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Bane Coat Dark Knight Rises – Where to Find the Epic Bane Coat??

Bane Coat Dark Knight Rises - I can imagine that this was a piece that you were looking around for. I was also looking for the epic Bane coat from "Dark Knight Rises" and I FINALLY found it! In this post I will talk about the coat of Bane and tell you where you can get one 🙂

I just remember it like yesterday, the time I first saw Bane in the epic Batman Dark Kight Rises Movie and since that day I can't forget that EPIC LEATHER BOMBER JACKET. I know you feel the same as I do, that's why you're reading this post right know.. It was EPIC.. It should have been mine...

Eventually, it has become mine :))


I'm willing to share with you all this valuable information, so geeks, KEEP READING ON!

First of all.. Let's talk about BANE

If you are interested in cinema, I can easily guess that you know one thing or two about Batman movies. Or at least about the Batman franchise. And also about the super villain - BANE - and his famous epic leather coat!

Bane is one of my favourite characters in all of Batman movies. You may have watched all the Batman movies or just the famous Dark Knight Trilogy, but Bane has his personal share from all the franchises. We can first see him in the 90's Batman movie "Batman and Robin". Bane was a side character in "Batman and Robin" and I expected to see that venom-pumped bodybuilder villain more on the screen but he stood as a side character.


bane coat dark knight rises

If you want the full list with their plots of ALL Batman Movies you can check out our article : Batman Movies Chronoligical Order

I think the producers of Dark Knight tought the same thing with me and decided to shoot the last film of The Dark Knight Trilogy around our brute super villain "Bane". The best thing about it was Tom Hardy playing this epic role in his own epic way, who is one of my favourite actors. The thing that effected me the most in Dark Knight Rises was the quotes and speech of Bane. The whole film got richer with philosophical dialogues of Tom Hardy. Damn it, I can't resist.. I'm giving you Tom Hardy as Bane for you to watch again and be amazed!! Then we will talk about The Epic Coat!



The Coat Of Bane

Now let's talk about the leather coat which made many of us geeks wet.... It was designed by Oscar winner costume designer Lindy Hemming. It took a year of Lindy to design it, but eventually hard work paid off. It has become a legend! And it really suits the character of Bane - mix of a dictator and a revolutionary.

I desperately was in search of this epic leather jacket for a long time. Let's talk what this coat is all about and it's main features:

  • - First of all, the look of it is epicly AWESOME!;
  • - It's a shearling coat which is made from premium quality leather;
  • - Has wool type fully lined synthetic shearling material at it's inner sides which provides additional protection;
  • - Not only looks epic, but also keeps you warm on cold days;
  • - Has two pockets on chest, two flapped large pockets at waist, two inside pockets;
  • - Stand-up collar just as signature Bane style, which can be folded as well;
  • - Did I mention that it looks epicly AwEsOmE??

Where Can You Find It??

There are several places that you may find it, but the easiest place that you can obtain one is Because many sellers are giving product connections through Amazon and Amazon is the place where an enormous majority shop from very quick and easy.

I actually got stuck between two Bane Jackets because both of them are awesome and high end of quality. I would like to take them both. But I will present you both of these jackets as two variants and let you choose between them. Or you can take both of them, no one's holding you from doing that. You know the saying: "Two Bane Coats are always better than a single Bane Coat." 🙂 🙂

Option 1

bane coat dark knight rises

Both of the options I present you is awesome and it's totally up to you which one you are going to choose. But I must point out that this one is my personal preference. It's the one (in my opinion) which gives the most similar thick  look of Bane.

This one is made from premium quality synthetic leather and is used by many people, be it fans or be it cosplay dressers. It is %100 identical with Bane's coat from Dark Knight Rises. It also keeps you pretty warm on cold days, so you may become Bane anytime you want in fall and winter seasons. And don't forget that I'm always presenting you stuff with applied user review, so don't have any worries about it. People who get it are really happy with their Bane coats.

bane coat dark knight rises

Here you can see Bane wearing it. And it looks pretty good on him.

bane coat dark knight rises

bane coat dark knight rises

bane coat dark knight rises

Great thing is that there are ALL sizes available from X-Small to XXX-Large, so you can find all the sizes that fit you. Also you can check out other user comments by clicking the button below. Here is the link where you can find the legendary Bane Coat:

bane coat dark knight rises


Option 2

bane coat dark knight rises

This one is made of high quality distressed real sheep leather which gives that vintage look. This one has a little minor difference. It is a little bit shorter than the actual coat that Bane wears in Dark Knight Rises. But else of that it has the same features that  Bane Coat has. Also known to keep you warm and give you that classy villain look. Let's look at the coat and some user reviews:

bane coat dark knight rises

bane coat dark knight rises

It also is available in all sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large. You can check out and buy from here:

bane coat dark knight rises



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bane coat dark knight rises

bane coat dark knight rises


Bane Coat Dark Knight Rises - Conclusion

Well, we've got into a little nostalgia about Bane first, then discussed what we know about his epic villain coat. Then we saw which are the best alternatives of Bane Coats to get from. I hope this article was helpful for you readers to determine where you can get a high quality Bane Coat and walk around like you're Gotham's reckoning. This was the end of our article and i hope that you found all the useful information that you were looking for.

Don't forget that your comments are HIGHLY appreciated and will be determinant in the development of this website. So, be comfortable about leaving your feedback at the comments section, or you can contact directly from  See you soon and KEEP IN TOUCH GEEKS!!!

37 thoughts on “Bane Coat Dark Knight Rises – Where to Find the Epic Bane Coat??

  1. WOW that is awesome, I never thought about having a site where you can find famous movies cloth, And omg you definitely put a tone of work into this article which was also awesome. I hope more post about cloth from movies will come because it would be so easy to just go to your website and order that stuff. NICE!!!

    1. Hey Benedetto!

      Thank you for your interest. I’m trying my best to build the site in a quality way. I really apreciate that you liked my content! Keep in touch for more to come)

  2. Excellent post on the bane coat, I am a fan of the movies but did not know I could become a Bane too! Thanks for letting me know where to get ahold of one of these coats, they are cool (and useful!)…

    I know across the globe there is definitely a following for all things asociated with the series, I live in Dubai and it is like that here even…

    The coat may be useful only a couple of times a year though, it is far too warm most of the time…Maybe iin an air conditioned bar lol!

    The video you posted was also cool to look at, and helped reinforce the coolness of that coast…Rock on and looking forward to more from your site!

    1. You are welcome)

      Bane coat is a coat that you want to wear everytime no matter what air conditions under you are.

      Thank you for your kÅŸnd words) I appreciate that you’ve liked what you saw!

  3. May I just say, I am absolutely in love with this site! It’s so adorable and quirky, and definitely relatable! Now, onto the actual topic, I am certainly going to have to recommend this to some of my geekier friends, for they would be in so much awe. The coats genuinely looked like decent replicas and you discussed everything involving them. Overall, this was insanely useful and thorough. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Tempest)) I’m really glad that you liked it. I’m trying my best to build out the site in a decent way. I’m trying my best to build it out.

      The coat is great! I was amased with it that i wanted to share it with the world!!

  4. Great post! Sometimes also wonder where to get the costume a certain character wear in a movie. Nice to find a website that I can come back whenever I want to look for the info. I wish I found your website last year when I needed an inspiration for costume to wear on company event.

    1. Hey Zee,

      I’m glad that you liked my site! Well, it’s never too late for anything in this life, so just visit the site frequently and keep in touch)) I think you may find very interesting stuff

  5. I am a big fan of Batman, I have watched the series and all the movies. I really liked Batman when it was done by Tim Burton and Michael Keaton. I have watched the more recent ones as well and am looking forward to Superman vs Batman.
    I am very impressed with the jacket from Bane I didn’t ever think of purchasing it, but I might now that I have come across your site.
    I’m curious if you will have other reviews of jackets and other outfits?
    Thank you for your time,

    1. Hey Robert!

      Yeah Tim Burton’s BAtman was awesome, especially Jack Nicholson. I’m also curious about Superman vs Batman.

      You may find much more interesting stuff in my site iff you keep in touch. There will be many more that you can find. Thank you for your interest)


  6. When I heard about the announcement years ago that Bane will be the villain in DK rises, I was sceptical because he’s just a beast without brain but I was wrong.

    To me, he was better positioned as the final villain of the Trilogy compared to The Joker. He’s a complete package after doing my Batman research on wiki.

    The first option looks much similar to the second one although Option 2 has that luxurious, appealing look.

    1. I haven’t even tought that i will ever see Bane again in any Batman movie after Batman& Robin, and it was a risky movement to add Bane as a top role super villain. But seems like the production crew has made the best choice with Tom Hardy!!

  7. I don’t know much about the character Bane. Except that my 5 year old boy is a fan of batman so I play batman video game with him a lot and I see the character bane often. I grew up watching batman animated series during the 90s and I don’t remember seeing bane back then. I thought he was a new character. But anyways, the option 2 coat actually looks pretty bad ass whether I like bane or not.

    1. Those animated series were also one of my favourite from overall Batman franchise!! And i definetely recommend you to watch the Batman series again. Check out the list review for Batman moviesCheck out the list review for Batman movies.

  8. Wow! Pretty awesome. Can definitely see why someone would want that coat. Santa Got Geek is an awesome site for those keeping up with and seeking to embody the concepts of our most popular and scarily real archetypes of good and evil. Check em out! Bane is a wild character. His charm is his stand as a freedom fighter, going against the good guy who is really bad. His evil is his insanity, and his darkness which makes him a great nemesis for Gotham city’s hero!

    1. You are just right on sppot!! That’s what i like about Bane. He really effectively gives you the goosebumps with his dark side but also has an incredible charisma. I don’t even have to mention the philosophical talks that he gets into. They’re my favourite!!

  9. Wow this site is cool, I never would have thought that Bane’s coat actually could be bought. And it looks like you did a lot of the research as there is more than one option. I’ll be sure to check this site out when I am in need of a quirky gift I need to give somebody. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you JP!!

      I’m so glad that ou lked the site. And as you can see, it’s now quite possible to buy your favourite villain’s coat. I will definetely be waiting for you. Keep in touch!!

  10. Wow, man, that’s a great information about Bane coat. You did lots of research about movie clothes.
    I am also a fan of Batman series and this coat but never gone so far. You come up with great information about Bane coat.
    I never thought someone could go so deep. Great work and a really great niche.

    Good luck

    1. Thank you for your ind words Darius!! I’m trying my best to bulild the site in a quality way. Keep in touch for latest stuff!!

  11. This post is great.
    The originality of it is really awesome.

    One thing I think though, is that all though the first option is an exact match of the coat, the second option does not look at all like the Bane coat.

    Like you said, its shorter, and the wool around the neck is no way near the original one that was in the film.

    Am i missing something?

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Ido))

      Snd you’re actually quite right. First one is an exact match in design while the second one has only the good look of leather. I would definetely go for the first option, but of course it’s everybody’s own choice. Just to state that there are some variants!!

  12. It is hard to find rare collector items these days, I am new to the hobbie an find that your website will be of great help to me on being able to find classic movie artefacts that are usually a nightmare to find!

    My dad is my inspriration in this hobbie an has many movie collectables including a 6ft tall terminator statue! An I think this coat will be a great birthday present, and a will sit nicely in his collection. Thanks again for the post an the link 🙂

    1. Hey Eliah!!

      Thank you for your appreciation)) Terminator is also one of my favourite! And thank you for your nice words. Keep in touch for new geek stuff.

  13. Wow! You have a great idea for a website there.

    That sure is one unique concept that you are capitalizing on and I’m sure it will work wonders for you. A lot of good content and information as well, it definitely peaked my interest in specialty items(I can be somewhat of a collector).

    Not only this but you have a memorable site name as well so when people leave it will easily come back into their memories. Good job.


    1. Thank you Justin

      I’m trying my best to build out a decent site, and i really appreciate the honest feedback of yours! Keep in touch for further stuff!!

  14. Hey there, mate! Really dug the options you presented for the Bane coat. How about doing some features on the Big Bang Theory show? There are a lot of interesting t-shirts they wear that could be great fun to use. Let me know if you do something like this 🙂

    1. Hey Dave

      Actually that’s a great idea! I may really consider writing something about The Big Bang Theory! I will let you know, but you better keep in touch!!

  15. SWEET! I’m a huge fan of the big black bat and I especially love the dark knight movies 🙂

    Bane’s coat looks amazing and I want one? However, I’m thinking I should shave my head to create the Bane look even more when I get the coat. What do you reckon? How about the mask too? Or is that going too far? HA HA.

    I’ll definitely follow your link.

    Neil 🙂

    1. Well, I definetely am a fan of Bane, and shaving your head is a great idea)) I’ve done it several times and gives you those badass looks everytime 😉 Mask is the icing on top)

      I’m glad that you’ve liked what you saw here:)

  16. Yo incluso te moriste
    Incluso has muerto
    Este es un tema para ti
    Venimos aquí para ti.

  17. I am a really big fan of Batman Dark Knight movie and I think not just batman all other characters has done a marvelous job specially bane has been a complete villain character. The coat he wore in the movie is amazing I am looking for the same coat and finally found it feature here…

    1. I’m glad that you liked it 🙂 I’m always happy to make people meet with these kinds of products that they’ve always dreamt of but never found anywhere.

  18. Thanks for sharing very informative post for me,

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad that you liked it!!!

  19. The Swedish M1909 Field Coat worn by Bane in the film The Dark Knight Rises is commonly referred to as a Shearling Coat. Shearling is a sheepskin or lambskin pelt that has been limited sheared to achieve a uniform depth of the wool fibres for a uniform look and feel.

    1. Thank you! This is informing and I hope will help people.

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