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Barney Stinson Pajama Suit – !!Suitjama!! – Millionaire Even in Your Sleep

Barney Stinson Pajama Suit

Barney Stinson Pajama SuitHello fellow geeks!!!I assume that you are reading this content because you’re searching for Barney Stinson Pajama Suit. Don’t worry because you’re in right hands. Suitjama is the essential to being a boss not only in your daily life, but in the bedroom too 😉

I think you’ve watched the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney appears with his suit-pajama. It was legen-wait for it-dary! like always. And just like you, after watching that episode, i started to search for the pajama suit desperately – the suitjama! And good news! I’ve found it, and i’m going to share with you where you can find one.

In this article we will discuss what this suit is all about, a little about HIMYM and where you can find it. So, STICK WITH US!

A little about the episode – “The Front Porch”

Robin asks the crew if they can watch her talk show airing at 4:00 a.m and they agree staying up tho watch the show. Ted explains that Karen has broken up with him because that she had found Robin’s ring on his bed. Later it comes out that Lily was testing Karen in a test which she calls “The Front Proch”.

Every member of the crew wears a pajama to watch Robin’s show. In this pre-organized pajama party Barney appears with a silk suit pajama, and that’s how  “Suitjama” was born.

If you would like to watch it again, you can search for Season 4 Episode 17.

About The “Suitjama”

Pajama suit “Suitjama” is made of silk and cotton which gives that premium looks. It not only gives the looks which makes ladies go crazy on you, but the blend of silk and cotton gives you a great comfort and breathing ability of skin. Usually wearing a suit for a long time can make you feel under pressure and hot, but this one doesn’t, because it’s a Suitjama!

In this video you obviously can see the reason why you should have a suitjama. You never know what’s gonna happen next…

Now you can look and feel like a million bucks everytime you go to sleep!

Suit Pajama comes with Emergency Contraceptive Pocket inside the jacket. For emergency purposes, you know what i mean :3

It has a zip closure so you will not only be very comfortable getting in and out to this shiny armor, but you will also have the feel and look of a bad ass womanizer.

The Plusses-Minuses and Comments

Barney Stinson Pajama Suit

Let’s make an overall evaluation and scoring. What are the plusses of Suitjama??

  • A giant boost of awesomeness
  • And a short warning – it may cause extreme sexiness!
  • You won’t have to think about your look if two hot ladies knock your door in the middle of the night;)


I try hard but i still can’t see any minuses about it. Sorry captain pesimist, it’s not your day..


I’m glad to say that Suitjama has received reat user reviews and many many peoples eem to be satisfied with it. It took 4 stars from overall 5 and there are 105 customer reviews that you can check out from

Here are some of them:

Barney Stinson Pajama Suit

Barney Stinson Pajama Suit

Where Can You Find It??

The best and easiest place that you can get a Suitjama is They deliver worldwide, almost every user is happy with the service and i don’t have to mention the discounts you canfind pretty often. It is on sale now for $99.95 on

>>Click Here To Get Epic Barney Stinson Suitjama<<

And as some user comments say, i also advice you to pick a size bigger than your actual size, because Suitjama is a suit shaped pajama, which is very comfortable but still a suit(it comes in four pieces). If ou select it directly for your own size, it may feel a little tight for a pajama, that’s why we advise you to pick a size bigger than your actual size. Here is the size chart of Suitjama:

Barney Stinson Pajama Suit

Barney Stinson Pajama Suit – Conclusion

Now that we know the source of the Barney Stinson Pajama Suit, you completely have the right to obtain one and sleep like a boss. You will always be ready for late-night knocking ladies with bad intentions 😉

We have reviewed Barney Stinson Pajama Suit with every detail. If you have anything in mind or any question marks in your head please ask anything in the comments section. You can comment about ANYTHING, and your comments are highly appreciated! They will play a major role in development of this site. So, keep in touch, and stay geek and stay LEGEN-WAIT FOR IT-DARY!!!

16 thoughts on “Barney Stinson Pajama Suit – !!Suitjama!! – Millionaire Even in Your Sleep

  1. The suitjama is amazing! I am looking for a very unique birthday gift for a friend. This guy is always dressed up, even when he isn’t working. We always bug him about it. I think he will be quite amused with pajamas that look like a suit. Now he can be dressed up 24 hours a day!

    1. I think you have jıst found the right gift for your suited friend) I really adore the “Suitjama” and the great part is that it’s actually really comfortable! I also like to wear suits in special days or business events, altough i get a little bit under pressure after a long time in suit, but with this one i can go to sleep without any hesitation.

  2. Found this website pretty amusing if im honest hahaha.

    But nonetheless, it’s a great website even though i wasn’t searching for Barney’s pyjama suit LOL.

    The content is very engaging and humorous on your website and the video was just fantastic. The overall content and theme of your page fits perfectly.

    Congrats on such an epic website bud! =)

    1. Thank you so much Usman! I really appreiate your kind words))

      I’m trying to provide people with best information, and it makes me really happy to get positive feedback from people) Just keep in touch for more!

  3. OMG I just love that episode I had no idea there was a real product available as well!

    This is definitely one site I have to forward onto a few friends who might like to get this gift. Could you imagine this as a stag night theme and/or pyjama parties suddenly have a whole new meaning.

    Brilliant, thanks

    1. It IS real)))

      Everyone is welcome, just feel at home here)

      I thank you for your interest, sir! Keep in touch!

  4. I must confess I’m a bit of a geek and I’ve been doing my research in to Pajama Suits because they look awesome, and I can go to bed in style! 😉

    HA HA!!.. That episode of How I Met Your Mother sure was great, and is the reason why I’m looking in to the suit-pajama.

    WOW! I’m loving the pros to this pajamsuit and I want one!!!

    I’m gonna check out your link and look a million bucks 😉


    1. Go for it Neil! Who doesn’t want a Barney Stinson suit?? Especially if he’s a HIMYM fan))

  5. This article is absolutely hilarious! I am incredibly amused that this exists, and I can think of more than a few people that could pull of the suitjama look… Just out of curiosity, what did you think of HIMYM’s ending? Some people liked it, some absolutely despised it. I’m somewhere in the middle.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation man! I don’t know the ending because I couldn’t watch it till the end 😀 I left it in middle too because I couldn’t have the time. But even if i had watched, I wouldn’t ggive you any spoilers

  6. How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV shows and I wish I could have the confidence and demeanor that Barney does in the show. Although wearing a lot of clothes to bed is really not my thing, I could definitely see myself wearing the suitjama to a pajama party. It looks really comfy! What is the material it is made from?

    1. It is made from poly and cotton. I also adore Barney and I also wish that I had the self confidence he had))

  7. I honestly did not expect this to actually exist haha. But this will a cool gift for any man out there.

    Who does not want to sleep in their suitjama? That’s right, everyone does!!

    And for a suit-looking pajama, the price is actually pretty decent. Also thank you for advising us to take a size bigger size for comfort.

    1. You’re welcome) Everything you need is a suitjamaa))

  8. Haha this was a really entertaining review to read and i personally would get this!

    I honestly can say the pyjamas look Legen…..wait for it…..DARY!

    Sorry got way into this review. The suitjama looks like it comes in very good material quality? Do you think it would be comfortable to sleep in though?

    Hahaha overall your website is really well done and very entertaining.

    1. Yeah Suitjama is LegenDARY!!

      It’s actually pretty comfortable, but I would get a size bigger to sleep in, it’s a suit so it might feel more comfy in a bigger size.

      Thank you for the kind words mate! They’re important to me))

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