Smart Control BB-8 Droid

$ 484.00

These ARE the droids you’re looking for… They served the resistance diligently for years, and now they’re ready to serve you as a companion when you fly your X-Wing or chill out on the sofa and guiding it with its remote force band!


  • Battle-Worn Exterior: BB-8 app-enabled Droid with a polycarbonate shell sports the wear and tear of Resistance missions
  • Bluetooth Smart connection allowing Gyroscopic propulsion to a 30m range
  • Induction charging stand providing 60 minute battery life
  • Control the BB-8 app-enabled Droid with the Force band through gestures like Force push, pull and drive
  • Free iOS & Android compatible apps; allow Adaptive Personality, The Force Training and view holographic recordings
  • 4.5 MPH top speed


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