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Ever heard of the epic 80’s inspired short film “Kung Fury”?? Of course you have!! But just in case if you have never heard of the epic “Kung Fury” short film then here is the overall explanation:


Kung Fury is the toughest martial artist cop in Miami and he decides to go back in time in order to kill the all-time most evil villain – “The Kung Fuhrer Hitler”. It all has started by the police officer (played by David Sandberg in the original movie) Kung Fury getting bitten by a cobra and hit by a lightning in an alley while subduing a criminal. After this incident he gains super Kung-Fu powers.


When Karate-obsessed “Kung Fuhrer” Hitler appears in 80’s Kung Fury must travel back in time to Nazi Germany to stop him!!


And the feature film will be shot in US and Europe this summer with a grand surprise in the cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger!! It’s announced tht he will be playing the US president. Him being the California Governor and  history with many alpha-man roles under his belt he is one of the most suitable candidates for this role in my opinion!!


Kung Fury Thundercops


The feature film will be set in 1985 and it will follow Fury and his elite Thundercops team which is assembled from accross history. The mission of keeping Miami city safe will be undertaken by these Thundercops. The death of a Thundercop will lead to a seperation between the group and a mysterious force of evil will be utilizing te opportunity to aid Hitler in his quest to attain a weapon of ultimate importance.


Kung Fury must travel through space and time to defend Miami Kung Fu Academy, save his friends and defeat Kung Fuhrer!!


I can’t even wait for the release this gem, especially Arnold added into the cast.. We’ll wait and see what is going to come.

If you haven’t watched the original Kung Fury yet, then you can watch it from the video I linked below!! Check it out and have fun 😉


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GoPro 360 Degree Camera “Fusion” is Getting Released Soon

I think we all agree that 360 camera and photography is a thing now. Now that it’s a very popular trend, with the evolving technology we can expect to see it around in mass produced personal products with more user friendly designs.
Actually, GoPro’s first 360 camera “GoPro Fusion” is about to take its place on the shelves in November with a price tag of $699.


You can check out a footage of it in this video:

The abilities of this newbaby has been tested and showcased it on a massive planetarium screen.

Go Pro Fusion 360 can capture 5.2K spherical content at 30fps or you can choose to go with a 60 fps capture at 3K if you’re a fps count enthusiast. You also will have the ability to capture 18 P still shots and use t up to 5 meters of water depth. It’s also designed to work with most mounts.


Spherical capture isn’t a phenomena among GoPro users. You may remember the previous 360 capturing Frakenstein “Omni”. It required you to assembly multiple GoPro’s into a  single “combiner” to create a multi-dimensional capture and rely on Omni stitching software to make it all combine without problem.

gopro 360 fusion

The new OverCapture feature of GoPro will allow you to “recapture” and share your footage as a traditional fixed perspective video. It’s an AMAZING mode which will I believe aid editors in video post production in the most innovative way. You will not only be able to alter the footage, but you will be able to choose the frame. Seeing somethin you missed will make you the happiest person in the World for a short time.


By using the GoPro app you will hold up your phone and pan inside the spherical capture. This way you will be able to capture the window which you exactly want.

I’m looking forward to check out the first footages right after it’s release.

gopro 360 fusion


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Is gaming healthy for you? – Definetely IS

I’m guessing that you’re a gamer or at least involved in gaming. Your sipblings or parents may told you that it’s a waste of time and your life is going nowhere by by playing games. Have you ever tought that they may be wrong? Because they are! It is proven that video games have significant health benefits and are playing role in development of reflexes. The list of benefits is escalating with every new evidence.


Gaming requires many repetitive actions like quick hand movements while eye-tracking movements. This improves your reflexes quite well,  including steady hands and eye-hand coordination. This provides you great skills when you’re performing specialised tasks. Gamers tend to quickly memorize objects and details to win. This enables them to quickly develop muscle memory and apply it in real life to  accomplish tasks.


It’s not the only benefit of course. It’s pracitce prooved that gaming can reduce stress levels. So next time when someone tells you that you’re wasting your time while paying games, you can easily ignore them because you’re doing good for yourself.



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Hellium Filled Hard Drive – Seagate 10 TB

You may be aware of the competition in the tech industry. Hard drives and digital storages are one of the major fields of this competition since humanity started to take bigger steps in tehnological advancement.

Seagate is a major manufacturer of hard drives. They revealed their monstrous 10 TB drive these days, but that’s not the only feature it has got. It’s also filled with helium! Which is a milestone for Seagate because this is the first time that they release a helium filled hard drive. Looks like they’re keeping up with Western Digital, which has been shipping helium drives for three years.

seagate helium drive

You may wonder what are the benefits of helium in hard drive. Platters inside helium filled drives don’t have to deal with as much turbulence or friction.  This benefits in temperature and energy. Temperatures keep down and power consumption reduces. Seagate claims that their new 10 TB hard drive has lowest energy consumption per terabyte. Seagate lasts 2.5 million hours.

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Fallout 4 What is New? – A glance to the new Fallout 4

Fallout 4 what is new? I assume that you are aware of Fallout 4 release at 11.10.2015. About Fallout 4 what is new is the typical question that some people ask. Especially the ones who couldn’t have the chance to play yet have all the right to wonder about the games new features. So, here are the news about Fallout 4!


Story and Timeline

Events in Fallout 4 take place in Boston, Massachusets, 210 years after the Great War. Year 2287 is the time of our gameplay. A decade after the events of Fallout 3 and 6 years after New Vegas. Timeline of these 3 games can be listed as below:

Fallout 3 – 2277 – Washington, D.C.
Fallout: New Vegas – 2281 – Las Vegas
Fallout 4 – 2287 – Boston, Massachusetts

Most of the game takes place in year 2287, but the beginning of the game actually starts just before the nuclear bombs hit the country, during when people are trying to head to the vaults right in the middle of chaos. A nuclear bomb explodes at a near distance to our protagonist sole survivor and their family while they’re trapped on the edge of the vault, but eventually the platform under them lowers just in time and they manage to survive. Then they’re put into cryosleep for more than 100 years. And in year 2287 we wake up from our sleep and find ourselves in the middle of the wasteland trying to undersand what’s going on. Here is a short footage of what we can expect from the game:

Building Settlements

The latest and maybe the most innovative new feature in Fallout 4 is building your own settlements.

Since your settlements can be attacked by raiders, supermutants, and other bad stuff, it’s good to have strong defenses. You can even see a settlement which has an incredible bar.

The ways you can build your settlement is limitless. Only limit is your imagination. You can even grow plants in irradiated zones. You can build bedrooms, towers, docks, energy generating staions and many more things. You can provide water and ellectricity to your settlements by building generators and pumps. By doing all of these you can build a steady income. Also non-player characters and merchants can inhabit your settlement and help you to keep your settlement running as a community. You can also send brahmin caravans between your settlements.

You must also remember that raiders will try to attack your settlements. So you can’t build your settlements just anywhere. You better remember to add self-defense systems too, like turrets, traps and towers.

You build your settlements with raw materials and parts you found from the wasteland. You can craft a wide selection of items with them. This is one of the greatest standing out features in Fallout 4. Here are two videos where you can check out a few of the greatest settlements built by various people and a speed-motion building action of a two storey house:


Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.) may be familiar to some of you if you have played previous Fallout games. V.A.T.S. is one of the unexpandable features of Fallout and we of course are happy to see it again in Fallout 4. The new V.A.T.S. is almost the same with the ones that we’ve met in previous games, but this time it is more realistic because now you can’t just fully stop the time forever, but you can concentrate in a slow motion. Yes, that’s right. Now you will get into slow motion during V.A.T.S. and i actually think that it is better this way. Gives the realistic feeling instead of just stopping the time.

You can choose between various strategies using VATS. You can headshot for quick kills, or shoot your opponents legs for slowing them down or you can disarm them by shooting their weapons.

Character Customization

You can find a new character customization sytem in Fallout 4. It gives you more freedom than the last Fallout game. People out there even create their favourite characters’ faces  with this great  character customization screen. It has no end and no limitations. Here are some celebrity-like character creations from Fallout 4:

Dynamic Dialogue System

One of the new things that you will come across in Fallout 4 is the new dynamic dialogue system. At Fallout 3 during dialogues you were talking only face to face with NPCs. In Fallout 4 the new dynamic dialogue system presents us the dialogues between players in a theatrical way. You won’t be getting bored from dialogues that easily.

Crafting System

The new crafting system allows you to use every lootable object in the game to your own benefit during crafting. You can build items and structures for your settlement, customize weapons and upgrade your armor. You can scrap items to use in your workshop for crafting new items.

In game you will have your workshops to craft and upgrade items. And you also have a stocking space for our power armor. I don’t have to mention that there are different types of power armors in Fallout 4.

The new crafting system is great but the only minus is the interface. Some people don’t like the crafting interface and they have the right to complain about it. The crafting interface is a little non-user friendly. It may be difficult to understand it first because there aren’t much clues about how to use it. You will figure it out somehow, but it would have been better if they could have worked on a clearer interface design. Here is a short look trough to the crafting system:


So these are the main new features in Fallout 4, but not only. You definetely will find many more interesting things during your gameplay. It’s a huge open world of Boston that you can explore which has many freaky scenarios in it. When playing Fallout 3 i’ve never got bored, and i’m sure that it will be the same for Fallout 4.

Your comments are highly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate giving feedback or contact through See you later!

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Resident Evil Umbrella Corps – the new side game from CAPCOM is coming!

Maybe some of you guys have heard of Resident Evil Umbrella Corps. If not, now you heard. Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is the new competitive Multiplayer Horror Shooter by Capcom which has seen daylight at Sony Playstation Press Conference in TGS. Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is a game wich has its place in Resident Evil timeline. But only thing that Capcom has in its gift sack isn’t only Umbrella Corps. Capcom is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with remakes of previous Resident Evil franchise games, and with Umbrella Corp
s as a side dish.resident evil umbrella corps

Not all the details of upcoming game are revelaed, but we can judge what are we expecting from it by looking to it’s released gameplay footage. We can understand that it will be a firefight based, FPS and third person view, cover and tactics system included battle game. The game includes a new weapon named “Brainer” and a zombie repeller. Here is the released trailer for a start:


It seems like the only thing that ties this game to its roots of resident evil is the name of resident evil and included zombies. If these elements weren’t in the game, seems like it would be just another shooter. It actually gives you pretty much the influence of Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City with its third person view and fight of mercenaries.


The game will be taking place at the last of Resident Evil Timeline, after the incidents which we came across at Resident Evil 6. In Umbrella Corps the UUmbrella Company is actually dead. And we can just guess for now what the real story is behind the Umbrella Corps. Will it be including some great timeline story like Resident Evil 1-2-3-4-5-6 or will it be just a budget shooter game? I think that it will likely be second. And the game just gives me the influence of Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City.

What’s new?

One of the thing that differs this game from classical resident evil franchise games is the cover and stealth action. It is a competitive shooter where we can get cover, climb from walls and stealth-shoot from blindspots. Also the new thing is the zombie jammer.

Zombies actually don’t attack you in this game, well, for a while. We are at the beginning equipped with zombie jammer devices on our backs which change our scent or aura or whatever makes zombies want to take a bite from us. You can freely float between zombies thanks to this device, but if it gets damaged during conflict, it looses it’s ability to repell zombies and eventually they all near you will attack. This can also be leveraged as a strategy, to damaging other teams’ jammers and leave them to zombies.

There are some new tactics like using zombies as shield against others. For shooter lovers and horror addicts it can be a good to go. Here is the gameplay footage of Resident Evil Umbrella Corps:


The Brainer

The brainerThere is also a brand new weapon, one of the most brutal kind. “The Brainer”. It’s a hook shaped survival hookish-knife. It not only provides you the ability to kill your opponents in one shot but using the brainer you can also climb walls in some places and hang yourself.






Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is going to be released at 2016 for PS4. The estimated price is $30. So if you guys are interested in this, keep following. I myself will not get the same taste that i got from the badass classic Resident Evil franchise, i can surely say that. So i’m a little curious, but i may give it a shot. See you next time!

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