The Original Burger Holder

$ 9.95

Are you tired of making a mess while enjoying your burgers? This is the ultimate solution for all your problems! No more dirty shirts, no more ketchup stains. Probably one of the best inventions of the century if not the most important.


  • ? The ONLY Burger Holder – A Simple Concept so Economical in the Long Run. PATENTED PRODUCT by USA Company. Enjoy your Delicious Hamburger Buns without Foil Aluminium Rolls or dozens of Disposable Food Trays going to waste.
  • ? ADJUSTABLE – Suitable for Simple, Double, Veggie or Ground Turkey Patties Burgers, for Senior Citizens, Children or Veggie Lovers. Mess Free Burgers Start Now with the Ultimate Accessory for your BBQ Set.
  • ? EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE – Made from High Quality Non-Stick Plastic, Resistant to High Temperatures and Dishwasher Cleansers, it stands at the Top of BBQ Eco Friendly Products Lists.
  • ? EARTH FRIENDLY PRODUCT – Manufactured using Poreless Custom Design Injection Molding and Safe High-Grade Medical Plastic, in an Automated Production Line. If You Own a Burger Press, You Just Need It!


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