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Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads – Ridin’ Spooky

Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads

I bet it isn’t the first time that you will come across with Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads. You are here reading our article about this badass dreaded helmet probably because you’ve seen it somewhere before or at least heard about it and wanted to get one for yourself or check out what this badboy is all about. Don’t worry, you’re in right hands. In our article you will learn everything about this badass helmet and learn where you can get one for yourself.

So, let’s get down to business!!

The Helmet Which Makes You Scream “What The Hell!!!”

I remember the first time when I came across with the Predator Helmet. I was riding in a trolley through the streets of Moscow on a sunny day. Everything was going monotone until I saw something which made me shit bricks.


Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads


It was the PREDATOR ridin’ on a freakin chopper like a badass. I was amazed with the view and the thing that I saw on the road. I even tought at first sight that it was the real Predator until I realized that it was an epic guy who wore a Predator motorcycle helmet. From that day I couldn’t forget what I saw and decided to dig deeper on this helmet. That’s why I made a review of this baby.


What It Really Is?? Is It Usable??

Predator Motorcycle Helmet DreadsNow, if you think that this is just a useless gadget to have some fun on traffic, you are wrong. And riding a motorcycle is no joke either. Predator Helmet is actually a real motorcycle helmet with a great visual design approach of your favourite movie character to protect you from injuries while you’re on your way to slay some Aliens on your motorcycle.


Predator Motorcycle Helmet is at first step designed to protect you as any other certified quality ensured helmet does if anything happens(I hope not). That’s why they are DOT certified to ensure that they work fine just as any other helmet. We will get to that..


So, long story short, they are epic and ACTUALLY USABLE real motorcycle helmets which can make people lose their mind when they see.They are great as helmets AND decorations. Else when I’m not riding a bike I can put it around at home as a decoration and it will still take a lot of attention.

Now let’s get to know the specifications of these babies and what they’re all about.


Technical Specifications

Epic Predator looks of various Predator types

DOT certified motorcycle helmet

Usually comes with red tri-laser LED lighting which can be switched on and off, but some models don’t have it.

Dreadlocks (Some have spear type and others are usually fiber and others are shiny fiberoptics

Available various sizes




There are actually several types of these dreaded Predator helmets and it would be unlogical to review out each one of them because they are all the same in specifications and usage. The only difference between them are their looks. I will be giving you information about their specifications.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads



In this review I will show you the main 2-3 types of these helmets which are my favourite. There are around 25 types overall, but it is pointless to evaluate all of them seperately because they’re all the same in specifications. I will be also providing links for ones who want to buy one of these state of art helmets.


If you want to check out all the types, you can click to the provided links here and search through other offered products of the same seller or another one. You can find through the links many of their models.

Let’s start with one of my personal favourites:


SY 15

Predator Motorcycle Helmet DreadsThe SY 15 model is one of the models that I most like because of many reasons. More sports look but epic scars and alien alphabet stuff on the helmet is just so suitable for sports cruising. Think yourself making some speed on a sports bike with this cyber punk style Predator helmet, it just fits.

Great thing is that it also comes with red 3-laser LED lighting which looks ultra cool. You can turn it on and off anytime you want.


Predator Motorcycle Helmet DreadsAnd we will also look at other helmets which are more realistic Predator-like, but my personal preferance is to keep the sports look on at least a little bit. Also dreadlocks which are made of fiber with spear ends are my favourite type. I also like the fiberoptic looking ones which are extremely cool but the ones that I personally dislike are the ones which look like thick plastic. In the movie it may be looking good on our Predator dude, but for me it just gives the “humans” an exxagerated look. But as I said, it’s my personal thing so not everyone may think like me.


Sy 15 model also has some real user comments and it has obtained 5 stars out of 5 at which makes this helmet a top notch one. Here are some of them:


Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads

Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads

Also here is the link where you can buy the actual helmet. You can click it and check out more Predator helmet models from related products. If you are wearing Large size the helmet will fit you just fine, if you wear a different size you can contact the seller through the link to get the suitable size. Here you go:

>>Click Here To Buy SY15 Predator Helmet<<


Fiberoptic Green Air Brushed Predator Helmet

Now this one comes to ones who like more thrash and realistic designs. I has fiberoptic dreadlocks which glow and look epic in a cyberpunk way. It also has 3 laser LEDs and killer looking canines. You can order sizes from small to xx-large.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads


Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads



>>Click Here To Buy Fiber Optic Green Predator Helmet<<



SY09 Berserker

The last one that I’m going to show you is one of the most realistic Predator helmets. I really like it and I can define it as one of the best from all the 25 models. The artwork masterpiece is what makes this helmet unique. The only minus about this model is that it doesn’t have 3 point lasers. Also dreadlocks are made from foam and they are thicker than other ones, but everyone loves different things.


Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads


Here is the link if you want to get one for yourself. If you are wearing any other size than “Large”, you can choose sizes of the same helmet from the link below:

>>Click Here To Buy Berserker Predator Helmet<<


Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dreads –  Conclusion

Now you know what the Predator motorcycle helmet is all about. You know where you can get access to them and what kind of helmet models you can find around.

I hope you’ve liked what you saw here and obtained some good information. If you have any questions to ask or anything you would like to say, please don’t hesitate and leave a comment down below on the comments section. If you would like to contact directly you can mail to And PLEASE SHARE!!! Because SHARING IS CARING!!! Check out our other articles on the websitefor some more cool stuff. See you around and keep in touch!!!


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  1. I love this , its is a geeky helmet but i still love it , Nice idea for the website ,im a member with you at WA , I just started my site to but mine is more about food , but you made me think again now to have a nice corner on the website to have geeky stuff too , I’ll bookmark your page and I do have a friend in Dubai that he would love to get the predator’s helmet ,I’ll forward this link to him .
    Best of luck and keep up the good work

  2. Very interesting about predator helmet. I like it, and also confused about that is it really sold out in market or beneficial something. It’s great job.

    1. Yeah, Klara 🙂 It’s an actual product which can make you an alien slayer on the highway 😉

  3. Nice selection. These are exceptional predator helmet .

    1. Thank you Martin!! I’m glad that you liked them 🙂

    1. You’re welcome:) Glad you liked it!

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