Sparthos Elevation Training Mask

$ 39.97

Sparthos Elevation Training Mask is the ultimate altitude training mask for enchancement of your condition and breathing capacity. With 16 different breathing levels, it’s suitable for everyone and way stylish than any other fitness equipment!


  • CUT YOUR WORKOUT TIME IN HALF! – SPARTHOS¬† Training Mask will force you to take full and deeper breaths, toughening your diaphragm and respiratory system.
  • Less fatigue, hardened body, more energy after training.
  • SPARTHOS Workout Mask is anatomically designed, cutting edge technology to energize any sport – cardio, gym, running, cycling or aerobic exercises. Simulate altitude training and exercise your breathing anywhere.
  • 16 breathing levels at your disposal – from beginner to pro. Change air flow intensity during workouts. No need to take your mask off!


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