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Mr Bean Coffee Scrub – Review – Getting Dirty Has Never Been So Good

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub

Last week i came across with the unusual Mr Bean Coffee Scrub. It was quite interesting to see a shower scrub consisting from actual coffee beans and I can’t just describe how it felt scrubbing your skin with actual coffee, but it was really worth it. I asked to people who are close to me should I consider trying out the coffee scrub and I got many positive reviews, so what the hell, i said “GO FOR IT!”.


Why Scrubbing

Mr Bean Coffee ScrubRubbing your skin with coffee ground was something i have witnessed before. Some of my friends and relatives were doing it and receiving great results.  Scrubbing is another term for exfoliating, which means removing dead cells of your skin to allow new fresh ones to grow.

Our bodies heal during sleep at night and that’s the thime when our cells regenerate themselves. Our skin continiously regenerates itself in a time period – fully almost in a month- during sleep. For efficient skin beauty and glowing exfoliation is an essential.

By removing dead skin you allow the scrub to remove the oil, blackheads and dirt more efficiently under your skin. That’s why a healthy and clean skin glows.


But Why Coffee??

If you’re interested in ingredients, you may know that coffee is known to aid blood flow, helps driving away cellulite, eczema ,varicose veins and many other skin problems.


What is Mr. Bean All About?


Mr Bean Coffee ScrubMr. Bean Coffee Scrub consists of a few pleasing materials. Just even listing them makes me feel turned on. Mr Bean Coffee Scrub consists of these ingredients

-Coffee Beans (Robusta)

-Organic Coconut Oil

-Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

-Organic Cacao

– Vitamin E Oil




Mr Bean Coffee Scrub comes in 3 types: Coconut Oil, Mandarin, Classic(Man). You can select any of them since the only thing changes is the aroma. And men can also use Mandarin and Coconut Oil. Don’t limit yourself!

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub



The Experience

Do you like the smell of coffee?? Who doesn’t?? If you like the smell of your coffee in the morning, then i’m %100 percent sure that you will ADORE this scrub.  When i first opened the bag, the freshly ground coffee smell was impossible to resist. Because it’s actually real ground coffee. I JUST WANTED TO EAT IT!! But don’t eat or drink it..


Great thing is that it’s organic which makes you feel one with the nature and doesn’t make you feel like applying something chemical. I was so comfortable using it and I didn’t want to get out of the shower. I can scrub and smell all day.


Texture of the coffee scrub is great and actually makes you feel that it’s working its exfoliating magic on your skin. Freshness has never tasted so good.


Mr Bean Coffee Scrub comes in 220 g packages. At first look it may seem little to the eye, but believe me, it’s more than enough. You would need to use maybe 3 spoonfulls of the scrub and it will be enough if you’re not a giant. You may transfer and contain it in a seperate cup. It will be easier for you.


Things to pay attention


Mr Bean Coffee ScrubMr Bean Coffee Scrub is a game changer for me and i’ve never felt this smooth with any other scrub, but there are some things that i have to advise you for proper use.


Getting Dirty? I think everyone likes to get a little dirty 😉 I can consider myself a messy person, but this stuff is not the easiest one to apply and it can create a little mess in result of which you may additionally spend a little time cleaning the bathroom. So just be careful when you’re using it.


Oily? It’s a fact that Mr Bean Coffee Scrub get’s you moisted and a bit oily. Actually this is quite good because it also gives you a little exotic tan. It feels great, but it may get your towel and sheets dirty if you don’t wash it off. Coffee beans are easy to wash off but the oily layer they leave behind won’t go off that easy. So I advise you to pay attention cleaning the oily surface. If you wouuld like to get the residue off, you may use a second different scrub to get it off.


Towels – You may get your towels and sheets stained with your oily tan. But don’t worry, all ingredients are natural (we actually eat them in our daily lives) so they should easily come out in the wash.


What Others Say??


Actually there’s a lot of amazing feedback for Mr Bean Coffee Scrub. Almost everyone who used it has a positive feedback about it. Actually a couple low star feedbacks were also positive, they were only complaining about the oil residue which is something you can get rid of easy.


Mr Bean Coffee Scrub

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub


Where Can You Buy It?


The easiest place to buy it is I bought myself from there and it came just in a really short time. It’s $19.95 on Amazon, and assuming that you’re also an Amazon user (everyone is an Amazon user) you know there are massive discounts sometimes you can catch.

I’m giving you the link for Mr Bean Coffee Scrub if you want to check out other user reviews and get one for yourself:


>>Click Here To Buy Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub<<



Mr Bean Coffee Scrub – Conclusion

We have evaluated Mr Bean Coffee Scrub and seen what it’s all about. This amazing scrub is now one of my all timer unexpandable product which makes my skin shine and make me smell like a coffee shop. You now know all the benefits of it, what people think about it and what it provides you. I think you’ll also be a Mr Bean Coffee Scrub convert in no time.


If you have any questions to ask, please leave comment below! Your comments are HIGLY appreciated and they will be helping the development of this site. If you would like to directly contact, you can mail to So please comment and ask! And don’t forget to share – because SHARING IS CARING!! Keep in touch and see you soon!!


4 thoughts on “Mr Bean Coffee Scrub – Review – Getting Dirty Has Never Been So Good

  1. Hi, being addicted to coffee, you do not need much to convince me. But indeed I did not know about this use of coffee. Now, when I see the ingredients you give, I am sure it cannot be bad. Coconut oil is very admired nowadays, I guess with many good reasons, I have Himalayan pink rock salt right in front of me, we keep it on the table all the time.The small is problem. Not for me for sure. But my wife cannot stand it. You speak about mess after using it. It is not hard to imagine. Thanks a lot.

    1. I also can’t stay away from coffee. But the skin care feature of coffee is still unknown to many people.

      Mr Bean is just more than awesome. I can smell it all day and not get bored of it.

      Thank you for your interest) Keep in touch!

  2. I love coffee and this really made me smile. The price seems reasonable to me. I love that it is organic and will wash out not causing staining. I could use an exfoliate at this time with all the dry air in the gas heated house. How often can I use this product? Will I smell like coffee all day? Great review!

    1. It is way beyond awesome! And it really is a unique product.)

      I usually apply scrub skin carte products twice a week. I may recommend max 3 times a week. But 2 is optimum for a healty skin. And yes you WILL smell like coffee))

      Thank you for your interest! Keep in touch!!

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