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TOP 4 ++ Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings – The BEST ONES

Hey there!! I was checking out cut resistant gloves ratings these days because I was planning to get a pair of cut resistant gloves for specific reasons. I do some woodworks and cuts in myworkshop and you can pretty easily cut your hands (experience talking) during these works. I also love to prepare food from different cuisines and use pretty sharp knives. You can imagine the amount of times that I’ve cut my hands. That’s why I decided to get a ” Cut Resistant Glove” and I’ve made a research throgh them.

I’ve found several cut resistant gloves and they’re probably the best ones that anyone can get. I’ve directed a little research for their ratings to choose the most suitable and here are my results. Evaluate them and get your best cut resistant gloves!!


Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

  • – NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves
  • – G & F 77100M Cut Resistant
  • – Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves
  • – G & F 1670M Cut Resistant


Actually all of them are approximately the same, they serve the same purposes and they’re all doing their job really well. All of them have almost the same ratings but my personal advise would be to get the “NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves” because they have the most numbers of real user views: 10,651!!!! And it has one of the highest ratings in Amazon for a product that I’ve ever seen!! But I also love the G & F Cut Resistant Gloves because it has additional Heat and Slip Resisting Coating!! And it’s awesome!!

We will explore these cut resistant gloves in detail and you won’t have any question marks left in your head. You will surely be decided which one to get 🙂


Now let’s get to explore the ratings:

NoCry Cut Resistant Cloves

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves are at the top of the food chain and used by tens of thousands of people!! Even just by looking at its Amazon ratings you can be amazed!!

Amazon overall rating: 4.7 / 5 – 10,600 Real Customer Reviews

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


This is the industry standard of cut resistant gloves!! NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves is the #1 best seller in Amazon. I thin it’s pretty obvious that it can be bought without hesitation. You can use it for workshop, food cutting or any other thing involving blades.

  • EN388 level 5 cut protection -igher Level of Cut Resistancy
  • 4 times stronger than leather.
  • Comfortable fitting gloves.
  • 4 different size suitable for everyone.
  • 100% food safe and mashine washable.

If you want to get one – and you definetely SHOULD GET ONE – You can click the button below to buy it easily from and it’s only $10.97!!


Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


Let’s see what other people think about this marvelous cut resistant gloves. These are just some of the commetns, you can click the button above to check out all other user comments.

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


 G & F 77100 Cut Resistant Gloves

Amazon overall rating: 4.4 / 5 – 1,238 Real Customer Reviews

Now this is one BADASS cut resistant glow. It’s one of the best cut resistant glows that has ever been made because it not only is suitable for kitchen or home use but it can be easily applied to any kind of work hands involved. These ones are my personal favourite after NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves and they’re PROBABLY BETTER when you look at their specifications.

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


Tech Specs

  • – Level 5 cut resistance premium quality material
  • – Additional Heat/Slip resistance coating to prevent not only cuts but to provide better grip and heat resistance.
  • – Food Grade Safe – Doesn’t harm food grade while contacting. You can unhesitantly use it while preparing any food, especially butchering is a great field of application.


It has 3 different models which are “Classic”, “Grip” and “Heat/Slip Resist Coating”. The grip model is the most expensive one with a price tag of $12.79 but I suggest you to get the “Heat/Slip Resist Coating” version because it’s the best “ALL PURPOSE” application!! And it’s cheaper – $9.99.

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

What Do Others Think

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings


Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves


Amazon Rating: 4.5 /5 – 809 Customer Reviews.

Stark Safe is one of those highly preferred brands in the cut resistant glove industry and has no difference than others. Each one of these cut resistant gloves mentioned in our article performs really well and they’re the top players of industry. Stark Safe acomes with a price tag of $8.97 !!


It has 3 different models for medium large and extra large hands.

Stark Safe is also as good at NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves, but when it comes to ratings, NoCry beats stark with a slight 0.2 additional stars and NoCry has MUCH MORE real user reviews which unformally guarantees the satisfaction.

  • EN388 Level 5 Cut Resistency
  • Multi Functional Cut Resistant Glove
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Maximum Breathability – Minimum Handsweat.

You can easily get one for yourself from by clicking the button below:

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Here are some real user reviews:



G & F 1607 Cut Resistant Gloves


G &F is known to make amazing working-duty gear and 1607 is one of their model that get the highest ratings. This also performs the same task and it’s made from DuPont kevlar. The only downside may be the visual design of the gloves because it looks more like a duty glove to wear in a workshop. It no doubt will protect your hands in the kitchen but some people may prefer using it in a workshop or for carpentry purposes.

It has 4.3 stars out of 5 at and 526 real customer reviews.

It has 3 different sizes which are Medium – Large and X-Large. It goes with a price tag of $8.23 !!

You can click the button below to check it out from!!

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

What Others Think????




Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings -Conclusion

Now you know the cut resistant gloves ratings of the top industry players and you can easily decide which one to get. You can easily buy them from Amazon and my personal advice: You can get NoCry cut resistant and G & F 77100 WITHOUT HESITATION because they’re really top notch and there are hundreds of 5 star real user ratings of them!!

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Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings

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2 thoughts on “TOP 4 ++ Cut Resistant Gloves Ratings – The BEST ONES

  1. Great article! I didn’t know anything about cut resistance gloves until now. I totally understand how they can benefit someone who works with sharp objects. The ratings are impressive. Without this information I probably would have selected the most popular one due to the number of ratings, however It was great to see and compare the tech details on the other options.

    I know someone attending culinary school, this is a great gift idea.

    1. Hey Lorrie!! 

      it’s definetely one of the best products that a person who deals with sharp objects can get. They’re actually almost the same when it comes to doing the job but it’s always nice to include different variants that can help people. And your cullinary professional friend will definetely be so happy with a cut resistant glove. :))  I’m glad that I could be helpful to you.

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