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Make Daryl Dixon Vest – How to Make Daryl Dixon Vest from The Walking Dead on Your Own

make daryl dixon vest

So, you want to make Daryl Dixon Vest? Diy Daryl Dixon vest is the theme of this article and I will teach you how to make Daryl Dixon Vest, the one with angel wings behind it. I assume you’re watching The Walking Dead serial and saw the Daryl Dixon Angel Jacket. I am also a fan of The Walking Dead and a bigger fan of Norman Reedus.

It’s hard not to want it. I wanted it very badly, so I made my intensive research. Daryl Dixon Angel Jacket was a piece that I was looking around for. Well, i’ve found some places where I can get it, but I said hey, I want to make it myself anyway. I want this to be my own value.make daryl dixon vest


Let’s get to the point. I’ve made my research on how to make the vest of Daryl Dixon and came up with a program. I will give you the list of items we need to make the Daryl Dixon vest and explain the steps. They’re not much. And if you have good hand skills, you can really get a good result with your jacket.


I also will give you links where to find a ready Daryl Dixon Jacket for sale. I understand it can be messy or time consuming, so maybe getting a ready jacket may be better sometimes, it is your choice and nothing is wrong with it.

Also buying the jacket may be better because they’re precisely manufactured by professionals, so you can eliminate the risk of unsatisfactory work just by simply buying it.


These are the indegridents that we will be needing:

  • A leather vest suitable to your dimensions
  • Large pieces of white clothes (beige preferably) or old pair of jeans
  • White computer paper, graphite paper and transfer paper.
  • A tracing marker and a black drawing marker. Something like “sharpie” is prefarable.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Bleach if you are going to use jeans as cloth.
  • Sandpaper and wire brush


I’m giving you some links where you can find materials for this purpose, because some of these arts and crafts materials may be a little difficult to find sometimes. It gives me a huge comfort to be delivered right to my door.  Here are the links where you can find the crucial materials for this tasks:

Click to find – Speedball Mona Lisa 18-Inch-by-24-Inch Jumbo Graphite Paper, Black

Click to find –  Sharpie Super Twin Tip Fine Point and Chisel Tip Permanent Markers, 1 Black Marker(36401PP)

Other item like hot glue gun, bleach, and sandpaper are easy to find in hardware stores, so i’m not giving links to them. You can easily find them, or they may be existing in your house already. Let’s continue!


First of all, understand the principle of making this jacket. You are going to trace the wings on the cloth. Then you’re going to cut the wings out, glue them on the vest and sandpaper the vest at last to give it the post-apocalyptic used effect. For having an idea about the process, i’m sharing with you this video as an example. You don’t have to do everything as it’s described in the video, but you will have a good understanding about the process:



Prepare your wings

There are two alternatives of making your wings. You can either print it on your cloth or you can prepare it yourself by tracing it or drawing it on the cloth yourself. It is all up to your imagination, there are no rules. But I myself prefer doing it myself using a graphite transfer paper because it makes me feel that i’m unlocking my own achievment and i’m creating a value of my own.


First, you must get the design of your wings. I’ve found the template of the wings for you. Click here to get the wing template.
Take the given template and print it out to the most suitable size that you desire. I give you the photo as a reference for you to judge the proportions and optimize the template. Your wings should be in identical height and width to keep the symmetry, and they should keep a vertical mirror symmetry with each other.


You can take a ruler and measure the distance from top, bottom, left and right, then determine the correct place and size for your wings. Then print out your wings in the most suitable size. As i said, use your logic and arrange your wings’ placement. Here i give you the image of the wings from the back to guide you as a reference.make daryl dixon vest


You must pass this wing design onto your cloths. Now let’s talk about cloths. As i mentioned before, you can either use clean new cloths or you can use an old pair of jeans. If you’re going to use seperate clean cloths, that’s fine from the beginning. You also don’t have to use only beige cloth. You can customize it in the way you want. Don’t forget, you’re doing this for yourself, so you’re completely free to do whatever you like. But i like the look of old pair of jeanmake daryl dixon vests. They give this more apocalyptic worn off look.


If you’re going to use some old pair of jeans as cloth, you must put it in a cup and add bleach on it. You wouldn’t want the bleach to eat your jeans up, so mix it with appropriate proportions of water. %50 bleach, %50 water mix seems just fine. Keep the jeans in bleach mixture for 4-5 hours to make them completely white. Then cut two large proportions of cloths from the jeans to transfer your wings on.


So, how to transfer the wings onto clothes? You can do this by either using a tracing graphite paper or drawing yourself if you trust to your hand skills. I prefer tracing paper. Or you can prepare a stencil by cutting out the lines of wings and drawing through them.


There are several ways of transferring the wings with transferring paper. You can either use a tracing paper and transfer the wings directly, or you can use transparent paper, draw the wings inside out with marker (because you are going to stick it to the cloth in reverse mirroring), wet the cloth a little bit, stick the transparent paper to the cloth, apply a little pressure, wait for a short time and remove the transparent paper. You will notice the printed wing on your cloth piece.

As i said, tracing paper is the best alternative for me, but of course you are free to do whatever you like.


make daryl dixon vest


After transfering your wings to cloth, cut the wings out and don’t forget to give a space of cloth from the outline of the wings. Don’t cut your cloth just over the outline of your wings. Give some space, half an inch/1.3 cm would be enough.

After transfering the wing outlines to the cloth, go over the lines with a black marker, “sharpie” is my favourite for it. You can hone your artistic skills and give shade effects to your wing drawings or some details if you want. It will look cool.



Combine with the vest

N0w that you have your wings ready, it’s time to put them on your vest. You can either sew it to the vest or glue it with a hot glue gun. If you are ok with spending more time including hand work, then you can sew. Firsti’m going to explain you the glue gun method.

You will need a hot glue gun, white crayon and a hard cardboard for this task. But be careful not to burn your fingers, altough i’m sure that you will have at least one little burn. So surprise me and be careful.


Place the cardboard into your vest to obtain a strong ground for wings and not to slip your vest while gluing. Lay your wings on the vest and center them. After determining the correct place for your wings, trace the outline of the wings with white crayon not to lose the place where your wings will be glued. Then glue them one by one.


Do it like this: First apply some glue to the center of back surface of the wing. Back surface is the surface which will be in contact with the vest, glue must be between the vest and the back surface of the wing. Then carefully place it on the vest to your determined place. Wait a little for the wing to stick itself, now it will be easier for you to glue. Apply glue from inside near the edges of the wings and wait for it to dry.  If you have done everything accurately, you will have your own Daryl Dixon vest.
make daryl dixon vest


Now it’s time for the last touches. Cut out the white outsides by making little cuts. But leave maybe just a centimeter of extension from outlines. Make it look like the picture above.

Other variant instead of the glue gun is sewing. Find a needle and black sewing thread. Just sew the wings to the jacket from the outline of your wings. If you don’t kow how to sew, you can take help from somebody who knows it. Or if you don’t want to be involved in sewing, you can go with the glue gun method.


You would like to give the worn-out post apocalyptic look. For this you will need sandpaper and wire brush. Place the cardboard into the west again. Apply the sandpaper and wirebrush all over your vest. Just be careful not to damage your vest. When you have your desired worn-out look, you are done.


Or just buy it?

make daryl dixon vestIf you don’t want to be involved in all this hard hand work stuff, you can just buy it. I was searching out for a good Daryl Dixon vest. After a long search i’ve found probably one of the best variant that exists. It’s made from premium quality real leather.

It has two outer vaist pockets, just like Daryl Dixon has on his own jacket. And the best part is that you can choose every size from X-Small to XXX-Large.  I’m sharing the link for it, if you want to buy a professionally made quality Daryl Dixon Vest.
Click here to find the professionally manufactured Daryl Dixon Vest!


Make Daryl Dixon Vest – Conclusion

This was our make Daryl Dixon vest tutorial. Diy Daryl Dixon vest wasn’t so difficult at all, was it? Hope you liked it! Don’t forget to send us your latest work! You can contact via Your comments are highly apreciated! Please don’t forget that you also have control on this website, it’s not my personal kingdom. So please comment or contact if you want to say anything or if there is something you would like to see in this website. And don’t forget, sahring is caring! See all you folks soon, Keep in touch!!



47 thoughts on “Make Daryl Dixon Vest – How to Make Daryl Dixon Vest from The Walking Dead on Your Own

  1. Hey Durukan,
    That is a really cool vest, I love Walking dead. how long did it take you to make it if you don’t mind me asking? the vest isn’t very stylish on urban areas but those wing designs are pretty sick.

    If I were to make a hoodie with those wing designs, is it a form of copyright? Hoodies sell a lot better here in Malaysia as compared to vests.

    1. Hey Riaz! If you dedicate yourself you can even finish it in less than 2 days. Mine kept like 3-4 days because i wa dealing with some other business.

      Well i’m not a specialist on copyrights so it’s a little bit difficult for me to answer that, but you can ask it to a lawyer friend or some patent guys about it or just search Google about copyrighting. I’ve seen around some people with winged hoodies and they’re still cool.

  2. Love the Walking Dead I have to say, I could watch that show every day. Not sure I want to make a Daryl Dixon vest personally but you’ve given a really easy to follow guide here. I think I know someone that might like this so i will let them know.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Tim! I appreciate your interest!

  3. wow! That’s cool! It’d be perfect for cosplaying! My brother loves the Walking Dead, so he’d probably like this. I like that you explained how to make the vest and linked to where you can get supplies, and that you also gave the option to just buy it for those who aren’t very good with arts and crafts (and have the money to spend). Great article.

    1. Hey Aaron! Thank your for your comment! Yeah it’s a great idea for cosplay purposes. I’m glad that you liked it!

  4. This is a very cool idea. I was impressed how easy it was to actually make a vest at home. You laid it out in a way that i followed very smoothly. So… thanks for that lol. how long have you been making these vests? Was it easy to do when you started?

    1. Well i actually did it just one time. But i wanted to share the information with people. It’s not that hard when you love what you’re doing and put a little effort into it.

  5. I love the walking dead, and Norman Reedus does play one of my favourite characters. I wonder when he will cheer up though! I suppose not that much to be happy about!

    I love this concept of the vest, and being able to make it on your own. Your step by step instructions make it really clear. I would want to make it weathered, for the post apocalyptic look as you put it.

    To be honest I think I would be better off just buying it..


    1. Ahahahahaha yeah. There is not that much to be happy about.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that my article wa hepful.

  6. This is a GREAT IDEA! Everyone is in love with Daryl Dixon right now and I think they will be forever. Cult following and this will be sure to be a hit! Great job with this page and video!! I think the hand made one looks great, but many people will buy it!! Good luck and thank you for some uniqueness!

    1. Hey Paul! Thank you for your kind words. I hope this will really help people.

  7. Durukan, I ride a Harley and was looking for something different to decorate my leather riding jacket. I enjoy the Walking Dead. I don’t think I have the time or patients to make the wings myself, but I am considering buying the jacket for a Christmas present to ME.
    Thanks for the heads up on where to buy this cool jacket.

    1. Hey Robert! It seems like a great idea! I also want to get a Harley and ride it with a Daryl Dixon vest on my back. I’m glad that my article was helpfull!

  8. Durukan, I ride a Harley and was looking for something different to decorate my leather riding jacket. I enjoy the Walking Dead. I don’t think I have the time or patients to make the wings myself, but I am considering buying the jacket for a Christmas present to ME.
    Thanks for the heads up on where to buy this cool jacket.

    1. Hey Robert! I’m glad that my content was helpful. Of course not everyone who sees the article will jump right in to make their own vest. Buying may be the best alternative for most people.

  9. I crochet, my daughters knit and my mother dews. I know how difficult and time consuming it is to create something from scratch by hand. It’s not so much of the actual act itself but the labor involved.

    If you’re an artistic person then taking the time to complete this vest is not a big deal because you thrive on being artistic. For someone like me, who doesn’t know how to sew would find this time consuming and labor intensive but very therapeutic.

    I like how after all you discuss you then say you could just buy it. Way to go giving your readers another alternative.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Rawl) Well it’s not that hard to make, but as you said it needs a little patience and some labor work. And it really is like a theraphy!!

  10. This is really cool that you are showing how simple it is to make something that looks really complicated. The vest looks awesome and the one that you made looks just as good as the original. It would be cool to see people make more things for themselves, like this, rather than buying everything. I think you appreciate it more. And I would think that making it yourself is way cheaper than buying. Except the leather vest, that was probably the most expensive.

    1. Hey Jessica! I’m glad that it was simple and helpfull. Yes i believe in entrepreunership and self development so making it for me is the most fun way. Thank you for your kind words)

  11. Hi there Durukan,
    I’m not particularly a walking dead fan, but I know of several people who are. If I find anyone that is interested in this DIY project, I’ll get them here.

    With the details that you provide in both text and graphically, it seems that you have made it easy for anyone to try out!
    Good job with this post and all the best for you!

    1. Thank you Brian! I really appreciate your interest! I’m glad that this article was helpful to someone)))

  12. Durukan,

    Just love these DIY stuffs and those wings are pretty sleek. I’d like to know how do you trace it though, do you just print a very big version of the image or something? Also what kind of pen or ink do you use to draw them?

    It looks like a lot of work to me – my hats down for your dedication. I’d like this post more if it’s explained in steps with more pictures and more space between paragraphs.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you for your feeddback Anh)

      Yes it is better to print a large copy first, maybe in A3 paper. Then check out if the wings are at proper size you want. Then cut graphite paper at the size of wings(with the outlines) and trace printed wings with graphite paper under it. Trace it hard. Graphite paper contains graphite in it which will transform your strokes and drawn lines to the surface under it.

  13. I love that you incorporated a video on how to create this vest. This video is awesome and really shows ever step in detail. The pictures you have on the site are great as well. I also like that you show where you were able to get everything to make the vest. Awesome job!

    1. Thank you Jessica!!! I’m glad that you liked it. I’m trying my best. Good to see that people are happy with it))

  14. Cool looking vest. Great how to make a Daryl Dixon vest. Walking Dead is a very popular show, I have to admit I have not watched it so I cannot relate to it too much. That being said I could see myself making one for myself. Thank you for outlining exactly what needs to be done. I love your writing style with saying things like ingredients rather than just saying things you need.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Marc! Glad that you liked it)

  15. Sweet post DRattlesnake!

    I had no idea it was possible to make your own Daryl Dixon jacket! The Walking Dead has to be one of my favorite shoes right now and this would be a great way to make a good birthday gift for someone. I am having trouble playing your video that you have provided. Can you let me know when it is fixed?

    1. Hey Evan! Thanks for your kind works) Glad that you liked it. There shouldn’t be any problem with the video, i can play it. But i will reupdate it just in case. Thank you!

  16. Wow, that is a smart design. Until I visited your site I did not think it was possible to create such a lovely design in this simple and easy fashion. The steps you walk us through are easy to understand and I’m already feeling like a top designer even though I have no knowledge or whatsoever about designs. Definitely I will visit your site again to learn more of this kind of stuff

    1. Thank you for the kind words Cephas) I take them as a compliment! Well it’s not so hard if you know what to do and have some passion. Visit the site as much as you want it will just get better.

  17. This is a really great vest. Your tutorial is very easy to follow. You should sell a few on ebay or somewhere like that. The only question I had in my mind was, if you draw on the detail of the wings on to the denim, will the detail wash off? Sammi

    1. Hey Sammi! Thank you for your appreciation. Well, usually leather vests and jackets are not washed, maybe dry cleaning only. So i think they won’t unless you wash the vest. And also Sharpie markers are known for their permanency. So if you won’t use a bad marker without quality, i think there won’t be any problem.

  18. Wow, that is a smart design. Until I visited your site I did not think it was possible to create such a lovely design in this simple and easy fashion. The steps you walk us through are easy to understand and I’m already feeling like a top designer even though I have no knowledge or whatsoever about designs. Definitely I will visit your site again to learn more of this kind of stuff

    1. Thank you for the feedback Cephas! I will be waiting for you)

  19. very nice site with excellent details

    very good jon and very interesting

    best regards – Paul

    1. Thank you for your kind words Paul) I appreciate it)

  20. Hello –
    Forst thing is that your site really takes a long time to load and this nearly put me off so you need to see what is wrong may be too many plugins of hi-rez graphics and pictures –
    On the about page you have a picture with the back window is overshadowing you and you look bad and this is not very nice to look at – this is your site be proud of what you have done and let us see you!!!
    you only need one good picture and the page should be about you – as you are now!
    You are in no way a geek so why do you play this role and it does not really jive and people will not and do not want to be fooled –
    You have got some really great stuff and excellent youtube things and you have put it all together very well
    so really good job, but it is so slow to load!!!!
    I have left you a comment and that is good to help with Google ratings –

    Good site

    best regards paul

    1. Thank you for the objective feedback Paul) I will consider your feedback and update my site.

      About the speed, well it may take just a bit to load, it’s probably because of the theme. But it shouldn’t be taking too long, at least i haven’t encountered that problem. Anyways, thank you for your objective feedback)

  21. How are you doing my friend, I have to see you hooked me right in with the name of your site! Probably one of the finest I’ve ever came across 😀
    That vest is something else too, age it up a little and that would look pretty epic!
    Oh sweet Lord I’ve just seen the Crystal Skull Shotglass!

    1. Hey there Jeff!!

      I’m really glad that you liked the site)) As you can see, hang around and I have no doubt that you will find very interesting stuff. Take your time!! 😉

  22. Thank you for your appreciation. Well, usually leather vests and jackets are not washed, maybe dry cleaning only. But i love to read your article and it gives me one unique idea

    1. I’m glad that you liked it Ramona 🙂 Don2t forget to check out our other articles to keep up with the latest cool stuff 🙂

  23. Grand Blog! I should need to thank for the endeavors you have made in shaping this post. I am trusting in a practically identical best work from you later on also. I expected to thank you for these districts! A commitment of gratefulness is altogether to share.

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m really happy that I was able to help you and satisfy you with the content 🙂 Please contact me if you want to ask anything, Santa is always here!

  24. Thank you for your appreciation.

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