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GoPro 360 Degree Camera “Fusion” is Getting Released Soon

gopro fusion 360

I think we all agree that 360 camera and photography is a thing now. Now that it’s a very popular trend, with the evolving technology we can expect to see it around in mass produced personal products with more user friendly designs.
Actually, GoPro’s first 360 camera “GoPro Fusion” is about to take its place on the shelves in November with a price tag of $699.


You can check out a footage of it in this video:

The abilities of this newbaby has been tested and showcased it on a massive planetarium screen.

Go Pro Fusion 360 can capture 5.2K spherical content at 30fps or you can choose to go with a 60 fps capture at 3K if you’re a fps count enthusiast. You also will have the ability to capture 18 P still shots and use t up to 5 meters of water depth. It’s also designed to work with most mounts.


Spherical capture isn’t a phenomena among GoPro users. You may remember the previous 360 capturing Frakenstein “Omni”. It required you to assembly multiple GoPro’s into a  single “combiner” to create a multi-dimensional capture and rely on Omni stitching software to make it all combine without problem.

gopro 360 fusion

The new OverCapture feature of GoPro will allow you to “recapture” and share your footage as a traditional fixed perspective video. It’s an AMAZING mode which will I believe aid editors in video post production in the most innovative way. You will not only be able to alter the footage, but you will be able to choose the frame. Seeing somethin you missed will make you the happiest person in the World for a short time.


By using the GoPro app you will hold up your phone and pan inside the spherical capture. This way you will be able to capture the window which you exactly want.

I’m looking forward to check out the first footages right after it’s release.

gopro 360 fusion


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2 thoughts on “GoPro 360 Degree Camera “Fusion” is Getting Released Soon

  1. Santa really does got geek with this new camera! Never even heard of the old Omni. Probably because it fell flat. I can’t wait to find out how this new model is received by the market. I like how short and clear your page was. No frills and extra unnecessary points…..I tried to post this on your site and the page would not let me post it as a comment. I would look into the problem.

    1. Thank you for your nice words Brittaney!! I think it will be a blast.

      I don’t know why there has been a problem like that, but this is a temporary theme and I will be working towards improving the design of the website.

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