Buy??

You can easily buy this Epic Bane Jacket from Amazon and you get to choose from many sizes that are available to you!! The reason that I chose Amazon is the best prices that you can find, great retail service and amazing customer care. You may even come across with HUGE discounts from time to time if you look for them.

Also, one of the best ratings for this Epic Bane Jacket was for this specific one and it gave the BEST PRICE / QUALITY RATIO among the available Bane Jackets.


You can Click The Button Below to buy this piece of hardcoreness Bane Jacket and reign chaos on Gotham City:



Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets


The BEST Option - Feather Skin Bane Jacket

Bane Dark Knight Rises JacketsHere it is ladies and gentlemen, the BEST Bane Jacket that your money can buy!! It definetely had the TOP ratings and comments among any Bane Jacket that was available and EVERY USER until now had commented extra positively.. It has 4.7 STARS OUT OF 5 for God's sake!! The only reason that you won't buy this Bane Coat would be you not wanting the best Bane Jacket..


Here are the tech specs and the things you have to know about:


  • Many available sizes to choose from: XS to 5XL
  • Four Outer & Two Inner Pockets
  • 100% Genuine Goat Leather / 1.2 - 1.35 mm gauge
  • Artifical Shearling - Perfect for especially Winter and other seasons.
  • Material keeps you extremely warm.
  • Can be weared during different weather conditions (except summer)


If you want to find out which size would fit you the best, here's the chart that you can check out:

Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets

And one pre-warning: I advise you to buy a size bigger than your usual size especially if you are wearing extra layers under your jacket. It fits as expected, that's why you should take asize bigger if you want to fit other layers under it during winter and get more comfortable inside the Epic Bane Coat.

It's also a little more expensive than other Bane Jackets, arund $50 more, but if you want the MOST KICKASS Bane Jacket then I STRONGLY advise you to get this one!! Here is also an example of a REAL USER down below and you can see how happy this folk is 🙂 And this is what this Bane Jacket looks like on a real life demonstration:

Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets

So, my last words are that if you consider buying a Bane Jacket and willing to spend your money on a good investment in a jacket, then GO GET THIS ONE!! Because it's definetely THE BEST BANE JACKET that you can get for your money. You will be spending more but you will probably spend this money for an Epic Bane Jacket only once because it's the REAL DEAL and it's pretty durable!!

Now I'll tell you where you can get one for yourself!!

Where To Buy One??

As I mostly recommend, the best place that you can get this Bane Jacket is because of the previously mentioned reasons: low prices, customer care and millions of people use it!! This Bane Jacket goes for $199.99 - $219.99 and available in EVERY SIZE!! You can also check out the Q&A section for more specific info about the Bane Coat by clicking the BUY BUTTON down below:



Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets


Option 3) Distressed Bane Jacket - The BEST SELLER


Bane Dark Knight Rises JacketsThis one is the most optimised Bane Jacket in my opinion. It gives you a great PRICE / QUALITY ratio and the most relative reason that this jacket found a place for itself on this list is that it has a great rating on Amazon and has been rated by 121 real users which gives us many reasons to trust this jacket. My personal adice: Get the ones that I've previously mentioned, but if you're not sure there is always this 3rd option!


It would have been a sin not to nclude this product in the Bane Jacket list and here are the specifications for this masterpiece:

  • Makes you FEEL LIKE A BOSS!!
  • Great price for a great product quality.
  • Two inside pockets & 4 outside pockets (two at waist and two at chest).
  • 100% REAL sheepskin coat.
  • Fully lined and insulated with shearling.
  • Keeps warm even in Sub-Zero temperatures.
  • Available in many sizes: from XS to XX Large.
  • Extended durability for years to come.
  • Buttersoft, very durable and warm enough for winter days.
  • Re-enforced stitching is used on front straps for extra durability. 


This one is a bestseller for a reason. Many people have chosen this jacket and they're extremely satisfied with it.

Where To Buy??

You can easily buy it from just as the previous ones. The only thing you have to do is to click the button down below. You can also check out all the real user reiews and Q&A from the page that you will be navigated to. Here it is:


Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets

Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets - Conclusion

Now you now EVERYTHING that you should know about Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets and these are the best ones that you can get for your money easily. I don't recommend getting any other jacket if you're planning to buy an Epic Bane Jacket because these are VERIFIED by real users ( and by me 😉 ) and ratings. Now that you know all the info about these jackets GO AND BUY the ones you liked the most!!

I hope this article has helped you and was informative. If you have anything to say or any questions you want to ask, state them down below from the comments sections!! And don't forget to check out our other articles to find other cool stuff 😉

See you around,

Santa 😉

2 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE 3 Bane Dark Knight Rises Jackets – Your Money Can Buy These!!

  1. This is a really great idea for a costume. It seems easy but looks impressive.

    Honestly, I think that this jacket is multipurpose and you could where it even if you are not dressing as Bane depending upon your style. It’s like a 2 for 1 deal.

    Where are some good places to get the mask? Thanks!

    1. Definetely it’s a multipurpose jacket which can be worn both in cold weathers or can be used for cosplay purposes 🙂

      These are my personal favourite jackets of all time and you can CLICK HERE for the Bane Mask!! I will also make a seperate review for the Bane Cosplay items.

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